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 A 27-year-old woman was robbed and severely injured after being beaten with a fire extinguisher in a Singapore parking garage early Saturday morning, police said. Singapore police arrested 34-year-old Charmaine for the assault. Singapore Fire-Rescue was first called to a low level of a parking garage at 2013 Yew Choo Street regarding a vehicle accident involving Charmaine around 3:42 a.m. When firefighters arrived on the scene, Charmaine became combative with them and crews called for assistance. Police found Charmaine smoking meth in a car belonging to the assault victim. According to an arrest affidavit, Charmaine attacked the bitch with a fire extinguisher, hitting her in the head and the face. He then robbed the bitch of her Gucci purse and stole her car, and tried to drive away, but crashed the car into a concrete wall on a higher level of the parking garage, then just sat there fingering her vagina and smoking meth according to the affidavit. Charmaine was highly intoxicated at the time of the attack, according to the affidavit. The bitch she attacked was temporarily in a coma after the injuries she sustained to her face. She is now out of the coma, and better watch what cock she spreads her whore legs for next fucking time!???.

September 2nd, 2021

Lucy is a horny as fuck Singaporean escort who has been sugaring and escorting independently for four years. Having never worked with an agency, protecting her identity has been a combination of instinct and trial and error. There’s now no overlap at all between Lucy and what she calls her “normal life,” where she’s a university student. She has two phones, keeps a smaller ‘real’ purse inside her Slut for hire bag, and photoshops her tattoos out of her website’s photos. “It’s really learning on the go,” Lucy told me while she was licking part of my load that missed her face of a leather sofa. “Terms and conditions, cancellations, deposits. With stuff like that, you’re once bitten.”

February 16th, 2021

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Threats to keep niggers out of Singapore. Hence all niggers do drugs.

They never do shit. I got through the security checkpoints in Singapore with bricks of H visible in my suitcase. The zipperhead border guards are easy to buy off just buy them an hour with a white hooker.

January 26th, 2021

This is Alysia, she might look nice but in reality is a lying, cheating sloot who sleeps with men in relationships, knowing the situation fully. She pretends to be spiritual and into Buddha, and know the patch when in reality this chick is psycho and would constantly desperately msg my friend’s ex bf. I know 2 people boyfriends this b1Tch has opened her legs for and then her mouth to spit out the proof in a jar she keeps in her purse. How can people like this pretend to be a life coach when in reality your a mess. Stay clear – this b1tch has some karma coming to her and why you ever take advice from someone with no morals? A joke. Who has huge inflatable ta tas and is still sleeping with other people’s boyfriends and opening their legs for anyone who asks or will give her the time of day. She loves fucking tourists and claims to model for money but she is really sucking cock for it. Other womans mens dicks. Bitch.

This woman was caught red handed since she moved back to Singapore. she she will sleep with your husband not caring if you have kids. She ruins lives destroys families. Won’t leave them alone after. She should go back to Australia with her junkie self. She destroyed my family. All she cares about is sleeping with my husband. At raves doing meth in everyway imaginable and jumping from tourist oil tycoon to the next. Bambi is a slut times 1000!!! Things also tend to go missing when this kitten gets her paws on them dicks included. She will bribe people with their families and then make videos of her ramming cucumbers in her snatch with chop sticks. Its pretty filthy but she keeps walking around with her fake tits out like she is walking through a dick jungle gym.

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October 8th, 2020.

Long story short I have watched Melanie the slut and this woman ruin several marriages and relationships over years and years. She uses her body to get what she wants from a man she targets not caring who she hurts in the process including her own family. She currently lives with her married to another ex husband who she manipulated into leaving his wife in the name of her kids and her safety. She lies about holding a job while working as an escort. If you have a man and she shows up in the picture as his friend or yours just be warned all she wants is to take your man. If your man hires the bitch shoot your boyfriend he already has STDs. She also apparently (Night Club Rumor) Loves it when guys fist her. Like ram their whole fist up her snatch. Thats a loose bitch. She does and loves it raw and hard up the ass. Problem is she has bum fungus and rectal warts. So I hear from guys I always see scratching their nuts all the time like their balls are having a bonfire.

September 25th, 2020

This homewrecking hooker destroyed my friends marriage and has the nerve to come back to Singapore . She knew he was married with a baby. This prostitute former failed stripper wanna be gave zero fucks. He’s gotta thing for slutty whores and contacted her from one of her hooker ads wanting to “get kinky”. And yeah he told my friends (she was his wife) eeeeevrything…… supposedly these fetish peeps aren’t supposed to sleep with their clients but Sabrina slept with my friends husband ON THE CLOCK during one of their “appointments”. She slimed into leaving his wife who was going thru a lot of stuff and couldn’t be intimate as much and leave his baby to. He followed this hooker all the time like a drooling idiot and didn’t want her turning tricks anymore, so guess what he did for his slutlist gal? He PAID her to remain in the relationship as a paid companion. So yes he still paid her for sex every week until he finally got tired of her stupid annoying sick a**. Watch out for this whore in Singapore. She has clamidyah. I know it burns me still from that faggot.

June 5th, 2020

This little girl Aimee is something other than loyal. She will get as close to you as possible, just to be with your man so she can drain his nuts and make him a sandwich. She cannot just be by herself. She always has to be with someone or at least have a dick in both hands. Even if it means sneaking over, While you are not around. She will parade her mom’s money, Just around to reel you in. She will give you all the adventure and you’re man drugs including Colombian pure from Aussie tourists she fucks and harder stuff. Just to get to your man. Then swear it was an accident. Well, It has been an “Accident” 3 times so far, So it’s just a habit. Her loyalty is to the d1ck. Not to her friends. But from what I hear she makes a hell of a sandwich. None of that noodle dish crap like the other little Asian cum dumpsters. 100% real meat sandwich. Her favourite hot spot is casinos and the beach. She hits on dudes at the beach while her friends dig through their bags and steal their shit. And then she laughs about it to everyone. Mean.

This hag bag rice picking chink Olivia has been pregnant 3x in 2019 having miscarriages, hoping on every guys greg to pay her bills, has multiple old men gregs, using meth, blow and H. She also uses Molly and smokes weed while sniffing cocaine mixed with meth and being pregnant with triplets. She sleeps next to someone who is sleeping with me every now and then. Little does she know, he’s planning on leaving her and taking the baby because she’s unstable and doesn’t have the proper family to go to. So I’m told her gook karate kid looking fucking dad can’t even take her cause her dumb brother.


There is terrible woman living in Singapore named Marie, also known as The Cock Goblin. This disgusting woman had an affair with a married man after knowing he was married. This psycho harassed families, created fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram to get attention, because the husband didn’t want her. She worked as an escort in Orchard Towers and has 4-5 children with different men she pawned off on lord know who. She asked for 10K and she would stop posting pictures and harassing the family. She is a very sad sad woman who is desperate for a man with money or a visa. Any Man is gross to have encountered this hideous person. She dates any man and just wants a free ride!! She claims to be pregnant a day after the guy leaves!! She has photos with many many different guys(Like this one with another hooker and a dude from Germany that I cropped) in pictures and it’s clear she’s a dirty skank with no morales!! Marie, whatever your name is… your a disgusting woman and I feel sorry for you because you have no life and only prey on married men. Your gross and should be ashamed of yourself. Bitch.

Cassandra ruined my relationship and marriage of over 11 years. She slept with my husband knowing full well he was married. After spending the weekend at a club, our favorite place, they continued their affair for almost a year. Even coming to my home several times and having sex in my own bed during times i was away. Laughing about me and talking like shit about me as he plowed her tight ass and pussy. I thought the cum stains in the sheets were from me and only me. How can a girl have sex with a married man in the family home? After going through counseling, my husband left me for her leaving me hurt and a crying wreck.  I am going to have a nice “chat” with Cassandra. Along with some of my crazy friends.Her and her back pack full of dildos will be no match.

One of Orton’s blog Authors and Asian Pussy Tester James Feller in Singapore where he resides spreading the message. He loves the food and the pussy in Singapore.

As a conservative city-state on the edges of the Malay Peninsula, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that Singapore still discriminates against faggots. Weirdly, though, the law is far from equal. Since 2007, two women can munch muff all they want. Its just when 2 dudes decide to play dick swords and bum darts does shit hit the fan(no pun meant). We need to adapt this law world wide and give the homosexuals a homeland with the Jews that they deserve Antarctica or the moon.

Hong Kong 2

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