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New Brunswick 3

“I feel safe and at home in Moncton, New Brunswick because everyone accepts me for being a flaming homo sexual as so are all the men here. It is comforting to know that homosexuals have a world capital in Moncton, New Brunswick.”- New Kids On The Block Lead Singer Lance Bass.

First thing I would like to say is dick cheese, dick cheese, dick cheese, boner forest, vaginal canyon, yeast infection volcano. The second is this bitch here on the right is Shelby. Shelby works at the website here and she just got back from Moncton new Brunswick and she slutted it up and got drunk there. She says every guy in Moncton has a rice dick like micro. Every woman she dyked out with had a vagina that reeked of old stale cheese that is stored in rosie odonells ass crack for centuries grows fucking cheese she explains. Micro dicks and vaginal cheese is Monctons new slogan. Shelby also wrote and signs a song for her new album “If you go to Moncton bring a dildo because there ain’t no wieners here” It is a cultural song said Moncton’s Mayor Peter Assfudgeman. It reflects on the struggle growing up in the hoods of Moncton with bum fungus and the war against the Eskimo jews that started over the bread wars when the Koreans fought the pakis in 1962. Charles Manson called it the greatest day since he hit puberty. So every year instead of thanksgiving people in Moncton hide eggs that are from dinosaurs and the kids dress up like Mr.T and other A team characters and beat up homosexuals in the park for charity.

New Brunswick 2

Pauline lives in Alma, New Brunswick on a farm and fucks her step dad for meth money. She fucks him and he sends the live porntube feeds to his cousins in Kentucky and they circle jerk to their pet fucking pigs to it.You can usually find her roaming the streets of Moncton on the weekends looking to score an 8 ball for her and her hillbilly fucking frenchman step dad. He rocks a mullet and he puts it in a ponytail when Pauline puts on a strap on an anally assaults him. Fuck you Pauline and the horse you rode in on and that you fuck. Sick pig bitch. She just got out of jail after serving a 6 year stint for smashing some fat nigger bitches face in with a cast iron frying pan in a meth fight. Pauline vows to never fucking go back to jail!!! Ever!!!

Let me introduce you to a professional gold digger and all around slore of the decade contender Angela of Sussex, NB. This woman has gone through lovers, male and female, like she is on a numbers quest. She prefers they be in a relationship before she starts talking to them. She drains them of their money, finds another, and discards them for the new one. Absolutely nobody is off limits to her. She has been engaged more times than you have fingers, but always finds a reason to leave. She even slept with her daughters husband and ended their marriage. Then turned it all around on the son in law as being the bad guy.If you see her name appear on any of your significant others media whatever the form, SHUT IT DOWN ASAP. Beware of her! Slore to the tenth degree !!!

This woman Samantha is known all across Fredericton for all the wrong reasons including shitting her pants at the Bingo Hall and laughing about it , She has had sex with everyone from the half way house sometimes taking on multiple dudes at the same time , she is a dishonorable native woman (on whitey check day) who has no respect for herself or her kids . she is constantly bringing men around her 2 young daughters , she takes selfies showing off her d1ck sucking skills , she is in constant relationships changing men more than she changes her clothes . she is disgusting and the word around the block fuking her is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway . she is a baby killer and has abortions well over the time frame acceptable and then shoves it in the fathers face that she killed the baby , she is a horrible human being and deserves to rot in hell for all the men she has effected and infected . her children need to be taken away from her as she has severe drug and alcohol issues.

Tyler Pathetic Wigger With A Really Really Really Really Really Small Penis

Tyler is always trying to get drunk off of stolen household cleaning supplies. He claims he’s a crip ha ha ha ha he is a wigger faggot that even niggers laugh at. But he is scared to go to darmouth as he got the clap from some dude named T-Dogg (another wigger) and Tyler also wears a diaper and is worried about shitting himself. He calls girls sexy when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend he talks so much smack about everybody and is scared to say it to there face. His penis no word of a lie is maybe an inch if that and it is a generous 1 inch. This is not a slam or a mock it is fucking true ask the 2 fat chicks that have seen it. he has no money ever, no home, no friends, fucking flat out nothing. Wake up Tyler you are white not a shit skin use your fucking head before one of those niggers you idolize so much does it for us.

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New Brunswick 1


New Brunswick

Has Flesh Eating Crabs Living In Her Vagina

This is Melissa she sucks a lot of dick. She blows dudes down at the curling rink, so she doesn’t have to pay for coffee. She is a prime example of why Sackville girls get called the cheapest bang for your buck! She is a fucking home wrecker! Couldn’t keep her baby daddy so had to steal someone else’s! Her claim to fame is having sex with Jim from the progressive commercials when she was all high on meth and her kids were at band camp. Keep your men close ladies ! She does not care who she has in her bed or around her children! Whoever will play daddy of the week . Fucking Home Wrecking Slore ! She wants to get a tit job and her picture was on the news of a person wanted in questioning of stealing those coin donation boxes for children. I don’t know if she took the money or not. Or if she is saving it for breasts or odds are spent on meth as most guys don’t like to hire her as an escort anymore as she has herpes and crabs bad.

New Brunswick. Niggers get hit by vans. New Brunswick is probably the most forgot about province in Canada due to the fact that they really aren’t important to the country and the people are useless. Not that they are stupid there is just no reason they are needed in a function society. Even if they are white.

Before anyone buys anything in Deer Valley remember. All it takes is one nigger to move in and the property value plummets to almost nothing instantly. You can’t get the taint of nigger out of property value. Its true. Even the people who read that comment and think its racist know its true.

This is Sarah she travels all over New Brunswick for work here is what one person had to say Start with this pig cheated on her man for 7 years tell he beat her up in front her kids and ran away …this dirt bag doesnt clean her house and fuxk s anything with a d1ck…she always has smokes but not enuff money to feed her 2 fatherless kids that have 2 different dads and shes only 26 the father of one kid is 44 shes a real dirt bag..she rather go be a hoe in a bar then take care her kids. Fucking rights she will fuck you and she has smokes all the time. That is an ultimate visit especially if you are travelling New Brunswick on a shoe string budget.

No black faces there future looks good.

This stinky walabeast of Miramachi is fat disgusting wretch is homeless again.She is getting the heave hoe because of all the noise she makes from getting screwed by the line up of dirty east Indian men in her place.T And all the taxi cabs blocking the roads. The other tenants can’t take her gross sex noise and stench of curry jizz on her breath. So 2 months in she is getting kicked out.A meth head cam hooker who lies ,cheats and steals to get her drugs.This fat .,stinky stinky big foot is a real piece of work. She has screwed half of New Brunswick’s faggot population and talks about her tricks jizz stains on her whale belly all the time. All there dirty secrets to who will ever listen So if you are a fool who did sleep with this fat hog in Miramachi,she has talked all about you to who will ever listen. Go back to the hog farm in Chipman you slag. No wonder your son hates you and wears womens clothing ! 

Fucking the pigs at MacDonalds farm is sexier than any chick from this hell hole province.

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