Ilhan Omar The Somalian Nigger Ass Tampon 3rd World Filth

November 17th, 2020

Stinky Walking Talking Trash Bag of Terror

September 11th, 2020

July 13th, 2020

Ilhan Omar is probably upset that a prettier woman is running. Oh she should be use to that she is an ugly nigger anything is better than her.


September 26th, 2020

July 30th, 2019

Burundi’s problems start and end with niggers. As we’ve already learned from opening our eyes and looking at every fucking where in the world. Niggers = extreme poverty, malnutrition (over half the county’s children have stunted growth as a result of their inadequate diet), overstretched public health services, and a booming trade in child trafficking. So for the 2020 list Burundi is the 5th shittiest nation on the planet.

What is up whitey. We are citizens of Burundi. You have probably never heard of our shithole country. Thats okay once some Jew decides to send us into your neighborhood we will be friends. Then we will rob your house while you work for you and us with your tax dollars. We will move a whack load of our tribe into our house and shit out niglets like Oprah’s asshole after a chili chicken cook off. Do you have schools in Europe? We don’t here and you won’t either once our children wreck them. Along with your rich heritage and culture. We have never had a history or a culture so we are coming to make sure that you enjoy the same shit that we do fools. We are a special type of stupid nigger too. Our average citizen doesn’t even know what a potato is let alone grow one or know how to cook one. Yeah this picture is not photo shop that is vegetation which grows crops behind us. But come on look at us. Look how we dress. We can’t even figure out how to drink water how the fuck are we going to grow something to eat?

Look out Mr Duct Tape Nigger is on the loose

Who in their right mind gave these niggers guns? Like seriously was it an experiment for someones entertainment. Like some jew hooked up cameras everywhere to watch. Grabbed a bowl of popcorn sat in his lazy boy and watched the lulz ensue on his big screen TV. I mean really there is no good logical reason for it. What good would someone have thought could of came from this?


We shuld has earfquakes moar often. Dis best ting dat ever happin to us. Fried chikinz an grape sodas fur everyone! I dun hav to work and I gets free handout! Dis is island paradise!“-Haitian and American Affirmative ShowBiz Guy Wycliffe John.

After the racist earthquake, the locals were faced with the immediate task of finding food, water and shelter if they couldn’t find white people. What was not thought about though, is what would happen to 100,000 dead niggers when you leave them in the sun for several days. Soon, the streets were filled with the stench of rotting nigger sticks, some buried under rubble, but most simply left in the streets for the buzzards to feast on like chicken wings. Less than a week after the quake, Haiti entered its first golden age. The GNP of the country rose to never before seen record levels as bleeding heart liberal hippy faggots continue to empty their recession ridden wallets into a country nobody is supposed to give a fuck about. The outpouring of money and support is largely attributed to residual white guilt. What everyone knew except the stupid white liberals is some Jew took every cent of it and blamed it on white people. Last Thursday Haiti was once again shat upon by another earthquake, only further proving that God hates niggers, especially french ones.

They had nothing before any of this happened. The earthquake affected their lives in a good way as they got attention. If whites never went their they would of been dead eons ago. Nobody can possibly be stupid enough to believe the reason these niggers are poor and suffering is that an earthquake hit.

Earthquakes are fucking racist!!!!!!
Haiti is one of the biggest shit hole countries on the face of the earth.  Why send the Haitians food and fresh water now? They never had that before the earthquake, or hurricane, or what ever can of whoop ass god gives it.

Brazil 8

With a population of over 200 million fucking losers, Brazil is one of the largest and most populous countries in the world. But the huge number of mentally ill inhabitants brings about a dramatic amount of murders – just in 2012 alone, almost 65,000 people were killed in the country. It is believed that drug trade and raging alcoholism are among the major causes of the high homicide occurrence. But then again it is Brazil and most people that live there do not want to live anyway as life sucks there as is. I thought Brazil would of been higher on the Murder List. But it is the 12th most likely country in the world to get murdered in.

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