Rhode Island 4

January 14th, 2022

January 4th, 2022

This is Tiffany she is the biggest slore I have ever come across in my entire life. She sleeps with married men all over Providence and when a man doesn’t want to be with her she lies and says shes pregnant to keep them around. Run from this one because not only does she try to trap men with fake babies, she has allegations surrounding her sexually abusing her own daughter, peep her Facebook…. she’s constantly posting about losing custody of her child but the bitch is too afraid to say why!!! She is a walking DRD.. she thinks shes the finest piece of a55 around but to me she looks like a man. Pu55y don’t have a face, she’s an easy, meth head, low life bitch that’s all she is. Men beware….. and women keep your men and children away from this nasty bitch. ?? Her last husband was 92 she is 27. He just died and left everything to her. She is pure evil old ball scrapper.

Rhode Island 2

This dirty slore, also known as pixi Darkstar, or her real name Kendra is a dirty thief, will steal anything she can get her hands on, especially if it can help supply her drug habit, she has put so much sh1t up her nose that she needs surgery to reconstruct the inside of her face, she will use and lie to whoever she thinks she can get something from, especially drugs, funniest part is that she is a dealer and a rat, she is a real piece of work, Got arrested in a walmart parking lot by an undercover. Rumor has it she sucked the officers dick as the cop told her he would let her off. One he blew his load down her throat he arrested her and called her a liar! LOL Ha ha ha ha dumb skank.

February 26th, 2021

January 17th, 2021

January 9th, 2021

Warning to any single man out there in New England. This chick Rachel has not one but two small children out of wedlock(unknown dads, but at least the kids are white) that she can’t afford. She filed Chapter 7 a few years ago and doesn’t have a pot to piss in! She goes for the older fatherly type figures and wants all your money. She buys stupid things like fake eyelashes and clothes that are too tight for her rack then cries because she can’t feed her boys. She regularly shows her breasts in public and to money and free drinks. She comes off initiallly as a sweet country girl, but don’t make the same mistake as I did and spend a few Benjis before you realize she is nothing but a floozy. She is a prison guard and wanna be cop, but I can guarantee she will never pass a physical agility test for any police force. In addition, I suspect she hooks up with the prisoners in her workplace as well. I am not a vindictive man. I met her secondhand through her mom who seemed like a trustworthy and decent women superficially. The mom is a goldigger as well but not too much of threat to the pocketbook as she is very ill and unkept with a slew of medical problems from all the unprotected sex with strangers. Last I heard she is basically home bound and not out on the town trying to rope in men’s wallets.

December 12th, 2020

WARWICK, R.I. (METHHEAD) — Police are looking to identify two buffalo type looking methed out women accused of robbing a Walmart in Warwick on Jan. 23. Warwick police said two fugos, nick named by cops the “Whale Sisters” were seen at the Walmart on Bald Hill Road at the Midland Commons stealing clothes, toys, and electronics and from other reports smoking crack and meth in change rooms while their half breed niglet kids ran around like like slobs. According to authorities, the two HIV nigger fuckers/rape victims walked into the store with large asses and empty purses and two young half nigger children. Police observed the women stealing items and leaving the store with two purses that were filled. The suspects and children did not stop for Walmart Associates when leaving the store, police added. It is filth like this the Jews want to pollute the country with. If you see them stay clear and call animal control so they can load them on a boat to Africa to be around the stinky shitskins where they belong.

Rhode Island

November 14th, 2020

Two Rhode Island strippers were detained for allegedly stealing a Boston police officers handgun while they were ‘hanging out’ with him in a Hampton Inn hotel room fucking and smoking crack and shooting up Heroin.  Melissa, 22, and 25-year-old Neish were arrested on Saturday by Pawtucket police. They also managed to retrieve the officer’s weapon, the Providence Journal reports.  The Boston cop called authorities from his hotel room at approximately 3am. Both of the women had left him alone before he noticed that his .40-caliber Glock 22 was missing. 

Oct 25th, 2020

I so want to eat here and then when I am finished pull my pants down and play helicopter with my wiener in front of all the old people eating. Probably never happen but one can dream.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (KKK) — Police have arrested seven jigaboo gang members from the “Bill Cosby Fresh Fever Crew Boyz” in connection with two shootings that recently occurred in the capital city. According to the Rhode Island State Police, investigators believe the incidents stem from conflict which involves illicit watermelon trading.. The investigation began following a shooting outside of Popeye’s Chicken on May 20. Police said two Brillo Heads were capped and suffered non-life-threatening injuries on the sidewalk outside da club, located next to that chink mother fucker that sells waffles. The second shooting occurred on June 16 near the welfare office, where police said Theo Huxtable, was shot in the back. LINK

September 21st, 2020

April 2nd, 2020

Jamie uses discarded chip bags and candy bar wrappers as tampons and maxi pads. Also litters the park with syringes and feminine products for the public to see. Gross Jamie Gross.

Jamie, This girl is a complete mess, alcoholic, compulsive liar, stalker, pill popper, deceitful, psycho, and just plain dirty. She has ruined many relationships because she is pathetic, has no self esteem or self worth. Well because not only is her hair a big grease ball all the time due to the fact she never cleans the cum out of it, she has bought stock in summers eve wipes. That’s how she shower’s daily. Dirty dirty dirty! She is always at the homeless shelter or tent city with kleenex and toilet paper. She cleanses herself with her spit and dudes loads and piss and liquid shit. Watch out cause she scams every guy she meets to give her money. Because she can’t keep up with paying for her alcohol, pills, and summers eve. Karma’s a bitch and eventually she will get hers. She doesn’t even have the respect to throw her used tampons and maxi pads (which are often just discarded chip bags) in the garbage. She throws them around in the park along with her drug needles sick pig Jamie.

Krystal the hooker junkie had sex with my husband for phones, and a car all while she was Prego with her youngest. She sleeps with  everyone’s man. She’s an alcoholic low life who gave up her kids for the D and liquor… beware ladies she will never have a successful relationship, so she is hell bent on ruining everyone else’s… she has numerous kids and the paternity is questioned and unknown on most of them. It’s sad that her kids have to witness their drunk mother do all this… when she does get visits they are of her kids watching her get drunk and suck and f every and any guy she can. She’s downright nasty and she should worry about trying to be a woman instead of a drunk thot!!!! She always says “why does everyone call me fake and a homewrecker” …..hmmmmm if the shoe fits, lace it. We are all just calling it how we see it.

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