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May 30th, 2021

May 14th, 2021

April 26th, 2021

A local faggot has been arrested on a charge of armed robbery from another county. Johnathan Stevens Gonzalez, 21, of Greenville, was taken into custody Saturday evening by officers with the Greenville Police Department. Stevens was being held this morning in the Faggot County Detention Center for Wetback Slick Greasy Faggots on one count each of driving while license invalid and an aggravated robbery warrant from Collin County. Bond was set at $100,000 for the aggravated robbery charge and bond was denied on the driving while license invalid charge. It was not immediately known whether Gonzalez has herpes from his gay lover Anderson Cooper. Aggravated robbery is a first degree felony, punishable upon conviction by a maximum sentence of from five to 99 years to life in prison. That is a lot of anal sex for Johnathan! LINK

January 20th, 2021

Can You Guess The Gender Of These Pavement Apes? Fuck niggers are so fucking ugly.

Four additional suspects have been arrested in connection with a deadly shooting at a night club in Aiken. 23-year-old Tykendran Je Rhon Creech, 27-year-old Monishia Teria Courtney, 36-year-old Lasonya Teresa Howard and 33-year-old Emmanuel Lewis Oneal were arrested Tuesday morning around 6:30 a.m. All four are facing charges in connection with the November 2020 shooting at the 7th Lounge that claimed the life of Craig Youmans Jr. and injured 14 others. Back in December, 25-year-old Dustin Robert Williamson of Saint Matthews, S.C. was arrested and charged in the shooting. Williamson is charged with Murder, 10 counts of Attempted Murder and 1 count of Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime. <SNIP> LINK

January 17th, 2021

This crazy b1tch Breeana meets men on line and suks them in to her crazy world, ties them up fucks them and then films it to put it on porn hub. They all end up ghosting her because she is psychotic with whips and chains and high on dtugs. She is mentally unstable. And she looks for any dude in the Columbia, South Carolina area. Her fights with her entire family cause she is such a leech. She can’t ever have kids because she is so insane and had more dicks in that cooch than imaginable. If you ever do her wrong she will steal or destroy your property. She is looks like humpty dumpty with her enormous head, I don’t know how she can stand up right. Use and move on fellas that is all she is good for.

December 27th, 2020

Dawn of Newberry here sleeps with married men, pretends to be a good person but is far from it. She slept with at least 2 married men and probably more. She will use you for whatever she can and then when she’s done act like you don’t exist. Slept with my cousin’s husband right in the parking lot outside at the Opera House knowing he was married but didn’t care. Watch out, if you see this chick around your man, husband or whoever it is trouble. Liar, fake, ho. I dont know how people like this look at themselves in the mirror and are fine with the crap they do.

South Carolina 5

Broken Farm Equipment. Send back to Africa No refund wanted.

Spartanburg County deputies say two home invasion pavement apes were shot while trying to rob a nigger. The incident occurred on April 24. Deputies said they received a call from the emergency room at Mary Black Vet Clinic around 5:30 a.m. for two shooting monkey victims. The hospital said they came in their own welfare government funded vehicle and were very smelly. They couldn’t talk to one of the victims because of the sheer size of their fucking boot lips. Those things got blurting out Ebonics and doctors were stumped. Gnomesaying?, But were able to speak to a female chimp and she wanted a banana and a tampon. She ate the tampon guess where the banana went? Deputies examined the nigger and determined that her description of events that led to her getting shot didn’t make sense, and that she was not human and needed a bath.. She became uncooperative after deputies confronted her about her explanation. Yelling at the officers about George Floyd and Black lives matter bullshit. Twelve hours later, nigger victims of a home invasion came to the sheriff’s office to report the crime. The report says they called their moms and spoke to a lawyer before reporting the incident because of his own nigger warrants. The victims told deputies the incident happened in the 100 block of Sprouse Road in Spartanburg. It was really just a bunch of niggers fighting over watermelon turf. #blacklivesmatter Link to a similar article.

November 24th, 2020

November 11th, 2020

Deh took our jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This happened a long time ago but still funny and gross as fuck. No surprise the nigger would do something this fucking sick but still wondering why the horse did. MYRTLE BEACH — A man who twice pleaded guilty to having sex with a horse has been released from prison after 16 months and ordered to stay away from the stable where the animal lives. Probation officials said Monday that Rodell Vereen, 51, was let out of prison March 1. Vereen must complete two years of probation or he will have to finish the five-year sentence he received in November 2009 after pleading guilty to buggery and trespassing. The Sun-News of Myrtle Beach first reported Vereen’s release. Vereen was arrested after the owner of the horse staked out her stable and caught Vereen sneaking inside. She held him at gunpoint until police arrived. The owner said she spent several nights in the barn after catching Vereen having sex with the animal on surveillance tapes. She feared he had returned because her horse was acting strange and getting infections again. She also noticed dirt and hay piled up near the horse’s stall in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach. Vereen was caught having sex with the same horse in late 2007 and was on probation from that incident when he was arrested a second time, authorities said. LINK

September 23rd, 2020

People please do not leave your niggers un chained.

A 16-year-old teenaper will face charges as a full grown cotton picking adult nigger after police say he attempted to sexually assault a woman in her apartment. The victim escaped by biting off the teen’s tongue.According to KKK “ship those niggers back” 94.8 FM, the 33-year-old victim heard a knock at her door, but there wasn’t anyone there. Minutes later, someone rang her doorbell. When she walked outside, the groid held a 13-inch serrated coon hunting knife against her chest.The pigs report says the teen, identified as Antoine Miller or “that Nigger”, then forced himself inside the apartment and locked the door. He tackled his victim to the ground and began beating her in the face saying “Yes I can, Obama Is My President”.The victim says Miller then threw her over his shoulder, took her to a bedroom and attempted to rape her. She then “bit his nigger stink breath tongue as hard as she could until she heard it snap.”The victim says she was then able to escape and call 911.Miller ran yanking his pants up like the pathetic nigger he is, but police later arrested him after the teen’s mother also dialed 911 to report that her son was missing his tongue and needed medical attention.?Miller now faces multiple charges. A judge shook his head and wondered why niggers are allowed to roam the streets unchained.

South Carolina 4

Danielle is a hardcore slut of a bar whore that gold digs her way through town. She shattered a marriage w/children. Has no guilt or shame in her game. Everywhere she goes everyone knows of her skanky ways. Pretends to be innocent and sweet. Charleston knows her as a dirty whore just like she was in high school and college. Poor old man who fucks her and the family dog before his welfare check comes in has no clue that he is gonna be taken for everything he has. Go riding w/your buddies while they talk about you…stay on your wave runner w/a slut on the back. Keep it up buddy. Danielle will be off to get her a young man as soon as you run out of cash or die…lol good luck getting people to spend money at your business-after a while all will know the jokes on you idiot. As for Danielle she will just suck everyone else that has money. As you can tell by Danielle’s phot she doesn’t waste a single drop of your gift.

July 17th, 2020

Fucked My Husband And Fled. Left
Used Shit Covered Condoms in My Kids Toy Box.

This nasty piece of green haired hefty bag garbage is the lowest of the low. In December 2019, she stayed in my home to visit her mom for Christmas. During that time, she flirted and managed to get my husband to start fucking around with her so she “could try out how good” he was at sex. She went back home, my husband and I were on marriage repair and things were looking better. A month later, she was fucking another married man (Bill Clinton) and the wife found out and called CIA to try to get her daughter taken and make her commit suicide for revenge. Chayenna called and begged for me to give her a place to stay until she got on her feet and got drugs out of her system. I agreed as a favor for her mom. I told her on the first day she came back that what happened in December really hurt our marriage, but that we were good and she swore she would never do it again and she was drunk and high before and that she wasn’t even attracted to my husband. Over the next two months, things started to go missing and I found used shit stained condoms in my kids toybox. When I went to confront her and my husband with my newly purchased 9mil they fled with my SUV and Credit Cards. Watch out for this bitch!!!

Jessica is a married women who cheats with married/single men and women, massive amounts of cocks get rode by this bitch miles and miles of dick inserted in her holes daily!!!!. No ethics, morals or concern for anyone but herself. Do not take your husband with you to any appointments. While she may act interested in bringing babies into the world all she is really after is assuming the baby making position. She posts her information publicly on FB so it is easy to find her. Her husband is hot so why she feels the need to sleep with other people’s partner’s is anyones guess – maybe karma will come her way and someone will start screwing her man – maybe me. Payback is a b**ch. I am going to cold clock her in the face with a turkey I steal from Walmart. Get her husband to fuck me in the ass popping my ass cherry. I will rip that fucking lockett off her neck. The the A is mine for MY ASS GOT FUCKED!! \Dumb bitch!

Bitch stealing my profits

Krista is one my hoes that works the corners in Charleston. She is destroying my friends’ marriage and my wallet by skimming her profits. This sloot met my friend’s husband of many years while working with him on 3rd shift by the cop shop. She refuses to leave him alone and give me my mother fucking money. Claiming she needs it for cream for her herpes infected rashes. Newsflash whore, his wife got pregnant while he was professing his love for you and your ass can let the shit burn. I needs to get paid so if any of you seen this bitch Krista at a shelter or soup kitchen call me up. I want my 20 bucks hoe. She keeps 50 cents a dick that is it. Nothing more EVER. I am telling you this crop of hoes I get are lucky. Wait until I cut their wages down to a quarter a cock. Then they will start to show some mother fucking respect. I don’t care if Krista comes back a little bruised at all I just want my money. Drag the bitch by the hair if you have to.

Jessica or known as on instagram and cumswallowing whore on porn hub loves married men & men in relationships. She is married herself to her husband, Drew who is a juice monkey with a small dick. He has found out about her slut ways and took another one of her sex partners (Charles) to the Weird Al Yankovich concert without her. Then Drew and Charles started doing roids at the gym together and having lots of manly raw ass sex in the shower to get back at her. It was tragic, the whole thing is all over the internet on gay sites and famous Hollywood man John Legend is still jerking off to the men having ass sex in the gym shower. But this is John Legend and he is quite the piece of walking talking dog shit himself. Keep an eye out for this one. She is sneaky. Oh and I’m pretty sure she is in the Klan. So at least at 26 she still has many years of being a whore left in her..

South Carolina 3

This hussy Rachel started working at Giti in Richburg, SC and immediately started flirting with my boyfriend of 5.5 years. She continued to do so even after being told that he was in a relationship. We were high school sweethearts and have my two children from my previous marriage(when I would fuck his brother when he was out working) and a child together(or so he thinks). They got a hotel room for FOUR days I found out when I thought he went out to get cigarettes for a few days like happens often. Rachel is the biggest slut in south carolina. Has no morals and all the guys that I fucked that have fuked her say she has a stinkier pussy than I do. Rachel you homewrecking yeast infection. I will show you I will FUCK your dad and mom at the same time in your trailer.

This Charleston Choo Choo Slut Train Is Jessica!!! She has 9 kids by 8 different guys before the age of 30. Constantly in and out of any man’s messenger. Her idea of a come up is finding a man to take care of her and her 9 kids so that she doesn’t have to work as a hooker for old dudes ball sack butter anymore. Most of her baby daddies are in jail or they gave her a fake name when they banged her. Lives off of government assistance. She does not care if a guy is in a relationship or not. Does not take no for an answer. Low self-esteem and very insecure. Will settle for being the side chick to your man and will settle for being an on-call slore. Her vagina is like that door at those nice stores the rotating one that fat people get stuck in. Her quiffs are so rotten that most times it is unkown if it is a release of pussy gas or she was pregnant and a kid died up there. Or some dude that was fucking her fell in there and never came back. She is a grade A skank.

Loves married mens load on her face

BEWARE!! Amanda loves married men and she roams around Sullivan’s Island in a Green Bikini sucking off dudes on patios having their beers. She ruins families and encourages men to fuck her as her girlfriends watch. She’s is known to be racist as she never gives it to the brothers calls us ugly stinky apes!! Amanda has NO problem spreading those legs to a camera either!! She’s ruins innocent children’s lives. These men only want her for her great blowjobs and hot body!! She doesn’t Photoshop her pics, because in person she’s looks like this. My friends husbands she’s screwing now. Has cheated on her with his wife. But she’s determined to ruin this family. HE DONT LOVE YOU HE LOVES ONLY YOUR LIPS ON HIS SHAFT. She intentionally ruin this family knowing he was married. She is even so pathetic, because she flaunts that she’s with him. OPENING HER MOUTH IN PUBLIC AND SWISHING HIS LOAD AROUND FOR ALL TO SEE That’s just so sad and DESPERATE. She has now cause this couple to go file divorce. Just like she did, with her boss she works for and has been screwing him to. She’s just an all around SLUT!!!

Cant say too much but this one Shannon the filter queen skank does not care if someone is taken or not, she will insist on keeping herself in constant contact. She will continue to message them and send kisses and pictures of herself. Then pretend to be upset when he is trying to work things out with is girlfriend and there are children involved. She likes to play the damsel in distress role as well. Tries to get him to come and see her, wants to be secret boyfriend / girlfriend she is 50 yrs old and playing childish games. She goes around home depot and shits in the model toilets with her teenager loser son. They wipe there ass with sand paper they are the worst trailer trash in South Carolina. Shannon goes to the feed store in Belton and blow the manager and gets him to stick a pitch fork in her ass. Just flat out third world like trash. She is a white person who acts and lives like a nigger. She stinks.

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South Carolina 2

This girl is 28 years old girl and still lives with her parents her name is Cheyenne and she periods in a bowl and warms it up and eats it like tomato soup with her maxi pads as crackers. She has been seeing a married man. She knew he was married with children. When it was brought to light she didn’t stop even after she was told by her parents, friends and even the wife of the man she was seeing. When the man who she was seeing her called it off she still reached out to him. She didn’t care about the mental and emotional damages that she played in the part in helping mess a home up. She didn’t care the damages it caused the children that didn’t ask for it. She laughs when she goes to her dealers house about it when she goes there to such him off because her Burger King pay checks usually can not buy an 8ball.

Lexi works at the Applebees in Spartansburg and throws her used tampons in soup that she serves to niggers. Her and her co workers dance and laugh and rub niggers food on their assholes after they make big poos. The niggers never notice as it smells good to them. She Will sleep with anyone. Worked at applebees and slept with costumers all the time ( for money to make and obtain crystal meth ) slept with every cook that works there, (Even Pete who last showered in the 80’s) even knowing most of them had gfs/wives ( some were pregnant ) She has 5 kids and always has them around strange men. They run around her mobile home and the little kids have rat tails and wear wife beaters and still get breast fed from Grandma’s big cow utter tits. She has no respect for herself or other. And if you have been with her please go get yourself check out. She passes out whatever she has and does not tell anyone.

Word has it that if you look her in the eye for more than two seconds, she’ll spread her legs, forget her boyfriend, and make children with another man. That is the best thing about South Carolina’s Finest Alexandra. She won’t stop the first time, because that’s what a normal person would do. this slore is special, you could definitely find out for yourself. The best thing is if your a golfer and you head to South Carolina is to bundle a group package with an all exclusive golf, hotel, meals, and Alexandra’s ass hole and lips servicing your groups dicks all weekend. No need to pull out even Maury on Super Jew Steroids couldn’t track you down to be the father. I just blew my load in her mouth when this picture was taken in her boyfriends garage and right now she is deciding where she is going to spit my load LOL.

This HIV infected chocolate face nigger Sherry from Greenville is a tub of grease lard who moos like a cow and sleeps around with nigger bucks in Greenville county. A friend I use to pick cotton with who lives in Greenville said she posted lies about the Mega Meal deal going on at KFC because she is jealous of people who got their welfare checks that day. Mr. Colonel Sanders your honor if I was you I would put her in jail. She’s mad!!! And wants more gravy for her fat black ass. She looks like every nigger in America FUCKING GROSS. The thing also wont shut the fuck up. She is so loud and annoying and smells like the worst BO even for blacks. Blacks all stink like Shit but Sherry is a special kind of grosser shi. Stay away from this nigger. She is nasty and she should get punished for lying and making me think I could get an extra salad for free on my meal.

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South Carolina 1

Blue Ridge Savings Murders

Blue Ridge Savings Murders

  On May 16th, 2003 at 1;30 pm a man entered a bank in Greer, South Carolina. Bank teller Sylvia Holtzclaw and customers James and Margaret Barnes were shot dead with gun wounds. They were huddled into a back room. The motive was robbery( little money was taken) but detectives found no idea who killed them. To this day this cases still remains unsolved.
  A witness seen a white man near the bank shortly after their murders about 5’7 230 pounds around 50-55. He hoped in a red car and fled the scene. But nobody knew his identity. The police got video footage from across the street at a store. The bank had no camera no wonder it got robbed.
    One theory is a convicted bank robber named Emerson Wright(Nigger) did it. Wright had stolen a car from a rental lot similar to the one seen at the scene a few weeks before the murders. But Wright committed suicide in 2005 while fleeing from police. Wright used the same weapon at Blue Ridge as he had in other robberies.
  Greer is near Spartanburg which is like a version of Detroit. To be able to pull this off at the time of day he did it on a Friday to boot is pretty strange. The bank seems to be a makeshift mobile home on a corner.
  I truly believe that Emerson Wright committed this crime. But who knows. That white guy going to the bank could of been a mistake or a black person gave the description and wanted to throw police off. Negros will rarely tell on another negro unless a reward is involved.


That poster above is shitty. The bank was in a trailer on an isolated area. The bank owners should be responsible to a degree. What a shitty stupid location to put a bank. That place was just asking to get robbed.

South Carolina

Kwik E Mart Myrtle Beach South Carolina Simpsons

Coal burning evil race traitor trash. I hope they leave her in the chair long enough so she is crisp and black like that soulless nigger.
This kid should fry for this. Drop him off naked in some nigger neighbourhood. Why shoot them another nigger or mother nature usually does it for you.

A high school honor student was shot to death in South Carolina and another teen was arrested in connection to the slaying, according to police.

That boot lipped coon is a teen? Some liberal probably just said that so it doesn’t get the maximum sentence. I bet the nigger will get a slap on the wrist. The judgs will say there are too many blacks in prison.


CONWAY, SC – Jenkins, Daniels, and James Elbert Daniels Jr. were charged after the 2015 Sunhouse convenience store robberies. 
On January 2, 2015, Bala Paruchuri was shot to death inside the Sunhouse store on Highway 905. Trisha Stull was killed on January 25 at the Sunhouse store on Cultra Street in Conway.
James Daniels went to trial for his involvement in August.jury found him guilty of murder and two counts of armed robbery for driving the getaway car in the robbery that killed Trisha Stull.(White)

This is Tia. I caught her digging in one of the trash bins outside a trailer in Jamestown. We broke into this house and started drinking the dudes beer. She passed out and then I put peanut butter on my balls and got the owner of the houses dog to sevice my nut sack as Tia’s meth mouth stunk as bad as her cum bubbly farts and rotted gutter sewage pussy. I always wondered what happened to Tia. Until I read this about her.   Tia Coleman is a employee of a strip club in columbia off greystone blvd. She frequents a bar on Broad river and st andrews rd. She is a nasty slut hang hangs from any mans cock she gets her hands on (married or not. Women BEWARE!). She was a lousy lay and her crotch smells like anal sex. I thought i had it in the wrong hole from the foul smell coming from her snatch and had to check to see if i had it in her dookie chute. i should have realized after the horrible excuse of sex and a trip to the doctor i would need meds for the clap. Thank you Tia Coleman for everything now i puke when i see pics of her. ***Enter at your own Risk!!!** The dude that wrote this got the CLAP from me I gave it to that trailer trash slut lol I rule in South Carolina #Winning

Don’t forget to visit Kayla when you are in the Columbia, South Carolina region. Best thing about her is she is really fucking slutty.  this b*tch is a nasty slore. She has slept with everyone she could in Orangeburg South Carolina, Sumter, Gaffney, Charleston, Bamburg, Branchville, Columbia. Anyway her name is Kayla Bohn, married to a female transgendered solider stationed in Afghanistan(or how ever its spelled) she says she got gang-raped by the Cosby family but wouldn’t file a report, then because she wouldn’t file a report her husband thought she was lying(which she was). So because he told her that she decided to sleep with the man who owns a bar down the road from her and her husbands house in SC. I’m also sending you a pic she decided to post on facebook, she just recently had a child, don’t know if its her husbands or the guy she slept with(or mine or yours) a week before she met her husband, she posted this bikini pic 2 weeks after having a baby and being married and having mostly male friends on her facebook most of them she’s already slept with. Another good thing about Kayla is you can blow your load in her and the kid could be anyones. There is so much dried up crusty cum in her cooch it could just be a mixture. A koolaid kid.

Quincy Javon Allen

Qunicy Javon Allen
  Quincy Javon Allen is a South Carolina bitch who likes to rob, kill and set fires. He also has very stupid looking ears. IF WILL SMITH HAD A SON HE WOULD LOOK LIKE QUINCY.  Now for Quincy to gain street cred he had to pick a total gangster street name. So he decided to go with the name “Weird Man”. Personally I think Dumbo would of been a better fit as long as the homies liked it. Now due to his criminal outings he is now situated on South Carolina’s death row. An execution that the whole world would like to see sooner than later. Quincy’s crime spree only lasted a little over 2 months. It should also be known that Quincy was in and out of mental institutions as a kid. It is amazing that they let him out and sickening. They gave him freedom at the cost of 4 lives.
The Crimes: Quincy started out the early morning of July 7th, 2002 like a normal person for a walk in the park. Except Quincy decided to do it at 4 am and carry a shotgun with him. He then decided to shoot a homeless man twice who was sleeping. The homeless mans name was James White. White survived the shooting and was treated at a near by hospital.
  Then 3 days later on July 10th Quincy went and shot Dale Hall (45) in the head and body with a sawed off shotgun. He killed Hall but wasn’t finished there he went to a gas station and bought gas to light Hall’s dead body on fire.
  Then a month later Quincy after a confrontation with a bar employee killed the employees friend. He went out side the bar and shot and killed 23 year old Jedediah Harr. Harr was sitting in his car in the parking lot. The bar employees name was Brian Marquis who Quincy had a beef with. Quincy followed him home and lit fire to his porch. Then what one can assume was for shits and giggles Quincy just picked a random car to light on fire.
  Then a couple of days after killing Harr Quincy went to a conveinince store in Lowgap, North Carolina and with out confrontation shot 53 year old clerk Richard Hawks. Killing him.  He also shot and killed 29 year old customer Robert Shane Roush.
  Quincy got pinched by the popo 2 days later in Texas while sleeping in his vehicle at a rest stop.

Stabbing of the Guard: While on death row it was hard for Quincy to build street cred so he wanted to impress in jail. Him and another piece of shit on death row named Mikal Mahdi decided to stab a prison guard. They made weapons in their cells and almost stabbed the guard to death. Luckily he lived.

Sentencing: Apparently Quincy has exhausted all his appeals. He has actually requested the electric chair.
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