Port Moresby

December 28th, 2021

September 22nd, 2020

While cleansing their inner souls with household cleaning products locals
discuss how to stop the evil whiteman from stealing
their brain power to make their invention thingies white people have.
The ideas were all stolen from these Papaus heads by white people while they slept.

The most common pass time in Papuan culture in to sit around on your fat ass all fucking day and night (usually while drunk and or high on drugs). They love to discuss their problems and tend to blame them all on white people. Although there are no white people to be seen anywhere near them. They magically think that the white man is some how magically taking their powers and skills and using them for himself. They are victims of theft. White people all around the world wake up super early to steal their powers through thier minds when the Papua locals sleep. With this racism so direct by the white people local and ethinic Papuas will never live. Stop the white mans racist stealing through their minds. The white men are doing this as young as months old from far away places like Europe too. They are racist!

July 23rd, 2019

Great Historic Photos and Advertising

October 21st, 2020

September 18th, 2020

October 26th, 2019

Holding up a sign is usually an effective way to get someone’s attention. But when that someone is a nigger and can’t fucking read it is sort of pointless.

sega the more you play with it the harder it gets

They should place these historic pictures all around town to remind niggers of how lucky they are today. It would make them feel good about themselves. Not seeing “Whites Only” Everywhere. Plus the photos of the white man just holding the whip and not hitting his black ass may make him think the white man somewhat likes it.

The word NO should of been introduced right then and fucking there. Fuck your rights give them a boat and let them figure out how to paddle back to Africa.
Come on we all know Uncle Ben there can’t fucking read.
Well no shit everybody does. There is a reason everyone flocks in droves to white communities. Whites are naturally better. The niggers come destroy when the whites leave then they suck up the next location and drain it. Much like vermin, pests, and bugs. You just can’t get rid of them their existence is very useless among whites. What good do they provide?

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Funny Pictures 11

This is how bad niggers whine it is just fishing for a reason to yell racist and have people feel sorry for them.  Before you read what people wrote that picture on the top with the phone is not racist. Sure he looks like an ugly groid who probably stole that cell phone and took the picture in the bathroom of the house he is robbing. But the top pic is not racist. Read the comments until you see the authors post and the picture on the bottom.

Fuck is Trump racist right away after becoming president he throws a black family out of their house. That was governmanet housing too.

Funny Pictures 10

This is what Kim Jung of North Korea needs to do instead of labor camps for punishment. Have you live around smelly niglets for a few months. I would prefer the hard labor camp for many years. I am willing to bet that Chung Lee there bought those junior apes those shirts with his Beijing Gardens profits. I hope he didn’t bring them anyfood. Niglets deserve to eat cow shit. As a matter of fact some of the rice at his restaurant may have more body fat on in than most Ethiopians. Weighs more too unless they are soaked in flies. Go help the kids in your own country. These kids can get help from their dads……………….Oh yeah dad be a pirate. Black Black Beard. He will lose to Peter AIDS.
No wonder liberals are so angry. The people that support them are ugly fucking pigs. Conservatives = Hot and attractive. Liberals =Ugly and chilling. The liberal women are threatened by Conservatives Beauty and brains.
It is what liberals want in white countries.
I also know it is fake because the negro there isn’t stealing something.
Areas with Niggers and towel heads are un safe areas. Why would the magazine be called racist. I am willing to bet the white woman that condemned that would not dare walk alone in those areas.
And this is how school shootings happen. I wonder why he was picked on and has no friends?
Yes white people are racist they farmed and invented food to feed your fat nigger ass. Your weight is due to the white people. You are ugly because of the white people, you smell like dog crap because of white people. Your welfare cheque is so low because of white people. You can’t remember all your kids names because of white people. You have AIDS because of white people. Fucking fat nigger. Also how could any sane rational person at attendance there not MOOO at that fat creature?

Funny Pictures 9

I highly doubt these fine young gentleman are rock collectors. They are probably waiting for your frail grandmother coming in a wheel chair. Then rob her for 5 bucks rape her and maybe kill her. It could be your fault if you are a democratic voter. People who vote this scum in should be charged as an accessory to whatever crime they commit.

Funny Pictures 8

If you are dumb enough to date a negro you would probably be stupid enough to dip your head and face in the acid regaurdless.
I seen the nigger on the left. But the question was how many GIRLS do you see
The finalists for the best looking negro female goes to………
I still have to ask myself why this obvious male gorilla is allowed to play female tennis. Nothin is a bonner killer worse than seeing a beautiful European woman then a flash of the boon. Channel changing time right there. If I wanted to watch animals act like they do in the wild I would watch the National Geographic channel.

Funny Pictures 7

Once a woman fucks a nigger her dream of ever having a family is gone. The nigger will not stay and no white man will ever touch her. Especially with a basterdized shitlet. Odds are that little niglet will grow up to kill and rape his mom. Or grandma.
Yeah we sure do need this diversity in our society. Where would we be with out it.
I do not know if that car is stolen. I am assuming it is just as I assume the negros do not know how to fix it. But if for some reason they could afford a car why not a belt? Even steal one.
I am almost 100% certain that a negro has ever existed that has been faithful to their partner. I would place my life on the fact that one doesn’t exist. That is why I laugh so hard when women get pet niggers and are shocked that they were cheated on.
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