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This is Danika who lives in Koden, Poland. Her and my soon to be ex husband slept together. I found out and confronted her. She told me that my soon to be ex told her that I had a hysterectomy, that it hurt me to have sex, that him and I still live in the same house but I’m OKAY with him sleeping with women because I understand he has needs. What womens sleeps with a still married man who has kids at home and on top of that is telling him to leave me…b1tch he isnt just leaving me he is leaving his kids also. My soon to be ex husband will be 43 in july…she just turned 21 in December 2019. His daughter (my step daughter) is almost 12 and guess that her father was cheating and has asked her mother if she can live with her because she cant stand HER OWN FATHER.

September 1st, 2020

Sonja is a disgusting excuse for a human being. She has been sleeping with a married man for months while his pregnant wife and kids are at home. According to him, the married man, she was cheating on her boyfriend with him. And even had him in the house where she stayed with her boyfriend. This man has abandoned his family for Sonja So if you’re in Gdnask or any part of the world, watch your man and watch your back. Because she has no morals or standards if she’s willing to sleep with a married man. She knew he was married from day one and she didn’t care she slept with him anyway. She’s even going as far as threatened this man’s wife. And told lies to family and friends about her. She is just plain disgusting and pathetic. They use to run a web site where they would fuck and air for the world to see for $0.49 american a minute. She spent all the money on meth and booze.

Shelly found my married family member on Facebook and reconnected with him last July 2016. She’s been divorced once (has a 3 year old daughter from this marriage) and is with a long term boyfriend of 4 years (living in a house they bought together) and they operate a meth lab and a brothel out of the fucking thing. She plays the “poor me” card and “how my man doesn’t do anything like you do”. They both fell into an illicit affair that lasted until being found out in September 2017. She bases her love life on deceit and lies and is in every sense of the word a HOME WRECKER!! She use to go into the local super market and take the wieners out of the packages and ram them in her pussy

Bitch Learning English

This shit bag Lena had an affair with my husband while i was pregnant with our first child. She is an er nurse and he is a security guard. This cum bucket would constantly message my husband and they fell in love and started having sex. She is married and is now pregnant… wonder who the father is. We all know its my ex but they are looking hard for an American to frame for the kid. So my ex got her hooked on heroin and has been pimping her out to American tourists. That way they can both get green cards and move to US and A Greatest Country In the World. To live under glorious world leader Donald Trump. It is unkown what they will do with the guy that they frame. She is a sik bitch so probably eat him or keep him as a sex slave. My ex likes to swing both ways a lot too. His name is Marciuz Sawrcou hehas a record for peeping in old ladies homes. So he may use the name Steven Louis Jones to travel.

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Poland 2

Poland 2

This is Mila when this Polish bitch isn’t drinking her face off and snorting mad rails of meth in Wroclaw night clubs. She can be found strolling casinos and golf courses looking for rich German and French dudes to blow to support her drug habit. Some guys nuts she drains are older than her grandfathers. She sucked off two 90 year old dudes in wheel chairs once for a gram!! It is unsure if Mila is part Jew Kike or not as she does many jew like things and has a little bit of the soulless evil witch look in her. But she does share, even though it is needles and a little old man jizz she misses. But its still sharing. If you go to Poland and are 65 or older look Mila up. She is cheap! Avoid anal though as she never wipes her asshole. The poo is smeared and crusted in the ass hairs with chunks of lettuce and corn in it. Really gross. But makes a good snack after you blow your load!


Gosia is about as smart as the old crust sock I have jerked off in for a year and have under my bed that my dog uses as a chew toy. Ladies does your husband like fucking flat chested goofy looking sluts from Poland, that can’t resist any man in a relationship if we’re going by her track record. She has no care if the man is married with children all she cares about is becoming their little kitten and finding a way into North America. Her nickname is BALLSDEEP91 and she uses large pineapples to shove in her pussy, Lines of coke get snorted of her dads horse like cock when she is high on meth with great photos that make it onto Facebook. where she will play the poor damsel in distress who braids nut sack hair to floss her teeth with to get the shit nuggets out. So ladies I would definitely recommend making your assholes wet when she comes around with a jack hammer to penetrate you for video in Warsaw. Checking your husband’s anal cavity for bum fungus growth which is cancer causing.

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