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A nationwide study said that women in Nova Scotia are the least sexual satisfied by a long shot in all of Canada. Come on males get your shit together. But it makes sense when you meet most from Nova Scotia. They all seem a little light on the loafers.

January 1st, 2022

Typical Nova Scotian Meth Homo Sexuals

Nova Scotia has seen an increase in methamphetamine trafficking and use. For many years Nova Scotia has seemed to escape the scurge of meth that has plagued so many other provinces but over the past couple of years police have seen more meth arrive in the province and as a result society must expect the horrific  effects of this horrible and highly addictive drug. It has ruined many lives and has created a great deal of grief for families and the public as addicts rely on committing crime to feed their habit. The effects often cause users to be very unpredictable and are often involved in committing violent offences. Since most Nova Scotians are as poor and almost as stupid as black people, they manage to eek out some pity from Trudeau. Hence they get a little bit of Alebrta’s mney legally or not. Hence they smoke meth and have gay sex. Its a maritime thing unless your from there you wouldn’t get it. The public is urged to do their best to save addicts from this terrible journey of scabs and torn assholes by reporting drug traffickers to Crime Stoppers.

Nova Scotia 6

August 2nd, 2021

The average Nova Scotian resident is a 30ish year old male, who lives in their fat mothers trailer, lives off of Employment Insurance, drinks the same beer as drunk natives, listens to Will Smith Rap Beats, and jerks off to pictures of Ann of Green Gables spreading her ass cheeks wide open. Any woman who sadly lives there has been cornholed so much by their father/cousins their vagina and asshole lips hang like mud flaps on an 18 wheeler and are just as dirty to boot!!! It is a sad situation in this joke of the heart of Atlantic Canada. If they weren’t so fucking close to Newfoundland and Quebec you would think that Nova Scotians were the biggest faggot retards alive.

Nova Scotia 5

This woman Crystal had been fucking other guys behind her husbands back the whole time, and one guy she was fucking in particular was from another church who was about to have a baby with their wife. This stupid piranha looking b1tches phone number was in his phone, her hair was in his car, apartment, everything. The guy is a drug dealer from Russia that lives here now in Halifax, and goes to a small church who changed their name to BAN JEWS FROM CANADA. He is high a lot and was fuking this ugly a55 fake titted troll doll the whole time he was in a relationship with someone else. She wasn’t the only one he was fucking with, there were more but he lied to his fiancé. 

February 27th, 2021

Halifax District RCMP are looking for A man and his 2 pet niggers in an armed robbery at a Lower Sackville convenience store late Sunday night. The insecure homosexual poser loser faggot man went into the Sackville Dr. business with his cotton picking niggers before 11 p.m. on Jan. 31. Mounties say one of them pointed a gun at the staff member before tying them up. Police say the trio stole a lot of cigarettes before driving off in a tan or beige coloured truck, which is believed to be a Dodge Ram. Nobody was physically hurt. The first suspect is described as white, in his mid-to-late 20s, really nerdy and insecure (may be homosexual). He was carrying a firearm and wearing a black hoodie, a black jacket, a black neck gaiter face mask and a black ball cap. The second suspect is a nigger, in his mid-to-late 20s, between 5’8″ and 5’10” stunk like shit like all niggers do. It was wearing a black jacket, a black neck gaiter face mask and a black toque. The third suspect is described as another jigaboo who looked really scared and really upset that he was black and not a white person. Any info call the cops. LINK

January 8th, 2021

December 29th, 2020

This dumb homewrecker Adrienne thinks it okay to continually text pictures to married men that are her supervisors at work that she knows are married and have kids. She was told multiple times to stop but continued to send pictures and try to get him to leave his family, wife with twins on the way. She refused to take no for an answer and since my husband’s supervisor wouldn’t let him fire her he had to continue to have contact with her. He has since left the job and changed his phone number. We had to get security cameras because of how psychotic stalker she got. She needs to stop messaging other people’s husband’s and boyfriends. She sends them pictures of her shoving fruits and veggies up her vagina. Like fucking grow up Adrienne. Come on thats not cool. I can not look at a grapefruit the same after seeing those pictures of what you did to that poor fruit. You are a fucking savage!!!

So my husband met this bitch Krista through a friend named Rufus his he found her on Backpage she is a dirty dirty w**** she has a bunch of tricks and if she likes you she’ll try to make you her boyfriend what she did with my husband she also had him relapse and show f*** for Hennessy, weed, and some coke she made my husband leave me at Christmas time and my birthday he was out of his mind because of her she actually wanted her him to find me an apartment and let her move into my house can you imagine she has CPS cases on her cuz she’s a horrible mother if you go on her Facebook all it is is partying and drinking and clubs and spas and this and that men women it doesn’t matter if you could pay her cable bill and bring her Bagels she’ll spread her legs if your female and your friends with her I would not trust her as far as you could throw her which won’t be far because of her drug use and her drinking her weight fluctuates all the time

Natives are the most disrespectful people towards the environment. Everyone knows it even them. This chug here unleashes his dog to take a shit in a field where kids play. It is his way of getting back at the white man for taking his land. Pow wow wow wow Pow wow ow wow Lysol Love!!!!

Nova Scotia 4

A 32-year-old Glace Bay, N.S., woman is facing charges of distracted driving following a head-on collision in Sydney on Wednesday night. Cape Breton Regional Police say just after 10 p.m. on Dec 2., they were called to a crash on Grand Lake Road near the Sydney Speedway, where two cars had collided head-on. The driver of one of the vehicles was taken to the Cape Breton Regional Hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the second vehicle was also taken to hospital for assessment. Both vehicles were heavily damaged and towed from the scene. After investigating, police ticketed a 32-year-old Glace Bay woman, Bianca with two summary offence tickets for playing with Joey Gladstone’s hard stiff cock while operating a vehicle and driving a motor vehicle without insurance. The cops agreed to not see the pound of meth in the trunk if she sucked them all off. Which she did as she was handcuffed to her Hospital bed getting her veins shot up with morphine.

 Nova Scotia RCMP have arrested a 31-year-old woman from Collingwood, N.S. following an investigation into threats. On July 30, Cumberland County RCMP and Amherst police searched a home in Collingwood, N.S. and arrested 31-year-old Candace. Police seized several electronic devices during the search many that contained hours upon hours of hard core porno. During the arrest, an RCMP car sustained minor damage from people near the house throwing beer bottles and rocks at the cars.. Candice has been charged with three counts of uttering threats against people, and one count each of uttering threats against property, mischief, breach of probation and fail to comply with an undertaking. She also refused to pleasure any of the arresting officers. Instead she spit a wad of some dudes cum in the cops face before they tased her.

Rip off Nigger Gangs And Mexican Drug Cartels for
their earnings. These bitches are ballers!!

HALIFAX — Two women have been arrested in Caledonia, Nova Scotia after police seized dozens of firearms and drugs in connection with an ongoing investigation. On May 19, RCMP responded to a report of two Ferrari Enzo’s on fire in a driveway of a home on Route 635. Police believe the fires were deliberately set. After investigating the car fires, police executed a search warrant at the home on the property the next day. During the search, police seized more than 185 items, including 31 long guns and 22 handguns, 24 of which were either prohibited and/or restricted. In a news release on Wednesday, police say many of the firearms seized were loaded, and some had serial numbers removed. Police also seized more than three kilograms of what is believed to be cocaine, and nearly 5.5 kilograms of what police believe to be crystal methamphetamine. Quantities of ammunition and Canadian currency (5.8 Million) were also seized from the home.

November 17th, 2020

Nova Scotia 3

This girl has Emma over 20 body piercings . Her pussy smells like rotten tuna fish. She will fu*k you no matter what you look like. She use to hang out down by the fishing boats and fuck the old fishermen for coins just so she could run into Halifax and get her fucking fix. All she does is molly and fu*k with other people’s relationships. When I was in a relationship with her when we worked at Subway together all she did was choose drugs over me and one time I went to hang out with her, I showed up and she was in bed with another girl. Which would of been alright had she invited me or the other girl not of been her 450 pound grandma.. I highly recommend to you TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIRL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzi Picks Up Used Tampons From
Trash Bins To Eat Like Corn Dogs

This is Jazzi of Sydney Nova Scotia and she digs through garbage dumpsters to find used tampons to shove up her snatch or to chew on like a corndog. The blood can be the ketchup and the mustard they yellow STD? Who knows? his girl had a man and while hes was suppose to be away for work she fucks guys sometimes for money like her slore sister Rachelle, smokes crack and does pills be careful of letting your man around her she will fuck anything that is nice to her and she will not care weather he has a gf or a pregnant gf. A guy told me that shes loose as fuck thats how many guys shes fucked all used up puke!! DO NOT TRUST THIS B1TCH A55 SLORE. She wanted to be a stripper but niggers are banned from strip clubs in Nova Scotia and the blind and really elderly don’t go out much and they are the only sick ones that want to see her barf snatch.

Faggots. Its in the biggest faggot province net to Quebec so it makes sense. Most male Nova Scotians are on the down low
being a fucking queer anyway. Look at them.

Ok this girl Brooke likes to fukkkk old men an she sells her puzzy to every man she can off the street for drugs, But she’ll Deny it when you ask her she’s just mad cause she can get the good d do she does it with std infested men she has the Drds an Denys that to so men beware of the slore. You can find her in public bathrooms licking old man jizz off the floor. She gets on all fours on the cold tile and licks the gobs of old man goo off the ground. Some of these wieners that she services are in the 75-90 year old range of nut sacks. Those are really old balls. Some of the balls are sooooo old that mold and fungi grow on them. That is the way Brooke rolls. It is just the way this bitch rolls. Deal with it. Her last and from what I recall only real job was working the Cotton Candy booth at the carnival. She got fired for taking it up the ass from the bearded lady while the freak midgets watched and jerked off. The midgets are really small as most of the local Nova Scotian men are small and have very tiny dicks (It is a common trait in their heritage). She got fired. She is waiting to hear back from Tim Hortons and or Bang Bros. Either or is great for Brooke. as long as it pays for crack/cocaine.

This is fucking Lisa she liquid squirts lumpy mayonaisse out of her lose asshole and she is a fucking stinky self titled b1tch. She sleeps with peoples men and denies it but their sandwiches all have her lumpy mayo fart/shit splatter in them, when you confront her about her flaming herpes she will fucking show you pictures of it and she says shes clean but she means from drugs that she doesnt buy. She blocked me on the Stinkyslutweb site because I caught her sexting my man. She let’s anyone watch her kids so she can get out for a night and her ex is a drug addict whom isnt allowed to see them outside the court order. Lisa will best be known still for her ultimate lumpy mayo little liquid streams that she leaves in Sandwiches. Much like what all other Nova Scotians have produced for Canada.

Holly Loves To Eat And Get AIDS from Niggers in Bathrooms.

Where to begin poor this is Holly and she is the reason there is not enough food in this world. She fucking eats everything she comes in contact with. And this sloth is out there having girls nights with laurie and miss hobag and she gets so hammered she’s been caught twice giving another women’s husband oral in a bathroom stall and it got ugly when he shit out liquid. Brown fucking splatter all over the beautiful shiny white bowl. She’s known around the entire city for giving men oral in cars, bathroom stalls, dj booths behind the stages and half the men are married not to mention she is only fucking with niggers as they fuck anything even that pig Holly so I suggest you be careful them buggers all have AIDS. All just an opinion I’ve seen it first hand that’s why i refuse to speak with her anymore she has nigger breath. Its sick as her ugly pig face.

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Nova Scotia 1

Nova Scotia 2

Abby from Nova Scotia Kentville to be exact likes to smoke the crack. Crack causes a short-lived, intense high that makes Abby fuck like a wild animal and suck dick like a hoover vaccuum on full blast plugged into a nuclear reactor generator but is immediately followed by the bitch begging for more and going to any cock no matter whose to obtain the addictive drug. She uses it often eats lots of pussy and sleeps in anyones bed that has it. Crack Heads Vaginas can experience greatly increased lip suction rate, muscle spasms and convulsions. The drug can make women feel pretty, self aware and hostile and like ramming any object you can find and ram it in Abby’s orfices if you have crack/cocaine—even when they aren’t high.

This bitch Mindy took it up the ass in the bush like the patriotic trooper she is. This whore drinks moonshine every night she is constantly going in the woods. She plays her “games” at the barn she sits by herself tweaking her clitoris with her Stone Cold Steve Austin lighter and let’s the men come to her, she plays hard to get then she gives head instantly after a few drinks, pool, pot, meth, oxycotton, sour soothers, pictures of faggots, liquor food, a big gooey load, if you will give it to her she will take it. She claims to be depressed and looking for love but that’s not true at all she just wants to fuck hairy ballsacks and drink she works as a hooker everyday so she’s probably always hung over. She goes back and forth between barn to barn she dances like a slut having a sperm overdose seizure and she talks to anyone with her jizz breath that approaches her she’s slept with married 70 year old men, taken men , if they are attractive she will fuck them! She never brings it home though because she claims she cares for her “great grandmothers sex change operation” yeah what a load of cum, This whore needs her grandfathers Cumshot in the eye. She also is extremely dumb to leave her phone SD card with all her slutty selfies accessible to anyone with a fast hand.

Cindy McChunkie and her used farm equipment buck shitskin nigger have introduced Yaromouth to Black Culture HIV.  This is Cindy from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia This fat lard ass tub of a slob is a home wrecking slore. Works at but really that’s her excuse to sit home all day on POF, eating bacon grease, and pick up multiple men hoping one of them will father her 14 kids. She tend to fuck niggers for their food stamps. Niggers get more welfare than real Canadians, due to their mental disability of being a nigger. Meanwhile leaving her kids alone to drink drain cleaner, so she can go meet these men. She will suck your lollipop for a nickle and give you a tickle with genital w**ts lard fingers.Shes giving the whole community drd’s from Yarmouth to Dartmouth. Good job Cindy here is a cheese burger,

I met Nicole when I was at the Potlotek Health Centre. She was there picking up her medicine for her massive flaming itchy burning herpes that she told me she had all over her ass and vag. She smelt like cat piss and horse shit. It was kind of hot while I dreamt of the herpes with that aroma. This girl is a lazy cock hungry mutt, she lays in bed all day with her rainbow brite vibrator, MILKING her illness itches to the maxi pad, she doesn’t feed her kids, she doesn’t clean there clothes or the house. The entire house REAKS of cat and human piss, There are Cum loads all over the place. Last time I was there I jizzed all over the lampshade and coffee table. It was still a lob of goo hanging there the next week I went there. She has shit the bed on multiple occasions(Usually too drunk and high the night before to remember to wear her diaper to bed), this is a 32 year old woman, she will put on a huge show for the first 3-4 weeks making it seem like she is a perfect woman, but it all changes when u get comfortable, shes a true yeasty smelling dirt bag. Often times she goes 5 days with no shower same clothes. That is so many loads of jizz in her and all over her thats sick.

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Nova Scotia 1

Sydney River, Nova Scotia McDonald’s Murders

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

I have met a lot of people from Nova Scotia and have noticed a few things. All the guys think they are cool and tough. None are none what so ever. They talk smart and they are so stupid. I notice that most Canadians just nod and smile at Nova Scotians. They do not tell them how retarded they sound to not hurt their feelings.

Most women from Nova Scotia get herpes from their Uncles on their 13th birthdays. 11th if your black.

There is no jobs what so ever in Nova Scotia. So many Nova Scotians head to “Real Canada” Alberta to work or be homeless. So Nova Scotians like Newfoundlanders are the Mexicans of Canada.

The West Pubnico Ass Fuck Twins Cassie and Assie Winters live in, West Pubmico, Nova Scotia . I’m surprised nobody has already posted thede diseased up disaster cock wreckers. I’ll be honoured to post these slut bags . Men and Women should be happy about them as they please women’s boyfriends and husbands for free and laugh about their loser pathetic others and up to be able to get their needle fix . They bang cocks and needles and leave the needles hidden in their loose assholes , at my friend boyfriends place she found Cassie’s needles hidden between couch cushions.  Cassie and Assie invented Hep C when they lived in Truro Nova Scotia by sharing a needle Rosie Odonnell who already had the disease, The Ass Fuck Twins should let men know that they have no diseases so the guys can make a choice whether to sleep with the gross pigs or to go fuck their mothers . They even bang on their cousins boyfriends because their cousins are ugly . Sneaky slut yet they love ass fucking soooooooo much . Cassie u should start texting my friends man telling him to pound your ass hole sensless , he loves my friends genital warts too and shows my friend ur messages and that just making things hornier for urself. Keep ur legs open hoe and have no respect for urself and ur body and startpeople , go back to Jeff so ur step dad can shoot his gun at him again lmao.

This is Mary the TRUTH TELLER! How you may ask well let me start of by letting you know she tells the truth about Muslims and Syrian refugees and the evidence is posted on her social media page for the world to see, raising her children free of disease, rape, and filth crime the immigrants bring . She has taken it upon her self to inform people on how the system works. Mary has 5 kids from all different fathers(1 is mine for sure 1 am uncertain and another is mine or my dad or brothers) Mary sits and collects from the government because they owe her from Immigrant headaches Mary does not pay taxes a matter of fact(No white people should pay taxes EVER period) she is a good human being who thinks she has a right to say how our tax payers money should be spent. The most unfortunate situation here is not that she posted true known things on Facebook about niggers and muslims but she is teaching this truth to her children and we as liberal nigger loving people learn to lie, hide, and ignore the facts about niggers and muslims in Canada! This women is extremely educated she is yet to find a job where immigrants haven’t ruined it or keep a stable lesbian abusive relationship which shows her children a better way of life , people like Mary are the reason our country hasn’t went completely to crap from shitskins . Not only does Mary deserve to be on Facebook but the world needs to see this women for the TRUTH she says about non-white immigrants and niggers she is.

Since welfare only comes out once a month most Nova Scotians have no where to go for the remainder of the month but eat kraft dinner and fuck fat women.

Fox Harbour’s Chelsey Lynn Is a ditch pig for anal beads and barn yard game fun, I am sort ofsurprised she’s not already on here.. She is a grade A horse face cheating skank, when she’s not pretending to be the perfect girlfriend she off screwing other guys in relationships as well as bending over for the High School janitor even 7 years after graduation. She is the greasiest piece of trash I’ve ever met, you could take her panties off and the wet grease spot in front of her vagina would be like fried chicken grease. Cheated on her boyfriend and found herself knocked up(I gave that bitch a fake name on that one). Thank god she didn’t keep the kid, she would be the worst mother in the world, always off partying, doing all kinds of drugs like bath salts and drano and screwing random guys for nickles in her neighbors dog house. She kept this a secret for months until she told her dad and he raped her a couple times in there!!!! She usually is found trotting into Halifax to go to The Yarn Barn to stitch up her loose asshole and vagina for her family members. Her poor boyfriend likes to watch when she gets banged by strangers in motel rooms!!! People should know who she truly is. And not believe her fake front. So there you have it. Chelsey Lynn ..the skank of Fox Harbour.

This is where typical Nova Scotianers gather on Sundays to butt fuck each other for kraft dinner

Allie is a stripper ho that lives up to her name. After Ralph’s closed due to her sh1tty talent, she is desperate looking for a new daddy..she will fuk crack heads , married men, and other dirty girl hoes, when she gets off her Meds she prays to Tupac for help. She has some looks sometimes.. The usual skank clothing..while I was on vacation she dropped to her knees n blew my man n fuked him.. Takes two I know.. But she’s been a fake friend..I tried to help the b1tch listening to her poor me stories.. She was waiting for the opportunity to take what I had. She 31 years old . lives with her pill head mother who wishes she was still stripping.. One ho to another. The b1tch stupid sloot a55 ho sends me a text to tell me what’s up after I accused both . . She can put that in a rap .. Cuz she thinks she can perform as a rapper too.. Dirty a55 skank maybe you can now.. You got enough trash stories in your life to rap about now !Wanna be cardi B 

I was walking by one day really wasted drunk and that trailer above I seen this gross pale junkie craving a fix. I had 3 dollars I was good to go inside. this girls name is Chantelle Herpes Breath she one of the most disgusting jizz leaking trashy hoes in Nova Scotia not only is she a 43 yr old Stripper sleeping on her uncles futon, she is also a hooker. She has worked at Arby’s for years but got kicked out for fucking and sucking all the customers off on roast beef days. So now she sluts around any welfare office that will take her moldy pimply wench ass. She used to date this really sweet guy named Patrick Roy and when he broke up with her she fucked his best friend Joe Sakic for 10$ dollars. She thinks she is hot but every guys thinks she is wanting a wiener load in her mouth. She is soooo about her maxi pads she will spread her legs and you ram a full length garden hose up her pussy her for a dollar. She also has a kid she never looks after cuz she is to busy partying and f’ing guys at the Rita McNeil concerts!!!! Chantelle you r GROSS and your asshole drips liquid poo like a leaky faucet!!! Get a real job ur 43 years old no one wants to see u naked anymore except none white people, u nasty crack whore whose vagina queefs out molases puss insects with eggs.

Sydney River McDonalds Murders

 Sydney River, Nova Scotia- May 7th, 1992. Three friends who claimed that they only planned on robbing a McDonald’s restaurant ended up murdering 3. They permanently disabled another one. In 1992 it was one of the highest profile murders in Canada. One of the murderers actually worked at the McDonald’s. They shot and stabbed their victims.
  The killers said they didn’t want to hurt anyone just thought it would be quick easy money. Might as well take some fries too. The idiots thought that they would get over 200k. They left the joint with only 2,017. That is like a yearly wage now a days in Nova Scotia.


Derek Wood- 18-  Worked at the restaurant and left the back door ajar earlier that evening with a back pack. Sentenced to 2 life sentences. Parole denied in 2015. The staff at McDonald’s didn’t really like him He was also the first to break down to the pigs.

Freeman Daniel MacNeil- 23- Sentenced to 25 years and is still currently in a maximum security prison in New Brunswick. Exactly where that wad of cum his mother should of swallowed belongs. Unemployed.
Darren Richard Muise- 18- Got 20 years. Received full parole in 2012. Had martial arts skills and he claimed that he needed the money so he could get to Vancouver to work for the Hell’s Angels. Lol yeah fucking right. After being paroled he moved to BC and is forbidden to ever go to The Sydney area again.

Victims- All 4 were shot in the head.
Jimmy Fagan- 27-  Arrived by taxi at 1 a.m to start his overnight shift. MacNeil shot him dead and the three boys walked over his dead body to leave the restaurant.

Donna Warren- 22- Warren was forced upstairs by Wood and opened the safe to get his $2,017. Then he shot her in the head.
Neil Burroughs Jr.- 29- A married father and maintenance worker was upstairs cleaning sinks when wood came up and shot him in the head. When he fell to his knees Muise stabbed him in the neck and then MacNeil beat him with a shovel handle. Then a second shot to the head. That gruesome kill alone should of got them all killed via torture.

Arlene MacNeil- 20-(No relation to Freeman) Left permanently disabled by a gun shot wound to the face. She passed away in 2018.


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