Rio De Janeiro

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February 2nd, 2021

RIO DE JANEIRO – (2016) Brazilian police on Friday were investigating the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl whose attackers boasted about it by posting an online video that has horrified the country. Online social networks erupted with outrage over the video posted on Wednesday featuring the girl naked on a bed and the apparent rapists bragging that she had been raped by more than 30 men. They are suspected of assaulting her on May 21 in Rio de Janeiro, a city stricken by violent crime and which will host the Olympic Games in August. The authorities have promised to bring the men to justice. “Those who committed this heinous crime will be found, will be imprisoned and condemned,” Justice Minister Alexandre de Morais told a news conference in Rio Friday night. Police have identified four of the men suspected of taking a “direct or indirect” part in the rape or the posting of the video, Rio police chief Fernando Veloso told reporters. “We cannot say whether there were 30 attackers, 33 or 36. The investigations will determine that,” he said. LINK

April 14th, 2020

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Granjeiro Cock Gobbler Man Elina is a lot of fun if your in Granjeiro, Brazil or any Canadian city she frequents to ride the knobs. If she ain’t home wrecking her muff with dildos she’s doping up. It’s not hard to get this one bent over in the bushes or on her knees with a stiffy in each hand eagerly awaiting loads. Weed, mushrooms or crack/cocaine, will definitely have her worshipping your stick. Worn down is an understatement and all her holes have been filled, you won’t find friction anywhere. Insides are burnt out so feel free to fill up without repercussion. Sexual history before immigrating to Canada really built up the gag reflex’s on this one. Good for a one nighters, long terms not so much. But all in all still worth the few pesos that she costs. You have to put a diaper on this one as she poops in her sleep/or pass out. Her asshole is literally so loose I built a model train city inside of it complete with a diner and post office.

No wonder there are so many murders in Brazil country looks boring. The media spends a lot of time trying to brain wash them into thinking they are good at soccer. The whole world knows they suck and are a joke, but Brazilians really believe they are good. Fucking idiots.

This lovely lady here is Diareah Santos. She lives here right in that bank pictured above. This is what a Canadian woman said about the joy of having her in her home. I welcomed this “nanny” into my home . She was asked to leave 4 days later after bitting my 5 year old child and calling him a spoiled brat . He went to school and told his teacher about the horrible nanny he had , at that time we called CAS . She had told me her mother helps girls in Brazil ,that are in bad situations. After doing some digging we found out that the money that I thought was going to a charity to help women was just getting pocketed by this girl . Please parents looking to hire her or other nanny’s please check and call all references . I did not . I wish I did . Charges for sex trafficking , drinking and driving . Parents please check all references . We need to get scum like this taking advantage of our system, she needs to get out of Canada and go back to Brazil . I also caught her having hard rough bareback sex with my husband in the garage. Him and all is friends were using her as a cum dumpster. Her name in town is called the cum rag. She once filmed a porno movie called “No Cum Dodging Allowed”.


  Yeah I know I have alot on Brazil already on here with other cities and criminals from Brazil. But this place is rammed full of crime and has the highest murder rate in the world. Brazils shitty economy revolves around prostitution, cocaine, and kidnappings.
   Most residents here all so shit bred mutted.

Sao Paulo above is the largest city in this un corrupt nation. This just happened today in Brazil. Lovely to see that they have such control over their prisons. This was by no way an inside job of any kind what so ever.

Cruising around the lovely paradise of Registro, Brazil in Geo Guessr.








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