New York 9

Sue is out of her fucking mind. This big titted bimbo of a woman was arrested by the Binghmapton Police today for waving a fake gun at police. Main street was blocked off by the cops as the nutjob screamed about her yeast infection. Why she is not in jail I do not understand. Its probably the titties. The local hospital is a joke. United Counseling Service is a joke. They keep letting her back out on the street. She threatens to kill her neighbors. She is a bi-polar drunk who tried to have sex with a 96 year old elderly man in a wheel chair on life support. She is abusive to everyone around her. Watch out! She carries a knife and is very unstable. This woman is a filthy pig who lives in a pigsty filled with bugs and rats. She has had several DUIs and assaults on her record. DANGEROUS!!!!

March 26th, 2021

Jocelyn needs to close her legs and be a better example as a women. She moved to Rochester from Buffalo and has since been on every dating app hooking up with multiple guys per week. Relationship or not she doesn’t care all she wants is the sausage. She was hooking up with a follow teacher at her school and he ended up getting fired when his wife found out and outed him to administration about sex in the school. Jocelyn is a total joke she currently lives in her sister’s dark cramped basement at 30 years old. This chick needs to close her legs get a clue and a personal trainer.

January 22nd, 2021

On February 14, 1988, the “posed” nude body of a woman was found on a street in Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York. The victim had been dead for approximately six to twelve hours, and was bound at the wrists and ankles and had died from ligature strangulation as well as suffering a beating. She was aged 18 to 30, with hazel eyes and with bleached, light brown or blonde hair. She was 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighed 105 pounds, and had pierced ears without earrings. She had numerous freckles and moles (including a large and prominent mole on her neck). Her underarms had not been shaved for approximately two weeks, but her pubic area was recently shaved. This detail has led some investigators to presume she could have been a prostitute. The fact that the rest of the body showed an absence of shaving, it has also been suggested she was foreign to the United States, and could be of South American descent. Her nails were painted pink prior to her death. No clothing was found at or near the scene. An autopsy found that she had ingested cocaine and broccoli before her murder, which may have been the work of a serial offender. LINK

January 22nd, 2021

Niagara Falls Jane Doe (2003) On July 14, 2003, the burned remains of a young/middle aged female of unknown race was found in a burned building in Niagara Falls, New York. She had been beaten to death and then set ablaze, evidenced by a gasoline container near her body. She was between 25 and 50 years old, was between 4 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed at least 58 pounds. She had brown hair with blonde streaks, which may have possibly been a wig, and dark eyes. The only clothing items able to be recovered were a gold chain necklace with a charm of a heart with a cross inside of it, two gold rope necklaces of different thickness, a gold link bracelets made up of small links and one large one, and a silver toe ring with raised heart shapes. A purse was also found, with evidence that she may have been a hypodermic drug user. Investigators believe she may have been a prostitute from the area. More Info

December 27th, 2020

Carrie of Salamanca, New York is a ruthless fake titted home wrecker piece of trash. With a failing marriage , she decided to destroy another marriage. She pursued my husband , tracking him down through his work email. She did not care that he was newly married with a pregnant wife . She spent years going after him and using the damsel in distress card to pull him in. She had absolutely no problem sleeping with a married man. No concern that she was taking down a family . When finally caught and confronted all she could do was hide. Pathetic. At least she could’ve taken some accountability for her wrong actions . She compares herself to a Victoria’s Secret model which is just laughable!! NO comparison!! She is someone with NO morals or decency. To do what she did to another woman and children is just disgraceful .

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