Rodney Loves Fag Cum In A Bowl! He Buys It At The Grocery Store

Rodney Loves Fag Cum In A Bowl. He buys it at Walmart.

Rodney Foster and Desiry Hall seem to be horrible nigger actors (who stink and have AIDS). Aside from the initial sparks of joy and happiness when they see bananas, the two jungle bunnies have always been at a dilema. From not sharing fried chicken to stealing bikes from white childrens elementary schools, they have fought several battles, and not once did anyone believe Rodney wasn’t a flaming fucking gay nigger (with AIDS)..

On ‘Marrying Millions‘ their woes reached a point where they had to rob a liquor store. During their session with the crack addiction, Rodney got thrown tough questions, on why he loved being a male prostitute for crack money. He didn’t seem very invested in revealing the reason why he was wearing a diaper. Most believe it is from a torn rectum from all the dicks he took in there.. And that piqued fans’ interests who have dug up theories that will help them find out who Rodney slept with outside of his relationship with Desiry besides Michael Moore.

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Marrying Millions: Rodney The Nigger Faggot

Season 2 of Marrying Millions has kicked off and among the show’s many new controversial matchups, couple Rodney King and transgendered orangutang Desiry appear to be at the center of a lot of concerns. On the surface, the couple appears to be a like monkeys in the zoo: Rodney is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar butt plug company known as Obama’s Choice, and Desiry steals old white women’s purses from hospitals. But like most relationships on the show, there seem to be deeper and funnier issues at play. Desiry has voiced that it’s concerning to her that after dating for two whole years, Rodney wants to keep their relationship a secret like the colonials original recipe, and audiences were quick to jump to conclusions the fact that even though Desiry looked like a chimp she could pass off as a female negro. That way Jewish television producers would stop trying to rape Rodney.

Rodney and Desiry met two years ago at a watermelon convention in Los Angeles. After they hit it off, the couple decided to continue their relationship long-distance with Desiry remaining in Los Angeles and Rodney in Africa(where he belongs).  Their relationship appears to be built on a strong foundation of bananas with a lot of nigger matters, other than the fact that White tax payers paid all of Desiry’s bills. They are just a couple of silly niggers.

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