Tonga is a Polynesian country, and also an archipelago comprising 169 islands, of which 36 are inhabited by not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Outpouring of grief after alleged murder of leading Tongan LGBTQI activist- Police have charged a man for the killing of Polikalepo Kefu, a lifelong advocate for the queer community across the Pacific. Police in Tonga are investigating the death of one of the country’s leading LGBTQI+ activists after his body was found on a beach near his home in Tongatapu, Tonga’s main island. A 27-year-old man has been charged with the murder of Polikalepo Kefu, 41. Kefu, who was affectionately known as “Poli”, was the president of Tonga Leitis Association, an organisation dedicated to the country’s LGBTQ+ communities, providing support services, advocacy, and education on HIV-Aids. “Police have charged a 27-year-old man from Fungamisi Vavaú, residing at Halaleva, with murder in relation to the death of 41-year-old Polikalepo Kefu of Lapaha on Saturday 1st of May 2021,” said Tongan police in a statement. “The 27-year-old accused surrendered himself to police last Saturday night and is remanded in custody to appear at the magistrate court today … This is a tragic event, and our thoughts are with Mr Kefu’s family, friends and wider community.” Tonga Police declined to comment on whether they suspected Kefu’s death was a hate crime. <SNIP> LINK

November 7th, 2020

September 17th, 2020

January 17th, 2020


August 5th, 2019

The Pacific island of Kiribati isn’t particularly dangerous, it is actually inhabited by fucking pussies who are fat and have no balls. It’s just really fucking difficult to reach. Any airport travel requires a long, costly flight between the stupid fucking islands. There are few amenities to which travelers from normal places like white people countries are accustomed to.

However, local families are willing to accommodate guests to somehow rip them off. A tourist who requires a passport — anyone living outside of the European Union — should schedule an additional trip to Afghanistan to fuck a camel because its about as much fun doing that as it is in Kiribati. The only Kiribati embassy in Europe is in Bono’s bathroom. But hey, we hear U2 rectal holes are nice smelling of nigger this time of year, if you’re feeling particularly ready to — eventually — make your way to Kiribati fuck a whale in the Ocean or one on land. The women are large here.

Northern Mariana Islands

This girl Sonya is always having problems with people . She is crazy…No wonder why her bf is always cheating on her. If she doesn’t like that you stand up to her when she is wrong. She will make your life hell. She will go around public making you look like a terrible person..This girl is very two faced she will try and get everyone to hate you once you find out the real amy. She goes around doing this to take the attention off of her…This girl has very few friends anymore…Everyone is finding out who amy really is….She is very narcassitic….putting all the blame on everyone else but herself! Time to grow up and take reposibility for your craziness. We have all had enough. We all know what you really are like. 

February 27th, 2020

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November 7th, 2020

September 14th, 2020

In July 2020 this women Annette took home my drunk crackhead of an uber driver husband and slept with him for 2 days raw bareback shooting heroin in a shitty hooker fucking motel. This was like the second she got in his fucking car. She managed to turn him against me and his 2 children within a week. He left me for her after just a week of knowing her. I asked her women to slut to fucking bring it on get drunk and go chuck some knuckles on the beach. Sure we had problems she was there at a low point and has a nicer set of tits than I do, so he strayed. She didn’t reply to wanting to fight so I went and throw a moltiv cocktail through her apartment window one night. I spray painted dicks on her car also. She cried and this silicon sister still wouldn’t come and take a bite out of me . There relationship lasted a whole 3 weeks (he came back but he got the hint when my new juice monkey boyfriend hit him in the nuts with a meat tenderizer) in total because she went crazy on him.

Hawaii 3

Nicole 40 something from Kona is out to get your men. She’s been with multiple multiple men and she wants to add more to her book. She acts like your friend to your face but that is only so she can get to your man. She tells them what they want to hear, shows them what they want to see, just to try and break up their marriages or relationships. Nicole doesn’t understand when a guy says leave me alone. “Alone” to Nicole means try harder. She is the skank that will do and say anything to get the man and before you know it your best friend is crying at your house because her man fell for the bait. Trust us, this happened with our best friend. Nicole is still actively trying to break up his home even though he wants nothing to do with her.. So Hawaii people if you are female and friends with Nicole, watch your significant others. She doesn’t take NO lightly. It only makes her more greedy & hungry. This chick is down right dirty & nasty! Grow up! No wonder you will never be married.

December 18th, 2020

December 5th, 2020

November 23rd, 2020

23-year-old Angelica is wanted for a $20K cash only bench warrant for failure to comply with the terms and conditions of probation. Angelica is described as 5’2″, weighs 120 pounds, with blonde hair and nice tits. On June 10, 2020 at about 11:23 a.m., a loss prevention officer for the Navy Exchange Store on Bougainville Drive observed a female to select various items and place them into a shopping cart. The female then took the cart into the handicap fitting room. The female then exited the fitting room leaving behind the empty shopping cart then exited the store without making payment for the items that were stuffed up her snatch. The loss prevention officer then stopped the woman outside of the store and escorted her to the security office. Police were notified and placed the female, later identified as Angelica, under arrest for second degree theft. She blew the loss prevention office and was told to come back the next day to repeat the process.

November 17th, 2020

WAILUKU — A woman was arrested after she reversed a stolen pickup truck into a police car in a Lahaina parking lot, then ran a stop sign and drove into oncoming traffic while fleeing from officers, witnesses said. She was also in a massive exchange of gun fire with the cops all while high on meth she was with one of Dog The Bounty Hunter’s sons the retarded looking inbred one Leland. Judaea , 24, was charged with unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, theft of a credit card, fraudulent use of a credit card, two counts of fourth-degree theft, fourth-degree criminal property damage, second-degree criminal property damage and first-degree resisting an order to stop a motor vehicle. After police detained her she tried to steal one of the officers guns. Then a big butch cop the size of Rosie Fucking Odonnel steel toe booted Judaea in the head. Judaea vow revenge will be swift and hilarious.

October 21st, 2020

Crystal meth. Meth. Ice. Speed. Crank. Chalk. Glass. Wash. Pookie. These are all slang names for methamphetamine, a drug which grows on trees in Hawaii and grows in global public use every year. Across most parts of the United States as well, use of meth has increased. From urban city metropolis to rural, small-town America, interest in meth surged through the first half of the 21st-century. While meth is not as widespread as substances like prescription opioids or marijuana, the drug went from being almost entirely unknown to being a serious contender on the drug scene in just a few years. And while meth is a concern in most places, meth abuse is a full-on epidemic on the Hawaii Islands. That is why the government sent the Dog he’s the Dog the big bad Dog, The nigger Hunter, HA HA HA. Although dog is use to roughing up niggers Hawaii brought him in to deal with the meth crisis. Usually meth is for white kids that are wiggers and Obama voters. But in Hawaii the people aren’t white but not as violent as niggers. They all sort of resemble that fat guy from that Jew Sandler’s movie 50 first dates. SO imagine these island fucks addicted to chemicals. That again is why they called the Dog.

September 25th, 2020

This POS Tina had the nerve to try and become my friend all the while she and my husband were sneakn around our apartment building f**kn in empty apartments like rabbits. Husband had yellow fever. The 2 of them enjoyed pushing me to my breaking point. November of 2019 I tried to not go after her when she was sitting at the bar. I had a knife. She ran from me. That weekend she tried to play family with my kids in my apartment… then had the nerve to tell my kids to lie to me about what went on. When I finally found out about what was really going on she had the nerve to act like she was the one who was wronged. What kind of person tells someone they care about you and your kids all the while willing to be the reason that you’re in pain and think it’s funny. You watched my kids hurt because of what I was going thru and neither one of you cared. You are a true definition of a piece of sh*t human being. You are the lowest of the low and your mother should be ashamed of how she raised you. I know karma will deal with you when you’re at your happiest. It will leave you devestated. The hurt and sadness you feel will be unbearable. That will be the beginning of your end. Ask my kids what’s a WH**E and quickly they reply with your name…


Fucking Fat Tub of lard residents in Nauru is a major health concern for the Republic of Abos (or what ever the fuck they are). In 2007 reported that according to the World Hefty organization’s (WHO) latest estimate, Nauru has the highest percentage of fat and fucking lard ass inhabitants among all countries. The estimation identified 95% of its residents as fat fucks which the highest in the world and the only thing in the world this country can even boast about being on a list of. Being a tub of shit. The definition of “overweight” and “obesity” are based on the shade the moon makes Micheal Moores’s numerous chins. People with BMI (Bumfungus Memory Insufficency) more than or equal to 25 are classified as overweight, and people with BMI more than or equal to 30 are classified as obese. The average body weight among Nauruans is estimated to be approximately 100 kilograms (220 lb).

Ninety percent of the land area of Nauru is covered with empty pork rind bags and twinkies which have now been licked dry by residents and rats. This is why Nauru has very little arable land and relies on importing processed food, which is high in both sugar and fat, from large Oceanian countries like Australia and New Zealand. Not so much that they have to it is just they are all too fat and lazy in Nauru to do shit and want free hand outs from the white man. Most, if not all, of the diet on Nauru is handed to them much like the Niggers in the United States of America. It is fucking beyond me that no Jew has opened up a McDonald’s there. The only people cruel and evil enough to do that. Be a big money maker.

Apart from eating utter gutter trash all day, being ultra fucking lazy like a nigger, and relying on the fucking white man who did nothing to them at all but will get blamed. They are a country of fat fucks. Rumor has it a male Nauran usually never sees his penis after the age of 14 due to the gut. Most are grandparents by then anyway. According to the University of Queensland professor and South Pacific researcher Clive Moore, obesity is seen as a sign of wealth in Nauru something many believe can get them off the island.

As a consequence of high obesity rates, Nauru has the highest rate of adult diabetes in the world.

January 17th, 2020

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