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Two alleged attempted shoplifters Abbey & Alexis are facing charges after police say they assaulted an off-duty RCMP officer inside some fucking Newfie mall in Cornerbrook on Saturday, Nov. 6. Police said the women responded aggressively, with one bitch assaulting the store employee. Beat her right over her head with her high heeled shoes. The off-duty RCMP member identified himself as a police officer and stepped between the women and the employee. However, police said the two women continued to behave aggressively and kicked the officer in the balls. The women then fled the scene but were found and arrested a short time later. Both women were high as fuck on meth and lord knows what and they were later released and are set to attend court at a later date to face charges of assaulting a police officer. One woman faces an additional charge of assault and possession of .a prohibited weapon.

January 1st, 2022

Wabana is a Canadian town and the largest, and only incorporated, community on Bell Island in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

August 2nd, 2021

July 27th, 2021

April 24th, 2021

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A 56-year-old Corner Brook gay nigger is facing several charges in connection with an armed robbery in the city. The incident is alleged to have occurred around midnight on Aug. 16. Police say the man entered a local native owned business and took items while the worker was hard at work. In the image there it shows the true work ethic of natives. The nigger, who had his face disguised, took cash and then left the business. The suspect was arrested at around 3 p.m. on Wednesday at a KFC while selling crack and was charged with robbery disguise with intent, careless use of a firearm, and possession of a weapon for a purpose dangerous to the public peace. The man is being held in custody picking cotton while awaiting a court appearance. The investigation is continuing until the Canadian government can somehow blame this crime on white people.

Brother and Sister must of married here and had kids. Newfies Inbreed almost as much as Niggers and Muslims
Shit that is closed down. All to well in Newfoundland.

-A newfie walks into a lumber yard and says, “I’s building an ‘ouse bye’ and needs me some a dat der too be far” The clerks says “You mean 2 by 4?”, the newfie says “Yes bye’, dat’s da stuff.” The clerks asks “Well how long do you need it?” The newfie responds “Well bye’, I’s buildin an ‘ouse wit it so I’s gonna need it for awhile.”

Typical fucking Newfie family. Fat and bored. That fuck walking there doesn’t work. No jobs there except fishing. And no one trusts his fat ass won’t sink their fucking boats.
Ming’s Bight is a town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The town had a population of 319 in 2016, down from 333 in the Canada 2011 Census.

December 3rd, 2020

Newfies do almost as much inbreeding as niggers and muslims.

July 16th, 2020

Newfoundland Nancy is a fucking whore who lives in her station wagon in and around Buchans Junction, Newfoundland. She takes in stray cats and she puts cheese whiz on her vagina and gets them to lick it off. She always goes around mooching smokes and food. She reeks of cat piss and vomit. Her car stinks so bad that when its parked the cops don’t bother her as they are too scared of the fucking piss smell of her and her car. She is rumored to fuck alot but she stinks soooo fucking bad of moldy cat urine it is unthinkable an erection could be achieved of her. She wears brown paper bags as panties and you know those fucking things are crusted with shit and old man jizz. Nancy is sick and we should try to send her to somewhere they are use to the smell like Somalia or India.

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Sharron will sleep with anyone. She slept with her boss at a consulting business and then slept with some of the clients she also slept with young man at A&W that worked behind the counter she would invite him over when her husband was out of town while still plowing her boss. She now is getting a divorce but slept with neighbors and police officers she will do anything for sex. She isn’t after money she truly just enjoys sex and likes to seduce men and women. I fuck her at least once a week. I leave right after I blow my load on the sluts face. Why am I complaining about this you ask? She stole my last smoke. Fucking bitch. GO suck a cock get the 20 bucks and buy your own pack. Fucking you is only worth a fucking happy meal and I keep the toy. Fuck you . One of Newfoundland’s hidden Gems Sharron’s Pussy!

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See this nasty piece of sh1t Stacy? She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. She’s not above sucking an old man’s c0ck and fuking him to get ahead in her job. As a matter of fact she loves the smell of old wrinkly bengay sweat balls in her fucking mouth. And then she’ll fire anyone that doesn’t kiss her fat warty bum fungus a55. Or fuck it with a huge purple rubber dildo strap on. My husband was working in Northern Canada, and right after I gave birth to his brothers child I found out he was fucking this slore. They both ruined my life. Now I will ruin their’s. Now that her kids are raised she’s leaving the man who stepped up to the plate and filled in as Daddy (her first husband was lucky, he got away) and she’s on the move. If your husband/bf is even friendly with her she will pounce on them like a cat in heat. Beware –   her ego is bigger than her a55. And she will stop at nothing until other’s are as miserable as her pathetic existence.

This girl Alicia…. she got married in July of 2019. By August 2019 she was cheating on her husband that she had known since high school…. with someone else’s fiancé his name is Colt. She had ruined their engagement then made his ex look crazy by making stuff up in order to further manipulate him. She kept the affair hush for MONTHS (except for their friends group knew, which was a no brainer as they were all having orgies together in the forest) while her husband was away working his a55 off to pay for their house, cars, etc. And use to have her side pieces over to their house all the time. She paid for his booze and dates (again, her husbands money). She’s also an alcoholic and fed off of his issues and made them worse. Look tf out ladies, this ones a nasty one. Everytime I am Newfoundland and I need my dick wet and I go to Alicia’s I always make sure I pack with me what I have below.

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Kelsey And I spend Tyson’s Money on
Blow and hookers LOL

Kelsey been screwing every guy she comes across for a long time now. Her boyfriend Tyson has no idea. The whole time when I fuck Kelsey which is usually twice a day she screams so loud and tires me the fuck out. She is a bitch and a complainer alot too. She complains about Tyson. His dick is small, he stinks, he has massive shit stains that smell like niggers in his spiderman underwear ect She will complain that other women don’t like her because she steals from them ect…. This chick needs to go on doctor fucking Phil. Last time I nailed her I tried duct taping her mouth shut so I could at least think about her friends when I orgasmed. But Kelsey gnawed threw the tape. Just like we gnaw threw Tyson’s bank account to buy coke, beer, and escorts to join us for threesomes. Its a blast but she needs her vocal chords taken out and a heavy duty pressure washer to hose down her pussy and asshole ever hour. Bitch gets used.

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Matt McMattsonoff Phone Calls

One of the writers at the blog went on a phone and smoke rampage. He gets bored and calls random people to ask questions. Here are a few.

A Tim Horton’s in Moosomin, Saskatchewan. Notice his fine use of the English language.

Calls a gas station in Kennewick, Washington to inquire about tampons

He talks to a homosexual at a Sandwich Shop in Stephenville, Newfoundland


Newfies are so stupid they can’t read so anything said here they will never know.

This whore’s legs are open all the fucking time in or near St. Phillps, Newfoundland. When Alesha Rodsucker’s not busy scamming so called friends by playing the single mom card she is busy taking selfies and banging Noodle Dicked Ginger Faggot Newfies. This welfare mom scams the government to her advantage and uses the money to get her nails done and spoil herself with big diamond studed floppy purple dildos. Her boyfriend works a good job at Tim Horton’s but she still wants that government dough so she doesn’t have to work. Pawning her kids off so that she doesn’t need to take care of them and smoking grade A Colombian Crack all day. This whore needs to grow the fuck up and take responsibility for her actions. And clean all the jizz that is off her face. On the bottom of her mouth those acne scabs are a mixture from Meth and crusted Newfie cum.

Stef Cumaloverme is from hare bay Newfoundland but now lives in st johns . she will bang what ever guy she can get her yeast infection covered hands on(male or female) married or not! but beware guys/girls she might be a good lay( has a body of a ten year old boy lmao) but she also comes with HIV from accidently shaking a niggers hand once, i know first hand. she lied to me! said she had nothing but few weeks into it turns out she gave me flaming ass herpes from her finger this wasn’t the biggest problem let me warn you SHE IS A MAJOR CHEATER . she has cheated on ever BF she been with, she is a know drug addict(Crack and Heroin are her choice) and has slept with over 1048 guys. Stef is always down for a good anal gang bang in a trash bin or DP behind the McDonalds, she isn’t picky either. when she finds her self out of luck on a weekend night you can always find her on meth or bent over some pole in the park either as an escort or looking for one again male or female. she likes to hang out at the local strip clubs down town, and some of the pubs where she gets ass fucked in the bathroom. last STD i heard she gave some one is red burning anal and testicle warts. Don’t wrap it with this bitch either as share your new disease with others. PS she is also a known used tampon eater and will talk sh’t just about anyone. if she isn’t with you be sure she is talking sh’t about you. she will also trade sex for any party favor you might have! I put that nose ring in her when I ass hacked her in the park across from the old folks home. #winning

Who puts a motel there. That looks like a place where you get a room to kill someone in.

I am so addicted to masterbating in Bed and Breakfasts a place like Newfoundland seems even better than when I did it in New Hampshire. How more fitting that I am doing it in a place called DILDO.

No charge for the view. But there is a charge for the sheets that I jizzed all over in. I also picked up some old Newfie(75 yearold) and anal pounded her on the beds and the couch in the basement where you walk in. Fun times. Then I shit in the tub and left #WINNING

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