Orlando 3

Courtenay Beware of this girl she needs help she steals she does drugs she had abortions she drinks a lot she strips in Orlando after she left her mommy’s house in Kissimee she still comes down to visit them she thinks her family doesn’t know but they do lol Has 2 low life sisters as well who gets knocked up a lot dont date her shes a spoiled little brat and so is her mom and her sisters. She went to Orlando because she said she couldn’t show her face around here well no sh1t grow up and stop leaving jobs and yelling at yr daddy. Courtney has sucked and fucked her way around most of the city. She is such a floozy. Her dad is a garbage guy in Orlando. Drives the truck. One day he was picking up dumpsters and seen his daughter bend over in a back alley on her rollerskates getting fucked by some homeless dude. Pa pa be proud.

May 23rd, 2022

This here 19 year old tart Kimmy will fuk any man and any women’s man and leaves her kids alone at home to go and Fuk and suk d1ck and she is a dirty b1tch how is always looking for new d1cks to suk if your looking for an easy fuk she is your girl and make sure you have a condom because she never uses one ever and be careful she has had more then one DRD. She use to work at New York Fries in the mall in Southern Orlando and got fired when the 2 fat Iranian brothers that owned the fucking place found out they were both fucking her. The family does not like to share Kimmys white stank box like they share their goats. Fuck you Kimmy!


August 18th, 2020 9:16 a.m.

Jasmine is a Registered Nurse in Orlando, FL. She’s known for sleeping with married men & guys with girlfriends. She seems lonely & desperate! This slore was once married for a couple of years, until her ex-husband found out about her being a sloot & divorced her. She’s got no morals, she gives no fucks if she’s tearing a family apart. Infact she gets a little wet down below when she thinks of another woman crying about the cock that is now Jasmine’s. This trifling sloot lies a lot, (especially to obtain drugs when she runs out of shit stolen from the hospital) despite claiming to be a Christian & an evangelist. She’s been caught sending nude videos of herself using a metallic barbwired vibrator and other explicit photos, while fucking and sucking everything on the block. Her track record shows that she favors married men. If your looking for an easy cheat, she’s your person. Give her a call she’ll probably suck your d1ck! Oh did I say might? I meant with out a doubt she will. She is that big of a whore.

July 16th, 2020

This bitch Lexy worked with my boyfriend and would throw herself at him daily. She would show up to all of his shows, and once the neighborhood pool, while I was at work in extremely slutty outfits, try to get him wasted so he would sleep with her ( Beware ladies, this one has no class. I left for the weekend and I came back home and my boyfriend was in the backyard pool area with 6 of his friends and they were all getting blow jobs from her AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME. Guys were high fiving and holding cameras. My house is not a porn studio for whores. The house was given to me from my mother when she died. My fucking asshole boyfriend taped Lexy sucking all their dicks over my College Grad video. I hate Lexy.

This Home Wrecker bitch is Jennifer she works the night shift at Walmart. Where she literally does nothing but smoke crack and steal cosmetics. And this bitch right here knew my husband was married and still screwed him… on top of that when I tried to confront her she blocked me like a punk a$$ b*tch… She is literally addicted to abortions she gets at least one a week. She never wears condoms either she can’t afford them, figure out what they are, or they fall of the faggots that she fucks. She lives in a Trailer with her drunk step dad out in the industrial park and he molests her still at 27. She sucks his cock when she needs to borrow the car or wants change so she doesn’t have to dig through public ash trays for cigarette butts.

This is Kevin. This cool cat works at Disney World. He is a chronic masterbator and while he is working pulls his dick out and jerks off on the character statues and on the seats in rides. And he fucking laughs and boasts about it to all his friends at the bar. He has a small penis very small actually. And when he blows his load its like a limp rice grain. That is why Kevin grabs tweezers to maneuver his member to properly expel jizz freely throughout the amusement park. This guy has a fat tub of lard black as the stain in his underwear girlfriend that he cheats on constantly. People have tried to warn her but she takes his doritos. He has lots of friends that are registered sex offenders”. Those are all his internet friends. Grossest thing I seen him do when I worked with him was on a statue of Goofy he got a drill and drilled a hole in the part where the asshole would be. And he fucked it while giving a tour to blind children and Kevin was smiling with every thrust and Disney world he said. You are sick Kevin.

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Florida 1


Jacksonville, Florida is the sex change and trannie capital of the world. These chicks use to be dudes. But its mainly niggers gawking them and as long as its white the nigger doesn’t care what the sex is.

Have A Nigger Easter Mother Fucker

If a pink bunny or anything in dressed up attacks you, odds are there is a fucking nigger under the costume (probably stolen).

This Jigaboo here is Antoine. He claims he was the man in the bunny suit that came to help a woman getting robbed. He beez all over da intanet.

But like all negro bucks Antoine had arrest warrants. He was wanted out of New Jersey for stealing cars. He has also robbed people at gun point and has been wanted in several states.

This boot lipped bunny also once spit on a 7-11 employee. He also has been known to harass people on social media.


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