Portugal 4

This hoe bag of tricks Marissa will fuk your boyfriend, but thats partly my boyfriends fault, but she will also follow you and your friends around while she does so. Take an uber with you, take your drugs with you, smoke your weed with you, and is simply fuking your boyfriend, I call this human THE LEECH. Its pretty sad and pathetic, and desperate to follow a female with her own people and smoke her weed, all while fuking her dude. Get a life. One that’s your own please.

This pathological liar, reprobate dope slore of a b1tch Natalie isnt just a no account mother. She is a professional bum and mooch. She is 25 years of age but far from adulthood. She is an absolute TOTAL FUK UP. Everything she touches turns to useless shit. She mooches of everyone in Porto and Barros. They call her pickle tits as she stinks sour and is sticky all the time. Pickle tits often has jizz on her or other sexual lubes and the stench of stale cum that radiates off of pickle tit natalie is enough to make even the strongest of stomachs hurl large amount of ass barf.

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