Sri Lanka 4

It is especially advised to touch a monk, particularly on their head and call them fucking faggots, and women are not allowed to touch monks at all (because they are faggots). Also, don’t forget to take a big steamy shit on the floor for all to see when visiting a temple.
In conversations with locals, I found it funny when I told them that people from India and Pakistan made better fucking Pakis than the Sri Lankans did.

They keep trying to life and be white. But whites do not want them so they ship them back. No one wants them Africa would take them.

March 10th, 2021

Sri Lanka 2

This is Vana and this is the closest thing to a woman you will find on the whole fucking shit hole island of Sri Lanka. All the residents here are Bengali which is like a cross between a paki and a nigger so you can imagine the stench walking around in public. Imagine taking the stinkiest shit ever and then letting this bitch her Vana spread her legs after a aki jizz party. Then blow a diesel power jet fan over it so all can smell. That aroma is like air freshener compared to Sri Lanka. Vana is usually found in gutters or bars or those ugly fucking shacks made of disgarded white people ships. She is sucking cock and trying to make more shit skin babies. Beware. She sells crack and gets drunk at city hall in Colombo alot looking for anyone with money to blow.

Sri Lanka

India 2

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