Saskatoon 2

August 12th, 2021

April 24th, 2021

City police are investigating after a store employee sustained serious injuries during an armed robbery Tuesday morning. Police were called to a store in the 200 block of Pendygrasse Road at roughly 2:30 a.m. CST. When they arrived, they found a store employee had suffered “serious fucking injuries,” according to a police news release. Officers were told that at roughly 2:16 a.m. CST, a drugged up chug entered the store, located in Saskatoon’s Fairhaven hood, to make a purchase with real money and then left. The chug then reportedly returned to the store even higher on paint thinner and with his face covered, carrying what police said was a “pipe with a blade taped on the end of it.” The suspect allegedly assaulted the employee behind the till while demanding the Edmonton Eskimos change their name before fleeing on foot. The 20-year-old victim was taken to hospital. The suspect is described by police as being a chug in his late teens or early 20s and was roughly five-foot-seven. Police say he was wearing a black bunny hug that smelt like booze and garbage with red lettering on the back and left sleeve. He was also wearing a Chicago Bulls hat which may mean he is from a near by native reservation and behind the times. You see some kids on the reservation still try to act like American niggers from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Yes the natives in Canada are that far behind.

November 13th, 2020

Police have arrested Brittany Rose-ann Nashacappo, 26, who was wanted in relation to a stabbing in Saskatoon. Two injured people were reported at a government funded home in the 200-block of Borden Place on Jan. 13. Officers found two very very very fucking large women who were suffering from what appeared to be serious stab wounds to their blubber. Their current condition is unknown. They told police an altercation had occurred at a party in a home and they were stabbed by another chug woman high as fuck on household cleaners. The suspect then fled the scene. Police announced March 7 Brittany Rose-ann Nashacappo, 26, was taken into custody. She is off the streets for now but somehow this will be white peoples fault. Some how some way.

Saskatchewan 3

Simpson Saskatchewan

This man shouldered wild beast slums it all around southern Saskatchewan. Shes began her career of being double penetrated in the dark alley ways of Moose Jaw, and since then has stretched her Vagina to all neighboring towns and cities such as Ogema, Regina, Weyburn and probably the rest of the norther hemi sphere. She only had her child, which she doesn’t have custody of, because she had maxed out her abortion card. Its a well known fact that she has had at least seven abortions. She was only allowed to have the last one she had because it was a tubular pregnancy, or else that Doc wasn’t going to do it. But I wouldn’t want to see that sloppy Vagina anymore either. Their was once a picture of her going around where she had TWO dildos in her brown eye and one in her vagina. This thing needs to have a reality check, or move to siberia and be eaten by wolves….if they weren’t also chocked out by the smell of sour milk and rotting tuna pulsating for genital region. ….. Didn’t even edit that. Lol Amara is her name and I think we all want to meet her. Shes the brunette.

Masterbates to New Kids on The Block Music Videos in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sweat Pants and Sweater.

Scott The Strongfield Squaw Chaser. this guy, Scott Trottier, has the smallest dick ever and has pimple and warts on his crotch he gave it to three trans-women. I was sleeping with him and he was licking my balls at the same time he was in a long term relationship I was living upstairs his trans gendered girlfriend and him were living in the basement suite , I would go down to their place when she went to work, once you find out about the tiny dick he will tell you “don’t worry just tell them I am average. Since I am native my dick is suppose to be small anyway”, this piece of shit is a real loser and dosn’t care who he gives the very small wiener dose to, he can be a real lysol drinking cousin fucker but don’t let that fool you he is the lysol . You think when there is a knock on the door the knock is Lysol? Scott Trottier is the Lysol.

 This aspiring world cock sucking gang bang record breaker is Tiffany DD’s. This chick is the biggest cum blasting slut in ALL of North Battleford she will fuck and screw anyone and anything with a heart beat(except niggers) whether he is single or not so hold on to your men ladies! She has 7 kids all with different or unknown guys and she has no clue who her baby daddies. True rumor is they are her step dad Carl the janitor’s soooooo gross! She is trailer park trash and trys to act above her class but she is and always will be a useless waste of low class scum!! She has meth scabs on her slimy pussy. When she goes out to rez during pow wow the chiefs lick her box. It is rumoured her crotch cures or causes small pox.

Megan On the weekends this bitch roams around Wynyard at night with a ski mask and a flash light and films herself sticking her head up cow’s assholes on farms. Megan’s cruel to a lot of people while having no good reason to be. It doesn’t matter if they’re nice, or if they haven’t said anything to her at all. She will always target good people. I think this is a good reason to be called out. Megan, it’s best to reflect on yourself instead of making others uncomfortable by mistreating them, especially if you’ve never spoken to them before. She often times grabs peoples dogs and licks their assholes while she is high on crack.

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Real  nice people making fun of a guy who can’t afford a haircut.

God this guy is a player 10 girls at once man I am sure they are all top notch babes. Due to his studness. I hope he reads this and likes me he is in that biker gang and he may come to my house and beat me up. Mathieu is often spotted with his brother this guy
Also if this Mathieu uses and abuses people and leaves them with nothing. Why does Mathieu appear to have nothing. Did the people have nothing to obtain in the first place? Or did Mathieu spend it on Nigger hookers and lysol?
Name this porno
I bet her grades go up even better when she swallows sucky sucky no dollah. Hey thats RICEist.
I would love to smoke a joint with this chick right now. But she has to smoke it after it touches my lips as she may of touched a nigger. If the child she is neglecting is part black is it even neglect?Is it even a child? Not a human one at least.

Just to the fucking point. I bet this rez stud hopes one of those hot goths will join him for some listorine at da next pow wow

Again below here, have to love the authors title on this one.

She might be a lovely young woman. Apparently she will do sexual favors for a cheeseburger. Thats good news on coupon day. She does apparently have a body odor problem but that can be fixed. Instead of the shower you can hose her down. Make sure to get some of the lard and hay out of those braces while your doing that. She frequents alleyways. The author said to throw pennies at her but pennies are discontinued. If I throw a nickle at her am I really getting the full value of the nickle. And I am not talking pound for pound I am not a millionaire.

Saskatoon Problems

Bugs crawl out of her Vagina and will bite your cock.

London or(whatever she calls herself these days) is an absolute fucking dirty slore. She got knocked up while in high school and has been sleeping with anyone in Saskatoon since. I met her on POF 3 years ago and she smelt like absolute sweat/BO when in I picked her up in my car. We hooked up, ansd a week later I had warts all over my d1ck they hurt like fuck when I scratched them. Also, when I slept with her in her basement she had her boyfriends shoes sitting inside the door, I pulled my dick out of her vagina and bugs started crawling out of her snatch and bit my cock. She just recently got knocked up again a year ago by some lysol drinking chug indian. I am really glad to see that she is continuing to spread her warts, get pregnant, and give birth to kids who have piece of sh1t dads that leave every other year. This girl is a wart-infested sloot that sues men for sex and to get her knocked up so she can live off our taxes. She is native in almost any fucking imaginable way how she lives.

Saskatoon Pride Parade. LOL. They should have it at a native reserve or one of Saskatoon’s many fine safe injection sites.

This dirty hooker is none other than KELLY !!!! Or Riley, or sleezyveasy as she is known. Anyways this goof whose vagina smells like rotten eggs has a huge following of men from 16 -89 she has had them all! And to think some dumb fagot Meth Dealer sucker proposed to her?!?! Yes, a stupid old gay white guy who is part of the KKK, so now she thinks she is something, even though she still has most of her old tricks like her brother on the side, I hear they don’t give her much cash anymore but she don’t mind drugs are just as good for she loves jabbing herself with the needle she shares with homosexuals and passing out in old men’s hotel rooms and that’s where her men friends pay her back for all her burns by running a train on this bitch!! She loves every second of it. She left the rez and never looks back in her new future of porn. Natives aren’t in porn due to their naturally small wieners. Ain’t nobody want to watch that even a chug bitch.

Get a couple of beer in ya that squaw might be fuckable

 This guy is a real winner. David McCallum. But hey ladies not all is lost on him. He has a nice home. The psychiatric centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He likes to write. But he stabbed a fellow prisoner with a pencil in the face. So his days of being an author are a little on hold for the moment. He is in his early 40’s and is still an aspiring rapper. And yes he has fashion sense. He dresses like a 10 year old wigger. Apparently his older sister sexually abused him as a child.
  He threw urine at a teacher in school.
It is just a lose of words that this guy is still single. I wonder why that is. Hurry up black ladies and ride the chief here.

Yeah send your phone number to this guy. Also your address so when he escapes he can come over and visit you with a bucket of piss and a pencil. He will write a dope beat about it. Send him some real fucking clothes. I don’t care how mentally ill someone is that just looks fucking pathetic. But he likes to make money which is a good thing. That shiny nickle he gets a day for washing dishes in the cafeteria will go far for him.

After looking through all the disease infested squaws and white trailer trash in this town this was the only do able one I found. But wear the rubbers she is from Saskapoon after all. ” Everyone basically knows channel and she’s not ashamed of her drug addiction to meth she yells around and tries to act good all the time but when it comes down to it she will charge you for assault. She will come at you and push you around, but you can’t do it back this girl is a rat Nothing but a cop caller and statement writer but yet she’s supposed to be this “solid” meth head b1tch “ I reckon you all take one for the team and give Channel a call when you get into Saskatoon. Your wiener will thank you. Minus the burn when you pee.

Jennifer that is because you are ugly and look like a man.

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