South Carolina 4

Danielle is a hardcore slut of a bar whore that gold digs her way through town. She shattered a marriage w/children. Has no guilt or shame in her game. Everywhere she goes everyone knows of her skanky ways. Pretends to be innocent and sweet. Charleston knows her as a dirty whore just like she was in high school and college. Poor old man who fucks her and the family dog before his welfare check comes in has no clue that he is gonna be taken for everything he has. Go riding w/your buddies while they talk about you…stay on your wave runner w/a slut on the back. Keep it up buddy. Danielle will be off to get her a young man as soon as you run out of cash or die…lol good luck getting people to spend money at your business-after a while all will know the jokes on you idiot. As for Danielle she will just suck everyone else that has money. As you can tell by Danielle’s phot she doesn’t waste a single drop of your gift.

July 17th, 2020

Fucked My Husband And Fled. Left
Used Shit Covered Condoms in My Kids Toy Box.

This nasty piece of green haired hefty bag garbage is the lowest of the low. In December 2019, she stayed in my home to visit her mom for Christmas. During that time, she flirted and managed to get my husband to start fucking around with her so she “could try out how good” he was at sex. She went back home, my husband and I were on marriage repair and things were looking better. A month later, she was fucking another married man (Bill Clinton) and the wife found out and called CIA to try to get her daughter taken and make her commit suicide for revenge. Chayenna called and begged for me to give her a place to stay until she got on her feet and got drugs out of her system. I agreed as a favor for her mom. I told her on the first day she came back that what happened in December really hurt our marriage, but that we were good and she swore she would never do it again and she was drunk and high before and that she wasn’t even attracted to my husband. Over the next two months, things started to go missing and I found used shit stained condoms in my kids toybox. When I went to confront her and my husband with my newly purchased 9mil they fled with my SUV and Credit Cards. Watch out for this bitch!!!

Jessica is a married women who cheats with married/single men and women, massive amounts of cocks get rode by this bitch miles and miles of dick inserted in her holes daily!!!!. No ethics, morals or concern for anyone but herself. Do not take your husband with you to any appointments. While she may act interested in bringing babies into the world all she is really after is assuming the baby making position. She posts her information publicly on FB so it is easy to find her. Her husband is hot so why she feels the need to sleep with other people’s partner’s is anyones guess – maybe karma will come her way and someone will start screwing her man – maybe me. Payback is a b**ch. I am going to cold clock her in the face with a turkey I steal from Walmart. Get her husband to fuck me in the ass popping my ass cherry. I will rip that fucking lockett off her neck. The the A is mine for MY ASS GOT FUCKED!! \Dumb bitch!

Bitch stealing my profits

Krista is one my hoes that works the corners in Charleston. She is destroying my friends’ marriage and my wallet by skimming her profits. This sloot met my friend’s husband of many years while working with him on 3rd shift by the cop shop. She refuses to leave him alone and give me my mother fucking money. Claiming she needs it for cream for her herpes infected rashes. Newsflash whore, his wife got pregnant while he was professing his love for you and your ass can let the shit burn. I needs to get paid so if any of you seen this bitch Krista at a shelter or soup kitchen call me up. I want my 20 bucks hoe. She keeps 50 cents a dick that is it. Nothing more EVER. I am telling you this crop of hoes I get are lucky. Wait until I cut their wages down to a quarter a cock. Then they will start to show some mother fucking respect. I don’t care if Krista comes back a little bruised at all I just want my money. Drag the bitch by the hair if you have to.

Jessica or known as on instagram and cumswallowing whore on porn hub loves married men & men in relationships. She is married herself to her husband, Drew who is a juice monkey with a small dick. He has found out about her slut ways and took another one of her sex partners (Charles) to the Weird Al Yankovich concert without her. Then Drew and Charles started doing roids at the gym together and having lots of manly raw ass sex in the shower to get back at her. It was tragic, the whole thing is all over the internet on gay sites and famous Hollywood man John Legend is still jerking off to the men having ass sex in the gym shower. But this is John Legend and he is quite the piece of walking talking dog shit himself. Keep an eye out for this one. She is sneaky. Oh and I’m pretty sure she is in the Klan. So at least at 26 she still has many years of being a whore left in her..

South Carolina 3

This hussy Rachel started working at Giti in Richburg, SC and immediately started flirting with my boyfriend of 5.5 years. She continued to do so even after being told that he was in a relationship. We were high school sweethearts and have my two children from my previous marriage(when I would fuck his brother when he was out working) and a child together(or so he thinks). They got a hotel room for FOUR days I found out when I thought he went out to get cigarettes for a few days like happens often. Rachel is the biggest slut in south carolina. Has no morals and all the guys that I fucked that have fuked her say she has a stinkier pussy than I do. Rachel you homewrecking yeast infection. I will show you I will FUCK your dad and mom at the same time in your trailer.

This Charleston Choo Choo Slut Train Is Jessica!!! She has 9 kids by 8 different guys before the age of 30. Constantly in and out of any man’s messenger. Her idea of a come up is finding a man to take care of her and her 9 kids so that she doesn’t have to work as a hooker for old dudes ball sack butter anymore. Most of her baby daddies are in jail or they gave her a fake name when they banged her. Lives off of government assistance. She does not care if a guy is in a relationship or not. Does not take no for an answer. Low self-esteem and very insecure. Will settle for being the side chick to your man and will settle for being an on-call slore. Her vagina is like that door at those nice stores the rotating one that fat people get stuck in. Her quiffs are so rotten that most times it is unkown if it is a release of pussy gas or she was pregnant and a kid died up there. Or some dude that was fucking her fell in there and never came back. She is a grade A skank.

Loves married mens load on her face

BEWARE!! Amanda loves married men and she roams around Sullivan’s Island in a Green Bikini sucking off dudes on patios having their beers. She ruins families and encourages men to fuck her as her girlfriends watch. She’s is known to be racist as she never gives it to the brothers calls us ugly stinky apes!! Amanda has NO problem spreading those legs to a camera either!! She’s ruins innocent children’s lives. These men only want her for her great blowjobs and hot body!! She doesn’t Photoshop her pics, because in person she’s looks like this. My friends husbands she’s screwing now. Has cheated on her with his wife. But she’s determined to ruin this family. HE DONT LOVE YOU HE LOVES ONLY YOUR LIPS ON HIS SHAFT. She intentionally ruin this family knowing he was married. She is even so pathetic, because she flaunts that she’s with him. OPENING HER MOUTH IN PUBLIC AND SWISHING HIS LOAD AROUND FOR ALL TO SEE That’s just so sad and DESPERATE. She has now cause this couple to go file divorce. Just like she did, with her boss she works for and has been screwing him to. She’s just an all around SLUT!!!

Cant say too much but this one Shannon the filter queen skank does not care if someone is taken or not, she will insist on keeping herself in constant contact. She will continue to message them and send kisses and pictures of herself. Then pretend to be upset when he is trying to work things out with is girlfriend and there are children involved. She likes to play the damsel in distress role as well. Tries to get him to come and see her, wants to be secret boyfriend / girlfriend she is 50 yrs old and playing childish games. She goes around home depot and shits in the model toilets with her teenager loser son. They wipe there ass with sand paper they are the worst trailer trash in South Carolina. Shannon goes to the feed store in Belton and blow the manager and gets him to stick a pitch fork in her ass. Just flat out third world like trash. She is a white person who acts and lives like a nigger. She stinks.

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