Reading Rainbow

The only book this nigger picks up is the Sears Catalog to jerk off to underwear ads. As if a nigger can read. Whats next they can talk?

Reading Rainbow is a half-hour children’s series designed to promote reading comprehension in elementary school age children. Host LeVar Burton is a nigger so he can’t fucking read at all like Ray Charles. LeVar (Or Stupid Fucking Nigger) introduces each episode’s African Ebola theme and the title book to be profiled in a white people are holding niggers back story using the chains and whips from it and narrated by a celebrity such as Bill Cosby, Bruce Jenner, Jeffrey Dahmer, Barack Obama, and OJ Simpson for example. The second segment consisted of LeVar raping white women, where he holds a rusty butcher knife to a womans throat while raping her and still focusing on the episode’s theme. The third and final segment, “Call Jesse”, begins with LeVar claiming to Jesse Jackson that the racist white cops are blaming him for crimes due to his shit colored skin, “But we were once kings,” and consists of white children giving all the stuff their parents (who both work and are not in jail) to little niglet children, who only have a mother but more often grandmother, and is viewed as a welfare check for crack and nigger various things. LeVar is best known for saying, “That crack was Jamal’s I was just passing by on my way to church” at the end of each episode.

Levar is a jew puppet in his scheme of the Show Nigger Rainbow. His ultimate goal is to get young white girls to like reading and respect him. His second step is to get them hooked on drugs like heroin or meth. Then Levar will prostitute them out to old niggers for McDonald’s coupons and other items which will allow him to purchase cars, bling, fried chicken, and crack/cocaine.

Levar like all niggers has no morals and can not contain his sexual arousal around white women. His lack of morals and disrespect towards white people and children will have him having sex on top of the Charlotte’s Web Collectors Edition Hard Cover book. Plus he videotapes it to watch with other niggers at the local Barber Shop while they listen to Tupac and Grand Master Flash cassettes.

Levar hides out in libraries and whacks off and drops loads into books and then puts them back on the shelf. Really what else would that nigger be doing there? There is no broom in its paws. It can’t fucking read its a nigger. There is no viable reason for its nigger ass to be near books at all.

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