Write A Prisoner

A bunch of shit from the old site. Screen shots and links. If you are single get on these people. They are just misunderstood. Especially the blacks in jail. Everyone knows all black people in jail are just there because of the racist white man and not for crime.




Cheat At Chess I Will Fucking Kill You. Get My Ass A Chicken Bone.

Chris was a good guy. One day(November 15th,2001) while he was locked up in the Mansfield Correctional joint(serving time for burglary of his fathers home). He got mad at his cell mate Jason Brewster. He decided to kill him sadly. He hit Jason in the face, tied a rope around his neck, then rammed a gag down his throat. Depends on your views on Chess on if it was a justified murder or not. Jason cheated or beat Chris in a game. Thats serious shit in the pen. Apparently Chris drank Jason’s blood after he killed him. He was also laughing at the paramedics that were trying to save Brewster’s life.

Newton said that after he beat Brewster that if he wasn’t dead he hoped that he would at least be a vegetable.

Chris’s Final meal consisted of Steak, asparagus, brussels sprouts, feta cheese, soda, watermelon. With his final words he muttered “I sure could use a beef stew and a chicken bone”. When his fat as was on the death bed apparently he weighed 265 pounds and it was hard to locate a vein in the fat folds. It took 10 tries to kill him.

RIP Christopher Newton 11:55 AM, May 24th, 2007 Kathy Grant holds a picture of her cousin outside the prison gates. http://www.murderpedia.org/male.N/n1/newton-christopher.htm


  Yeah I know I have alot on Brazil already on here with other cities and criminals from Brazil. But this place is rammed full of crime and has the highest murder rate in the world. Brazils shitty economy revolves around prostitution, cocaine, and kidnappings.
   Most residents here all so shit bred mutted.

Sao Paulo above is the largest city in this un corrupt nation.

https://www.apnews.com/e7ae37c2223b4a2a8e81c93a58e0ca2e This just happened today in Brazil. Lovely to see that they have such control over their prisons. This was by no way an inside job of any kind what so ever.

Cruising around the lovely paradise of Registro, Brazil in Geo Guessr.








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