Port Moresby

July 10th, 2021

December 28th, 2021

September 22nd, 2020

While cleansing their inner souls with household cleaning products locals
discuss how to stop the evil whiteman from stealing
their brain power to make their invention thingies white people have.
The ideas were all stolen from these Papaus heads by white people while they slept.

The most common pass time in Papuan culture in to sit around on your fat ass all fucking day and night (usually while drunk and or high on drugs). They love to discuss their problems and tend to blame them all on white people. Although there are no white people to be seen anywhere near them. They magically think that the white man is some how magically taking their powers and skills and using them for himself. They are victims of theft. White people all around the world wake up super early to steal their powers through thier minds when the Papua locals sleep. With this racism so direct by the white people local and ethinic Papuas will never live. Stop the white mans racist stealing through their minds. The white men are doing this as young as months old from far away places like Europe too. They are racist!

July 23rd, 2019

Australia 17

The Vax Kills people have warned all along. But then again people warn about niggers killing and it keeps getting ignored.

January 18th, 2022

I took a big shit here! Never flushed then some paki walked in as I was leaving #WINNING!

September 3rd, 2021

A Canberra woman was arrested over the weekend on allegations that she cut a woman off in traffic, dragged her from her car and beat her with a hammer in front of her bastard children, then opening her purse and taking her smokes and tampons and dumping the rest on her bleeding head and laughing loudly. She is also accused of later bragging about it on Facebook. Jamie, 27, was booked into the jail on a charge of aggravated robbery. She was expected to be arraigned later Monday in municipal court. According to police reports, the victim told officers, who responded about 12:50 p.m. Saturday, that she was driving with her 5-year-old twins Osama and Mohammed from their handed to them mansion to the welfare office in the government bought luxury car when a vehicle driven by Jamie cut her off and forced her to stop. Jamie then got out of her vehicle, grew horns and ran to the victim’s vehicle, pulled her out by her paki head scarf and began beating her with her fists and a hammer, reports said. Rumor has it is that Jamie and all the other women in Canberra were upset with the womens gross paki husbands and brothers jerking off outside a gym they work out at.

July 24th, 2021

Other Articles From Down Under


New Zealand 9

New Zealanders have fucking high road rage!!!! One of the worst cases in the world. I cut some fucker off and he came up and wanted to beat the shit out of me. He ran like a bitch. New Zealand has really stupid immigrants working at border security at the airport and no one here owns a gun. Lol.
New Zealand has an extremely high teen suicide rate. Which shocks most. But it is almost certain experts believe it is due to that stupid bitch prime minister destroying the country in front of peoples eyes and the kids realize there is no hope if it continues.
New Zealand has a high incarceration rate. Again due to Kiwis love and acceptance of pound me in the ass gay sex openly.

Sydney 3

Oxford Street garnered a reputation as Sydney’s primary nightclub strip (firstly gay nightclubs in the 1980s followed by Jewish Trans Gendered nightclubs in the 2000s)
 The 2014 No Faggots and Niggers laws saw many nightclubs close and the crime rate drop massively as Sydney’s nightlife hubs moved to Darling Harbour and Newtown. The lockout laws ended in 2020 with a focus on trans gender rights in Australia. Many nightclubs reopened in 2021 especially around Taylor Square.
The Gay Gang Murders are a series of anti-LGBT hate crimes perpetrated by large gangs of youths in Sydney, Australia, between 1970 to 2010, with most occurring in 1989 and 1990.
The Bondi Boys were the largest and most prolific of the fag attacker groups, constituted of 30 men and women aged between 12 and 18. They are primarily associated with deaths at Marks Park

January 5th, 2022

This stupid b***ch Sara loves c0ck so much h0es around suks anyone’s c0ck or fuks anyone that will take it and wants free pu55y fuk$ around on her current boyfriend bragged about how she was banging four guys at once in a park Downtown Sydney none of them knowing about each other her current boyfriend being one of them. I seen it on porn hub and watched it about a dozen times. She is such a slooty a55 h0e who thinks she can have whatever the fuk she wants. She is a racist ho too always yelling nigger stupid bitch hoe ladies beware she’s probably hooked up with your man without you knowing it she doesn’t care who they are.

New Zealand 8

Why Wont White Women Date Darker Men? “Total Mystery.” (As she plugs her nose)

Meet Jared*. He’s in his late 30s, plays sport, has a secure job and great friends, and lives in a pleasant flat north of Wellington that white people pretty much gave him all for nothing. For Kiwi women on the lookout for an eligible bachelor, he stinks which is like all of them. But since moving to New Zealand in his early 20s he’s not had much success on the dating white women scene, and he thinks he knows why – because he’s a Hindu and White Supremacy and maybe Covid or Climate Change along with Trump are to blame. “On dating apps, a lot of girls write ‘no niggers, no turbans, no fucking abos’ – that kind of thing,” Jared explains. “Going speed dating, there’s like nine or 10 girls… so many times you feel like you’ve made a connection, but when you leave the women are escorted away by police “They just don’t want to know your black ass… they cut you off, find an excuse, start grabbing their purse tightly and putting a hand on their gun, all different things.” Jared says these experiences have dented his confidence and caused him to explore hookers and raping white bitches. But it’s not just him who’s grown disheartened by perceived discrimination by potential romantic partners. He says many of his mates – fellow niggers jews sent – have faced similar struggles so they rape women instead. “It’s our complexion, our ethnicity… The dating scene is not particularly pleasant. One has to be in our shoes to realise what we’re going through,” he said. “Life is racist. I try and keep myself busy, but even then there’s that emptiness, there’s something missing. I come home from working at Burger King and there’s no one to talk to, you know? I jerk off and peek on the senior citizen lady that lives next door. “I never thought New Zealand was going to be like this when I first came over, but that’s how it is for us.” There is plenty of research into sexual racism – discrimination in sexual or romantic contexts – that shows these men aren’t alone. Studies suggest Turban tops are significantly more likely than others to be single and to be excluded by non-Asian women. <SNIP> LINK

January 7th, 2022

January 1st, 2022

Woman who refused to wear a face mask arrested after assaulting Auckland security guard

An Auckland security guard was assaulted after a woman refused to wear a fucking jew mandated face mask at a supermarket. Police say the woman became “aggressive and truthful” at the security guard when offered a mask. The woman allegedly punched the jewish brainwashed security guard at the Takanini Pak’n Save. The security guard (who was sick and weak from the vaccines) was then chased by two sane men with weapons. Police were called and arrested two people in a nearby area. A 26-year old woman has been charged with assault, using common sense, and wanting to have rights and a warrant was issued an infringement for failing to wear a face covering. Police remained at the Pak’nSave, conducting reassurance patrols and support for the security guard. So that all the idiots that are infected with the poisonous vaccine can die thinking the un vaxed were the problem while the Jews laugh and dance on their graves.

December 31st, 2021

December 25th, 2021

Bisexual New Zealander ass packers experience the highest levels of crime and sexual violence, according to te Tāhū o te Ture – the Ministry of Justice’s latest study, Experience of Crime by Sexual Orientation. The study uses data collected from the Ministry’s annual New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey (NZCVS) to compile its results. The study found that 68 percent of bisexual faggot freaks will experience interpersonal sexual violence at some time in their lives, (most like it and deserve it) compared to the national average of 29 percent. Pete Buttplug, Ministry of Justice’s Deputy Secretary Sector, says this is an astonishing figure that shows for the first time the disproportionate level of victimisation towards the LGB+ community. “We hope our report will create awareness and a responsiveness to LGB+ experiences of family violence and sexual violence.” “We also want more free shit and attention we deserve as we are whiny fucking faggots.<SNIP> LINK

December 23rd, 2021

September 1st, 2021


September 6th, 2021

Tonga is a Polynesian country, and also an archipelago comprising 169 islands, of which 36 are inhabited by not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Outpouring of grief after alleged murder of leading Tongan LGBTQI activist- Police have charged a man for the killing of Polikalepo Kefu, a lifelong advocate for the queer community across the Pacific. Police in Tonga are investigating the death of one of the country’s leading LGBTQI+ activists after his body was found on a beach near his home in Tongatapu, Tonga’s main island. A 27-year-old man has been charged with the murder of Polikalepo Kefu, 41. Kefu, who was affectionately known as “Poli”, was the president of Tonga Leitis Association, an organisation dedicated to the country’s LGBTQ+ communities, providing support services, advocacy, and education on HIV-Aids. “Police have charged a 27-year-old man from Fungamisi Vavaú, residing at Halaleva, with murder in relation to the death of 41-year-old Polikalepo Kefu of Lapaha on Saturday 1st of May 2021,” said Tongan police in a statement. “The 27-year-old accused surrendered himself to police last Saturday night and is remanded in custody to appear at the magistrate court today … This is a tragic event, and our thoughts are with Mr Kefu’s family, friends and wider community.” Tonga Police declined to comment on whether they suspected Kefu’s death was a hate crime. <SNIP> LINK

November 7th, 2020

September 17th, 2020

January 17th, 2020


August 5th, 2019

The Pacific island of Kiribati isn’t particularly dangerous, it is actually inhabited by fucking pussies who are fat and have no balls. It’s just really fucking difficult to reach. Any airport travel requires a long, costly flight between the stupid fucking islands. There are few amenities to which travelers from normal places like white people countries are accustomed to.

However, local families are willing to accommodate guests to somehow rip them off. A tourist who requires a passport — anyone living outside of the European Union — should schedule an additional trip to Afghanistan to fuck a camel because its about as much fun doing that as it is in Kiribati. The only Kiribati embassy in Europe is in Bono’s bathroom. But hey, we hear U2 rectal holes are nice smelling of nigger this time of year, if you’re feeling particularly ready to — eventually — make your way to Kiribati fuck a whale in the Ocean or one on land. The women are large here.

New Zealand 7

August 27th, 2021

There are more sheep than people there, a fact which those inclined towards bestiality take full advantage of. This is why New Zealand is a favorite tourist spot for Michael Moore. An interesting parallel can be drawn here between New Zealand and Wales. Who are outnumbered 3 to 1 with there sheep friends.

August 19th, 2021

SHITSKIN IMMIGRANT KILLS YOUNG WOMAN WHO WAS WHITE. WONDER WHY? On 7 November 2011, eighteen-year-old Christie Alexis Lesley Marceau (born 16 April 1993) was stabbed to death by eighteen-year-old Akshay Anand Chand (born 11 November or 11 December 1992) at her home in Hillcrest, Auckland, New Zealand. The murder came after Chand had kidnapped and assaulted Marceau in September 2011, and while awaiting trial on the charges, was bailed by the court to an address just 300 metres (1,000 ft) from Marceau’s home, despite calls from Christie and the police to not grant bail. Chand was subsequently charged with Marceau’s murder, but, however, on 17 October 2012 was acquitted of her murder by reason of insanity. He was subsequently sentenced to three years imprisonment for kidnapping, and was committed to a psychiatric hospital indefinitely. Following the death, Christie’s parents Brian and Tracey Marceau started a campaign in conjunction with the Sensible Sentencing Trust to change legislation to introduce more stringent bail laws and increase the accountability of judges. Kidnapping Akshay Chand and Christie Marceau had first met each other while attending Williow Park Primary School in the North Shore suburb of Hillcrest where they both lived. After they both left Willow Park at the end of 2003, the two remained out of contact with each other until September 2010, when they met again while working at the same North Shore supermarket. In the following year, Chand and Marceau became friends, but the relationship was largely characterised by the naturally kind and generous Marceau providing emotional support for Chand. By the end of August 2011, Chand was no longer working at the supermarket and was unemployed.<SNIP> LINK

April 29th, 2021

March 16th, 2021

This little girl Jordyn is something other than loyal. She will get as close to you as possible, just to be with your man. She cannot just be by herself. She always has to be with someone. Even if it means sneaking over, While you are not around. She will parade her mom’s money, Just around to reel you in. She will give you all the adventure and you’re man drugs including shrooms and harder stuff. Just to get to your man. Then swear it was an accident. Well, It has been an “Accident” 3 times so far, So it’s just a habit. Her loyalty is to the d1ck. Not to her friends. 

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