Based on these rates of growth the estimated population of Cambridge Bay in 2020 is 2,137.

Lysol, lysol, listorine, lysol,? bingo, bingo, bingo, fucking pow-wow? Dis here be Listorine Lisa. She is from Cambridge Bay. She is the oldest woman in all of Cambridge Bay. She is 21. She has 11 kids that all hunt, eat, and rape seals for the tribe. She is a single squaw as her fourth husband Johnny Running Shoes forgot his running shoes and was brutally anal raped and ripped to shreds by a snow yeti. When Lisa is not behind the liquor store sucking off old native men for her daily box of wine she can be seen walking around Cambridge Bay with a plastic Baggie picking up old cigarette butts off of the ground. She is a typical citizen of this lovely community and is known to attack white people at random for silly reasons like her welfare isn’t enough or the white man mad the earth too cold. Just typical native fucking whine. Its disgusting.

August 12th, 2021

May 7th, 2021

September 2nd, 2020

December 1st, 2019.

Donations are good and all but how much are those eskimo women bleeding up in Iqaluit?

Plus look at that twitter user Michelle’s picture. She is smiling with a chuckle underneath. She knows she is sending those squaws tampons and maxi pads and is laughing. Little bit of chubby on those cheeks maybe she took the food home because she is racist against natives. Thats it. Frozen Tampon Popsicles for the Eskimo women this winter.

I bet the black girl in the photo has never had to use a tampon. She is already pregnant for the third time and she is 12.

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