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Gordon Is A Town In Nebraska Full of Meth Headed Inbred Nigger Haters.

A Stanton County visitor is facing charges after allegedly performing unlawful sexual acts with an animal. A Stanton County farmer tells News Channel Nebraska that the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident which occurred on his property northeast of Norfolk. The farmer says he noticed calves locked in chutes and gates out of place last fall. He set up cameras to try to catch a trespasser. He says his cameras caught a man entering the property and performing sex acts on a cow four or five separate times. The farmers says the cameras caught clear shots of the individual and his vehicle on Saturday night. This is believed to be someone from the CNN and Biden Nambla Festival in the woods. Then, he contacted the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Mike Unger was not immediately available for comment. LINK

A young Lincoln woman found herself arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for pleasuring herself at a public park, according to an incident report obtained by dudes Friday. Riley, 30, was spotted by another woman last month as she decided to “pleasure herself at the park with a vibrator” and “could hear her moaning,” according to the report. The video shows “a white female wearing a hooters uniform lay out a white towel” and after sitting down pulling “an unknown object” from her backpack before she “spreads her legs apart and puts both of her hands in between her legs,” according to the report. “This went on for a few seconds until the female looked to her right and smiled and kept fucking herself with her toy,” the officer said in the report. Riley “did admit to the masturbating at the park,” and to having a vibrator with her, according to the report. She said “Feels Good Man😁”

January 5th, 2022

Jocelyn & Erin have a long history of extorting and scamming people of North Platte for drugs and money. They often begging people to cover their fix because they spent all of the money on other drugs. At any time they asked someone for the help, they said not able to or no, They both tends to cause so much drama and exposed others’ background, their residue, and much more, even putting people into a harmful situation. They also staining others’ marriage and relationships. They usually expect anything from people to be freebies and never pay back to people who helped them. They are often very behind with their bills because of their drug headed whores. They turned on to people and make them out to be bad, accusing the others of their being nigger lovers and faggots. Whenever their friends or anybody in general who visit their home is required to bring drugs. They expecting the fat crack rocks worth between $200 and $400 from people hourly. If people refused to help, they ruin them instantly. 

January 3rd, 2022

Kristy has been proven a cheater by her husband. she has been proven to be a theif by husband and her so called friends. She currently screws her ex’s best friend. She’s the type of b1tch that says I’m not gonna have sex with dude the first time? yet does anal. The DUMBEST B1TCH right? Anal sex is sex and it SHOULD be the one you dnt do on a first. Shes seriously fuking nasty. she steals from clients from her “own” contracting company except tells no one it’s really a side branch off her husband’s company, that She can Swindell new sh1t from. Acting like she did it all on her own too, is a joke. She is an alcoholic, she does do drugs and a fact is If her husband knew to do a hair test in custody court … she wouldn’t be so confident. Don’t forget about the pills and cocaine b1tch. We all dont. So let’s give a hand to this sh1t talking theifing unstable fuked up train wreck slore from out in Brule, Nebraska. Here’s an extra fuk you kristy from me

January 3rd, 2022


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Nebraska Man Charged With Hate Crime for Threatening Woman With Chainsaw ‘Because She Was Black’😆😆🦧🐵

Does not like niggers and will chase dem fuckers with chainsaws if threatened or just for fun.

A hill billy white man was arrested in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday because he apparently thought “racists are dangerous” was too much of an understatement and decided to show that “untethered from reality” is a more accurate descriptor—at least for him. The man is accused of waving a chainsaw at a Black woman and using racial slurs to scare her off of his property—which it turns out wasn’t his property at all. Lincoln police were called to the 1700 block of North 68 Street around 2 p.m. Saturday. Upon arrival, officers met with a 25-year-old Black woman and several witnesses. The victim stated that she arrived at her apartment building and was met by a white man, 41-year-old Daniel Stueck. She said he started a chainsaw, revved the engine, and said, “Get off my property, [N-word]!” as he walked down the stairs toward her, while swinging the chain saw up and down in a cutting motion. She said she ran away screaming and he shouted, “Yeah, you better run,” followed by more racial slurs. Officers contacted Stueck, who told police that Black people have been stealing from him, and that the victim “was guilty because she was Black.” The Nigger sows name was Nomra Nimox. “I see a man with a chainsaw in his hand he rips open the door,” Nimox told reporters. “I’m standing in the middle part of the stairs and he’s sitting at the top of the stairs. Excuse my language because it’s about to get vulgar, he says ‘sup nigger.’” “He started up his chainsaw and he says ‘get off my property nigger’” she continued, Newsweek reports. “So he started chasing me down the stairs with the chainsaw all the way until we got to the end of the property then he stopped.”<SNIP> LINK

July 23rd, 2021

Gothenburg, Nebraska is named after Gothenburg, Sweden, and is noted for its large number of residents of Swedish descent. Unlike in Sweden Gothenburg America is 100%. The towns motto is “If It Ain’t White, It Ain’t Right”.

May 13th, 2021

May 4th, 2021

This chick Beth will befriend you and then either after a few months or years will do some crazy bullsh1t and then blame everything on you. She is constantly looking for attention from other men well her fat faggot husband is working, saying she wants to fuk other men. I guess you really cant turn a slore into a house wife. She constantly does fat rails of coacine and drinks till she is incoherent and doesnt care if her kids see her like that. She will make lies about you once youre no longer friends and then CONSISTENTLY call child services on you and then go around and tell everyone you are a horrible mother. Honestly girls watch your men and yourself around her she seems nice until she snaps and then causes a whole lot of drama in your life. She has been BUYING cocaine and hookers for herself and her men for years and would never pass a drug test. I dont even know how she still has her child.

April 20th, 2021

Kearney Police have arrested two teens in connection with an armed robbery of a 14-year-old boy. Around 4:22 p.m. Friday, officers were called to the area of the 1400 block of 16th Avenue to investigate an armed robbery. Following a traffic stop, three faggot wigger male subjects were detained. Police arrested 18-year-old Caleb McKeon for robbery, use of a firearm to commit a felony, trying to act tough, distribution of his step dads extra strength Advil and prohibited acts (maybe with his pet cat). A 17-year-old was also arrested for robbery and terroristic threats. Both are little crying pussies and are being held at the Buffalo County Jail. This case remains under investigation by the Kearney Police Department Criminal Investigations Bureau. LINK

He likes to help. Unlike 90% of the other people on here or 100% of the niggers at least this kid an upside.

I was at the ceremony it was nice and all. I smoked crack with the janitor.

April 19th, 2021

These Are The Creatures Jews Expect Your Children To Go To School With!

Omaha Police on Sunday arrested two teens, ages 16 and 18, booking the younger on a first-degree murder charge in connection with Saturday’s fatal Westroads Mall shooting. According to updates from Omaha Police on Sunday, the Metro Fugitive Task Force took Makhi Woolridge-Jones, 16, into custody and arrested 18-year-old Brandon Woolridge-Jones for one count of accessory to a felony. Brandon is currently in the Douglas County Jail with no bond amount set. Traquez Swift, 21, was critically injured around noon Saturday in what police said was a targeted shooting. He died about four hours later. In their earlier report on the shooting, OPD said that shots were fired on the first floor of the mall near the JCPenney store. An OPD spokesman said Saturday that the second victim, a 22-year-old female, was also shot. She was driven in a personal vehicle to CHI Immanuel Hospital, but her injury was not considered life-threatening, police said.<SNIP> LINK

Nebraska 5

Lincoln Police arrested five useless fucking niggers Thursday who were linked to an armed robbery and burglary in the capital city. Taban Rik, Kiehl Gold, David Atem and two underage niglets were booked Thursday. Officers responded to the first robbery on Wednesday. Shortly before 11:30 p m., two victims reported they were robbed at gunpoint by two shit skins near SW 1st and West A Street. The victims were on their bicycles in the area when a white Buick pulled up next to them. Two savage niggers got out of the Buick and one of them pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded his shit. The victims said they recognized the coons or it was their shit in the toilet they both look and smell the same. The victims turned over their phone and cash and the men left the area in the Buick. A second robbery was reported around 1:30 a.m. Thursday. Officers responded to the 800 block of Hartley on reports of a burglary by two ugly foul smelling niggers with guns. A 16-year-old reported he was playing video games with friends when two violent monkeys with handguns entered the unlocked back door of the home. The jungle bunnies walked into the 16-year-old’s bedroom, shoved him to the ground and struck him in the head with the gun. The two other victims were also struck in the head with a gun. Police said the suspects took approximately 20 grams of shitty marijuana and left the area in a white Buick. LINK

March 19th, 2021

This hotel hopping gimmedick b1tch Missy is no new runner at 43 here in Nebraska. She has been ran through from neighborhood to neighborhood. She has so many enemies in Nebraska over the years. She gave my brother and father and step father them incurable sores!!! She ain’t too bad looking until she takes off her makeup and her clothes. She looks like a Zombie in a skin suite!! She plays the part of a sweet little charity case. But shes really a dope smoking leach that has grocery size bags under her eyes! To the ladies beware of this well known backstabber and to my fellow farmers out there make sure you pass this one rite up!

Not only is this girl Jocelyn the biggest drunk skank known to western Nebraska…she goes home with almost anyone who will take her… Shes also a rat. This is known as she takes on Dog The Bounty Hunter and Tony Vlachos so she can get two dicks in her ass at the same time by them (SLUT)!! Be careful guys she will switch on you and threaten the cops if she knows any of ur personal business. Shes obsessed with my boyfriend Jim From Progressive and she really needs to stop threatening him before something bad happens to her tits like me popping them with a pin!!! Bitch. Balloons..

January 18th, 2021

This fucking dumb bimbo boobed sloot Savannah will fuk anything that walks. She has been fuked by 70% of the guys in her company, her boos- when he had a fiancé and another guy who had a girlfriend. She has no morals is relentless in her pursuit of taken men and needs to be found out. She has no values and will spread her legs and text your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband to come meet her at the wee hours of the night. Please stop this home wrecking dumb sloot. she acts like a good girlfriend and a girls girl but will fuk any TAKEN man in a heartbeat- don’t be fooled. Hacks up cum balls in her fucking frosted flakes in the morning too!!!!

This girl Amy throws up constantly at least 5 times a day to make herself feel better then everyone else. Think she is out of everyone league and can have anyone. Gotta watch this one, she always say she is out working while she is sleeping around. She will tell you everything you want to hear while she has multiple d1cks on the go. Becareful she Carrys a drd! Not just mentally if you know what I mean. She will take you for everything she can. She is literally a gold digger. She talks stuff about all her co workers. She also steals needles from a hospitial to pop pu55 in the back of her throat and her teeth are falling apart from all the puking cause by dry mouth. Let everyone see your true self instead of that mask you portray. Literally do the world a favour and go get help. Stop pretending to be real and face reality.

Nebraska 4

–Lincoln Police say they arrested a 23-year-old woman, they believe, was involved in an Oct. 16 robbery at a home near 27th and “O” Streets. Tanya was arrested Friday evening at a home in the 1700 block of Knox and faces robbery charges, along with having an outstanding warrant for assault.  The robbery last month happened when a 20-year-old man told police he was meeting a woman, who was an acquaintance, talk about loaning her money.  The woman, identified as Tanya, asked the victim to go into a back bedroom when he was approached by another man wearing a mask and holding what looked like a handgun. Police say the victim was hit with the gun and the man racked the slide.  Investigators say another person walked into the room and assaulted the victim, then demanding him to empty out out his pockets.  Wallet, car keys and cellphone were handed over.

November 8th, 2020

September 8th, 2020

The alleged scheme was so whack that it boggled the mind. Bribe a juror. Get a not-guilty vote. Marcus Short wanted to secure a chance to terrorize more white citizens. Even the juror who was targeted by the plot last year was mystified. “God what a stupid fucking nigger” the 19-year-old juror told The World-Herald in the wake of the scheme. “If he didn’t stink like feces so much I might of though about it” A judge laughed and pointed out this all would of been prevented if we would of listened to Hitler or picked our own fucking cotton. Few niggers have ever walked among normal humans and not committed some type of very bad crime — murder and jury tampering is basic pre school for nigger. But Douglas County Attorney Victoria Fuller office — led in this case by Deputy County Attorney Hulk Hogan — pushed a judge to allow prosecutors to present the evidence. 5000 lbs of smuggled bananas and over 700 pairs of elderly white women’s shit stained panties were seized from Marcus’s section 8 welfare nigger housing crib. When asked about the charges Short said to reporters ” You all better recognize”. and gave a weak handshake like mocking a homosexual. What people are suppose to be recognizing is unknown. But experts believe we are to recognize he is a stupid nigger going to the clink for ass sex for life.

July 10th, 2020

Ruby is a bitch from Grand Island that works at a dental office and rams toothbrushes up her moldy ass hole. Making sure to get every bristle of the brush caked with yeast and shit curdles that are lodged in the rectal hairs. Then she reseals the toothbrushes and sells them to foreign countries for crack money. Because the laughing gas that she was stealing to get high before almost got her fired. Ruby has a dog the dogs name is rex. You can find Ruby and Rex out side of her step-dad/ lovers trailer beating the shit out of the dog for fun and videotaping it. Ruby get your act together. Your Nebraskan behavior is sick. You are like Penny from the Big Bang Theory if she was on glue.

Nebraska 3

This nasty WHORE Jana… Was supposed to be my friend I’ve known her for over 6 years . She ruined my marriage and my sisters marriage by fucking both our husbands at the same time in my parents bed and then she spit their cum in our families dogs Fluffy’s water bowl. . She slept with my husband and my brother INLAW!!! In a nasty back stabbing slut way! . She would come over and smile in our faces and than OUT HER STINKY PUSSY ALL UP IN MY HUSBAND AND BROTHER INLAWS FACE. And call them Papi . We came home one day from work and caught her in bed with our men . She’s a dirty bitch . She’s got a husband of her own but obviously he wasn’t good enough for her so she had to f*ck our husbands . She’s a dope whore and will f*ck any one for money to support her HABBIT … I’ve already sent the mesages to her husband in which he is serving her with a divorce !

Standing 5’3″, weighing in at over 200 pounds, is this man stealing slut/fugly chipmunk troll Tiffany . This whore cannot find a man of her own, so she has to go after other female’s men. Pretty pathetic and sad. She likes to text and try to get the guy to come over to her place, all the while knowing the guy has a woman. Yes, the men also have some blame-but this disgusting slut knows the men are unavailable in the first place, thus earning her the Gold Medal of #1 Slut. This skank will act like a friend to your face, but don’t let her annoying voice, and overbite buck teeth fool you-she will try and sleep with your man or talk him into dumping his current woman. She is so easy that her legs spread like butter. Watch out Tri-State area-Tiffany is the town bicycle-everyone has a ride on her hail damaged ass! Buy her a fucking doughnut and she is yours.

This girl right here… Her name is Classy Cum Cup Cassie she is from Ashland, Nebraska….prior to her moving she decided to get a little too friendly with my man. Like grabbing his dick in public and playing with it in walmart and having him cum on all the 65 + fat ladies clothing items.…I understand it takes 2 to tango but she knew he had 2 kids and a wife at home who would of taken him to a classier store than Walmart… long story short she snuck him over when her boyfriend was away first time hanging out and opened those legs. Just a gooey loving cum sucking whore. Fuck you Cassie.

This little girl Shelby Fucks more dudes in a week than an entire old school brothel. She’s down to fuck and suck any guy, doesn’t matter if he looks like Quasimoto as long as she gets high on household cleaners, she’s down everytime. Her track record shows that she favors men in serious relationships. She’s got no morals, she gives no fucks if she’s tearing a family apart. MULTIPLE times I’ve caught her hooking up with my fiance, she’s not even smart enough to know when it’s obviously me messaging her…talk about a mush brain! Drugs are bad mmmmkkkkk. Sadly it’s not the dope that made her the whore, that shit is in her blood. So if you’re interested in a slut on the slower side, she’s your girl! Bitch needs to put her tongue back in her mouth for a bit lol. I fucked her for a milk shake the first time I met her. Her box fucking stunk so bad. I doubt she showers she has yellow crust muff spot in her gross pants as she wears no underwear as she sells them to niggers to jerk off to.

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Nebraska 2

Broke a 10 year relationship fuk her co worker/ my husband… didn’t give a fuk about the family or kids She is a huge hooker in western Nebraska. She gets high on fucking crack and breaks into cars to fuck the johns she picks up on skid row. Bitch came over to my house with these fucking wiggers wanting to start shit and then she called the cops. She smells like she shits her self all the fuking time and her breath is like a yeast infection in a dragons asshole. Gabby you are gross crusted hooker with a cheeze whiz vagina that sprays ammino acid on niggers in parks when you smoke meth bitch.

Kim, or Grandma is the President Sgt of Arms for The North Platte Biker gang and the are rough as fuck. Oh yeah she wears depends diapers so she doesn’t leak shit out of her leather. This woman Kim came into our club house with 2 glocks and meant business. She busted a cap in Chester Walnuts face. We spent a lot of time together after that knitting and talking about whacking people. I thought she meant jerking but you know the life. I even let her in my home. She was “just looking for friends.” Come to find out her and my old man Butch were fucking for quite some time. Even the day after he told me we were done. She told me we can still be friends I’ll help you anyway I can. Come to find out she is the reason he called off a 6 1/2 year relationship. He’d been f**king a woman 10 years his SENIOR (she’s 72.) She’s a meth and crack user. Beware ladies if she’s getting close to you it’s because she’s looking to fuck your man.

Where to start? I was friends with Shai growing up in Johnson and until recently, I fell for the sob story like everyone else. Until she turned on me like she’s always done to others. She is a meth/pill/alcohol/anything she can get her hands on addict, she regularly (as in daily) meets married pathetic men all over South East Nebraska to have hard core unprotected anal sex in exchange for drugs. Such a sleaze. She has no morals, no job, has kids but they are scattered all around, her oldest has followed in her mommy’s footsteps as a drug dealing prostitute. She has several sugar daddies paying for her motel rooms regularly. So she’s can have a place to go do business. Fake boobs, thinks she’s is God’s gift to men. She is a laughing stock of embarrassment. I’ve seeen her ruin several marriages and laugh about how guilible the men were. She is also a bipolar who doesn’t take her prescriptions.

Emily Is All About The Loads

Emily from Lincoln is always into swallowing loads. It doesn’t matter if it is summer time or even if she is making toast. Shes just about the loads, loads, loads, loads, loads, Shes all about them loads. This cock hungry bitch does not care what family/relationship she wrecks as long as she swallows every drop before the toast pops and the dog shits out the peanut butter. She will push tampons into your dirty fucking asshole just to prove that she can and then she will brag about it to you and everyone else that she means more to him than you do on twitter. Emily works at the bank and she fucks her boss for a raise even though he is a Mexican with herpes he got from his dad. Emily loves loads. And she poops out loads that she swallows to make milk shakes for her adopted children.

This is Tina she lives in Madrid Nebraska. She is fucked in the head as you can tell by that ugly head. She picks through garbage cans all around Madrid. First time I seen here I went to huck some trash in the can. She popped her head out from a bin and chased me with a stick. I pushed her shopping cart of crap over when I left just to be a fucking asshole and watch the niggers around her scatter to collect the tin cans. She wears these bright purple spandex pants so you can see her big fat fucking ass waddle. If you look on the ass crack of the purple spandex there is usually a browny yellowish wet mark. I mean you can’t fucking miss it and it stinks like shit. All the homeless niggers that Denver sent here fuck her behind Rick’s Auto Garage while drinking 40’s of malt liquor and eating stale bread from the bakery dumpster. Good Times #WINNING.

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Stephanie is a dirty truck stop hooker bitch who pretends to be in the perfect relationship. She sleeps around on her boyfriend constantly with his friends and family. The irony is, is that in early 2017, she caught her husband cheating on her with their pet dog in the living room. She begged and begged for him to let her watch and join in, but he left to be with his younger piece of ass who had a nicer friendlier dog. She IMMEDIATELY got into a relationship with the first man who would have her alien looking eyes and hairy ass. She’s disgusting and I have on good account that two of the guys she’s recently messed around with have gotten the clap. Enjoy your second rate trash, Calvin. Stephanie spends most of her time in the Lincoln stripper scene now as the stage name CATHYKKKUMFARTER.

This brillo velcro headed nappy fuck above busted out of the joint. He is believed to be on his way to see his main bitch Maddy below. They are going to grab shards of glass and cut their bum holes bloody with them.

This nasty alcoholic troll roams Lincoln, Nebraska while she should be taking care of her very unfortunate looking inbred kid. The story of Madeleine goes a little something like this: she was a huge sloot in college (until she dropped out for blowing the janitor in the library) who let anyone put it in & then surprise surprise! she was knocked up by her boyfriend Topher Grace – who cheats on her constantly with men by the way. She huffed cleaning supplies and solvents for most of her pregnancy and definitely wasn’t ashamed of it. She actually got bulk discounts on most name brand bathroom cleaners. Of course she is jobless, lives with her sex offender step dad and still and her only friends are a bunch of raging drug addicts with absolutely no direction in life, but that’s really no surprise. Her manish jizz covered face is so terrible, that wicked witch of the west nose really needs to be fixed but I’m sure she could never ever afford that because all of her money goes to herpes cream right away. This poor little hobbit needs to learn self love and go back to the small white trash bum f*ck town she’s from. Also beware- all of her flaky skin on her fat stubby t rex arms will shed on you and no one wants that she has fleas also. When she sheds her skin if you touch it you will get a bad rash which is orange in color and smells like niggers.

Eats logs of poop while she baths in dog diarrhea the liquidier the better. Bitch

Shawna Jo Ewoldt from Grand Island, Nebraska This woman or whatever you want to call her began an affair with a married homosexual Army recruiter in 2016. To this day, they are still getting away with having an affair as the divorce is not done with because of him. Shawna was working at a medical clinic in Grand Island and the recruiter was getting treatment there. He moved Shawna and her kids into the family home where Shawna slept and farted cum bubbles that aren’t the womans anymore in the marital bed with him while his wife was away smoking crack in Omaha. Shawna was cheating on one of her many boyfriends at that time with the married recruiter. She moves from bed to bed spreading her herpes and in search of someone to take care of her and her two kids. Because she is a lazy fucking ditch pig. She knew this man was married but she did not care. She was married and divorced three times by the time she was 21 years old. She has no morals or respect for anyone. Shawna you bitch also quit stealing women’s hemroid cream and eating it as frosting on cake. Bitch.

Typical Nebraskaner dwellings are makeshift abandoned trailers popular most with the Obese White Lower Income Families. These units are cheap and easily replaceable after the many tornado like cloud funnels that hit. Don’t want to waste Bingo and Pabst 45 beer money on a new home.

This is where all the corn ends up that the illegal Mexican’s pick that almost all Nebraskans harbor and own. Nebraska is one of only 3 states where it is legal to own Mexicans as the state recognizes them as farm equipment.
Most Nebraskans never have heard of a dentist let alone been to one. That is why Nebraskans are known as the British Smilers of the Mid West.
This is where most Nebraskan white males meet on welfare night. They drink cheap beer heavily and abuse Crystal Meth. Then they go home and beat their over weight fat wives when they found out how much they spent at Walmart.

The man above use to sit outside old folks homes high on meth and masterbate. He has now changed his life around and helps Nebraskan youth find Jesus. In his van. In the park. At dark. With handcuffs.

I seen this faggot one day sitting out in a lawn chair in speedo with the sprinkler on. He was stroking his dick to a McDonalds Flyer in the sun.

Forensic Files Season 3 Episodes 1-5

Episode 1 Without a Trace

  In the midwest in Omaha, Nebraska resided the Shelton Family. Bruce a TV repair man and Shelly worked for an insurance company. They also had an 11 month old son Chad. In 1978 Chad was sick and admitted to the hospital. Which was strange because by all accounts he was a very healthy baby. They were by a relatives house for a party earlier.
  Chad was bleeding from every orifice. He was having liver failure. 48 hours after being in the hospital Chad Shelton died. Later that day Chad’s uncle a 25 year old man named Dwayne Johnson went to the hospital. Dwayne was bleeding also. Dwayne too died. Scientists had to figure out what killed them. Later on Bruce and Shelly got sick and so did Dwayne’s daughter. They all went to the hospital. They fortunately lived.
  It was a mystery what killed Chad and Dwayne as it affected the liver but left no trace of origin. At the earlier family gathering Chad and Dwayne were together. They figured out that there was lemonade served at the gathering. Everyone who drank the lemonade got sick.
  The scientists believed they were murdered with a cancer causing research medicine. They were looking for a person who knew the Shelton’s and worked at a cancer research center. They felt that no one had a grudge against them. They found out that Steven Roy Harper and Dwayne had a run in. Plus Harper use to date Dwayne’s wife. Harper ironically enough worked at a cancer research facility. When they searched his home they found he was experimenting on animals with the medicine called DNM in his garage. But this was all circumstantial evidence.
  Harper was obsessed with Dwayne’s wife who she still thought at the time was a good man who was incapable of doing anything wrong to them.
  Harper told a friend that he had broke into Dwayne’s house when nobody was there and that he had spiked lemonade with DNM.
  Harper was convicted of 2 counts of first degree murder and sentenced to get zapped in the electric chair. But before that could happen Harper killed himself in jail.

Episode 2 Knot For Everyone

  In 1986 Stephanie Brown a 19 year old bank teller drove some friends home. Later outside of Sacramento her body was found in an irrigation ditch next to a corn field. She was semi nude and seemed to of been strangled. The killer had cut some of her hair off.
  Stephanie’s car was found 20 miles away on Interstate 5 which is a major California freeway. They figure she may of been lost. About a month later another incident happened on I-5. 26 year old Charmaine Sabrah and her mother had a break down. A man stopped and offered them a ride. But he could only take one of them. Charmaine was never seen alive again her remains were located in the Sierra Mountains and had been scattered by animals. She was strangled too with her own nylons and blouse.
  2 weeks later 35 miles south east of Sacramento a dead body was found hog tied. It was 20 year old Lora Heedik she was last seen in an area frequented by hookers. Her and her drug addicted boyfriend needed money for drugs so he told her to go off with a customer in a white car. Another body 25 year old Karen Finch had been found later on with duct tape in her hair, she was eventually stabbed by scissors. She was a divorced mother of a young child. A few weeks later another victim Darcie Frackenpohl(17) was found in a deserted area near lake Tahoe. Nude and strangled.
  The rope found was used in parachute cords by the murderer. He always had scissors with him to cut clothes.
  On night he tried to handcuff a hooker but she escaped. She flagged down a police man.

   48 year old Roger Kibbe a married father and owner of a storage facility was charged with assault. Ironically enough he was charged when younger for stealing women’s underwear and cutting it with scissors. Roger was also a parachute instructor, and his brother was a homicide detective. Which police thought made sense as the killer knew how to hide evidence, used parachute rope, and liked to cut women’s clothes with scissors.
  In his car they found rope, scissors, and hand cuffs. They needed more evidence though. On ones victims tits they found carpet fibre from Kibbe’s car. Seat fibres were similar to fibres found on pantyhose.
  It is fucked up this sick o never got the death penalty. In California of all states. They should of had Arnold then.

Episode 3 The Talking Skull

   In the fall of 1987 a map maker in Eastern Missouri was surveying land on a boyscout ranch. Sounds fucking pedo. Then he seen something that he thought was a turtle shell, turns out it was a human skull. Now detectives have to put a face on that fucking skull.
   The map maker was a professional map maker from Finland and he didn’t report the skull right away because he was afraid. There was hair, a lower jaw, a femur, ribs, and pelvic bones.  They found Lyme at the scene which helps in body decomposition. The hair from the skull at first was determined not to be nigger hair. At first they figured the victim was a short white female. Then they found out they were on the wrong track. With the remains they found a small button. They have never seen the logo before. They talked to a US customs agent and he discovered the button was from jeans made in Asia and only sold there. So they figured the victim either travelled to Asia or was Asian. They did figure out later the skull was mongoloid which includes chugs and zipperheads. They also figured the woman was thin and in her mid 20’s. Also that she had given birth to at least 2 children. They said they were still at a dead end.
   They ended up doing facial reconstruction on the skull to figure out what the victim looked like. They sent what they had made to TV stations and got a response in 3 days. The people knew it was 33 year old Bunjy Nyhouse(Sp?) who looks a fuck of a lot better in real life than in the composite they made.
   They interviewed her husband Richard and he claimed that she had went back to her native Thailand. He told authorities the skull couldn’t be hers and that she missed her family, wanted a divorce, and went back home.
  Richard Nyhouse who ironically enough was a boyscout leader and often camped on the ranch where Bunjy was found. He eventually confessed to killing his wife. After he killed her he left her in the deep freeze for 3 months. Then in the spring when the ground thawed he buried it. The idiot only dug the grave 2 feet deep. That’s fucking lazy. Nyhouse was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Episode 4 Foreign Body

  Between 1995-98 25 people in the UK experienced weird symptoms. Memory loss, fatigue, trouble with hand eye coordination, nightmares, sudden falls…… medical examiners needed to figure out what the fuck was going on. Also are they some how related. Mad Cow disease.

Episode 5 Deadly Delivery

  December 1989 a white judge in Birmingham, Alabama got a Christmas gift in the mail he went to open it. BOOM. The blast threw him clear across the kitchen he died instantly. The bomb contained nails in it. In Atlanta a few days later a mail clerk found a strange package. It contained a pipe bomb. It turned out to be identical to the one that killed the judge in Alabama. Someone is pissed here I am guessing. Months earlier the NAACP in Atlanta got a bomb mailed to it disguised as chicken. Just kidding about the chicken part, but they did get a similar bomb.
  Then a nigger civil rights activist in Savannah, Georgia got a boom surprise package also just a few days after the judge.
 Experts said the bombs were amazingly done. And could not even find a speck of DNA.  Then in Jackson, Mississippi the head of the NCAAP there got a package. But knew not to open it. Luckily there was a pipe bomb for her and more importantly the guy who would have to clean up the mess and guts.

  Eventually they figured out that the typewriter that wrote the letters eventually replaced the “1” key. They found that a letter matching that with a fucked up “1” was found from a man in Enterprise, Alabama. They found the man that wrote the matching letter but his daughter sold the typewritter years earlier before the bombs were sent.
  Walter Leroy Moody who was angry about a herd of niggers that raped a young white woman and walked away scott free. It was also determine later that Moody had purchased the typewritter from Enterprise, Alabama.
  Moody was convicted of murder and executed via lethal injection in 2018. He almost looks like a woman in that picture on the right. His wife ratted on him too. Lol. Bitch.

Nikko Jenkins

I bet this low life manly looking bitch is proud of the terrorizing shitlit she crapped out of her. I bet Nikko’s father was some random nigger buck whose name she doesn’t even know. It was probably jamal, 1, 2, ,3, 4, 5 Tyrom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Buckwheat, his brother, Uncle Ben and Stevie wonder and Ray Charles tag teamed her. Since they are blind I assuming they pretended she was hot. Oh yeah they are niggers before being blind so they  fuck anything.

Nikko Jenkins

Kill this stinky useless nigger NOW why fucking wait?

Had Enough White People?

  I have profiled a lot of pieces of shit on here (excuse the language here but it is hard with this guy). Before it was really hard to decide which fucking scumbag on here that I blogged about I wanted to see die first or worse. This guy is right up there with child molesters in my book and isn`t just because he is the ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life either. Nikko was shit out onto this earth on September 16th, 1986.
  Nikko or ink face or what ever went on a spree kill in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013. He thinks he is a straight up gangster. Now I never heard about this loser until recently. Which I am amazed this wasn`t international news. I actually had a friend from Omaha inform me about him and I googled him and after laughing at what he looked like for a long time I read about his crimes WOW.
He claims to commit his crimes because he is under the influence of some ancient serpent god Àpophis. Sort of reminds me a little bit about that Jeremy Steinke who thought he was a 300 year old were wolf. I think the 2 would make great cell mates. I am pretty sure Steinke would be Nikkos bitch though and be the receiver and Nikko would be the passer.
  His murder spree occurred within a month after he served a 10 year prison term for armed robbery and assault. But that 10 year prison term wasn’t Nikko’s only stint behind bars. He has been in and out since the age of 7. Yes 7 that is not a typo. He brought a loaded calibre .22 hand gun to school. Some parents or as you can tell by looking at him parent. We will get into his piece of shits mother in a bit here but now back to Nikko’s prison time.
  When he was 11 he got kicked out of a group home for repetitive violence. He dropped out of school at 11 also. Then when he was 12 he committed multiple assaults and even one with a knife. He spent a bit of time in a youth detention centre for those. That never taught him anything he got his first taste of real prison in 2003 shortly after being released from the youth detention centre for 2 armed car jackings.
  While he was in jail he was charged twice once for starting a riot. Then he was even disrespectful enough to assault a prison guard who took him to his grandmothers funeral. He was released from prison in 2013.

The Murders: Less than 2 weeks after Ink face was released from prison he shot dead Juan Uribe-Pena 26 and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz 29. They were discovered with their pockets turned inside out in a pick up truck parked near an Omaha swimming pool. The two victims were lured out to the area with promises of receiving sex acts from 2 of Ink Face’s female relatives.Which were later found out to be his sister Erica Jenkins and a female friend named Christine Bordeaux. Ink face then shot both victims in the head then robbed them of their cash. pictured on the right is Cajiga-Ruiz who was 29.

  But the rampage does not end there, after in cold blood this animal killed 2 people he decided to do it again.

  Then a little over a week later Curtis Bradford 22 was found shot dead outside a garage after getting done working the night shift at a store. It was also found out that that same day Ink face and Bradford posed for a facebook photo together. Bradford was referred to Jenkins as “His Little Homie“. He was also a prison acquaintance. Jenkins committed this crime with his sister Erica Jenkins. His sister shot Bradford first and then Ink face finished him off claiming his sister didn’t do it right. Below is a photo of Ink face with his so called homie Bradford.

 Then 3 days later Andrea Kruger 33 (a mother of 3) was found shot dead lying on the road after her night bartending shift. She was driving home to tend to one of her sick children. Her SUV had been stolen by Ink face and 3 of his relatives. One of which is Ink face’s uncle Warren J Levering 51 the other 2 being Erica Jenkins and Christine Bordeaux. Apparently they were looking for an SUV to steal to go out and rob people to get money to attend a lil Wayne concert. Ink face shot her 3 times after dragging her out of the drivers seat while the others blocked her when they ambushed her at a stop sign. She was shot in the head, neck, and back. Then while they left her on the road for dead Ink face’s uncle Levering ate the McDonald’s that Kruger bought for her son on the way home from work. In a phone conversation between Ink face and his sister his sister was mad at him for not throwing Krugers body in a ditch.
  At the trial it seemed that Ink face felt bad about killing Kruger saying that he only killed women if Apophis commanded him to. He also stated he had committed many carjackings prior without killing anyone.

The Arrest: He was arrested on unrelated terrorist threat charges on August 30th, 2013. But the cops were already on to him as they caught a female accomplice of his purchasing the bullets used to commit the murders.

The Trial: Ink face pleaded guilty to all 4 counts of the killings. He also said in a letter which he wrote to the Omaha World Herald that he would protect Apophis Kingdom with animalistic savage brutality.
On February 19th, 2014 Ink face filed a law suit for 24.5 million against the state of Nebraska for wrongfully releasing him. He claimed that he was hearing voices from Apophis and they were completely ignored.
He represented himself in court. He pleaded guilty but said that he committed the murders under the act of Apophis. He blamed the prison guards for the murders and that being kept in solitary confinement augmented his schizophrenia. During the trial he was howling and laughing as the prosecutors recalled details of the victims deaths. After all that he then pleaded no contest.
  After all that circus of this shit face was done which was known as The Nikko Show. He howled while getting dragged out of the court room.
  On April 16th, 2014 he was found guilty of all 4 murders. As of this date he is in a Lincoln, Nebraska psychiatric hospital.
More About This Shit Stain On Society: Apparently on the night Ink face got out of jail his mother threw a get together at a Travel Lodge Motel. Which was attended by the family. Apparently Ink face has a wife Chalonda and a girlfriend Sherry Floyd who is 48 and also has tattoos all over her face. I guess that night Ink face hopped in the shower with Floyd and it almost made Chalonda and Floyd get into a scrap. Apparently Chalonda was threatened by a weapon from Floyd earlier.
Lori Jenkins: Lori Jenkins is Ink faces mother. She was 47 at the time of the murders and was charged with covering up 3 of the 4 murders. She was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Of Loris 6 children 4 were arrested in the same month that this shit show went on.

Erica Jenkins: Erica Jenkins is Ink faces sister. She is an ugly pig herself too 

piercings all over her face. That’s her to the left incase you couldn’t figure it out. Just hideous. She was charged with murder in the Bradford slaying. She is also being charged as an accomplice in the others. If you thought that was bad she is also being charged for robbing a gas station earlier in the year and for assaulting inmates when she was in prison earlier in the year. She is also going to be charged with an assault that she committed on an officer while leaving court.
  She is almost as loud mouthed as her brother yelling out in court “How can I be a murderer, I am pregnant“. Yes I know it is hard to believe that any sane person even Ink face would have sex with her but she was infact  months pregnant at the time. She also has a 7 year old son in protective custody with the state now. So she is shitting out batches to be just as bad. Arrest or abort those kids now! This family has shown with their blood they are  born failures.
If you thought that was bad and fucked up she actually had the nerve to say in jail that sentencing her brother to death was evil and sinful. She said we are all human beings and no one has a right to take another ones life. This family is fucked.

Sherry Floyd: Sherry Floyd was Ink faces girlfriend that he met while at his grandmothers funeral in 2009. Yes the same one where he attacked a prison guard at. She claims that she visited Ink face in prison she gave him over 30,000 dollars. I imagine from either drug sales, prostitution, or robberies. I figure that because I am guessing welfare checks and food stamps can not stretch that far.

  Floyd even tattooed her face to be like Ms Ink face at his request. I couldn’t find any photos of this pig with tattoos on her face. But apparently she has perniciousness on her forehead meaning evil and another tattoo that translates into I will die and kill for you.
  Floyd says that because of this case she lives in fear and had to move because of this case.
Charlotte Jenkins: (Nikko’s Wife) It looks like a male buck nigger.

  • On the night of Ink faces release he stated to his mother he wanted to go to Florida commit a bunch of robberies. After that move to Cuba and take martial arts and then join their military so he could fight against the United States.
  • Ink Face met his girlfriend Sherry Floyd at his grandmothers funeral the same one where he attacked the prison guard at.
  • Ink face`s own father David  Magge states that his own sun burst into his own home and pull a sawed off shot gun on him.
  • Since Ink face had to fire the gun properly to kill Bradford his sister Erica was upset with him because he robbed her of her first kill.
  • I recommend that everyone with a facebook page to like this page Death Sentence for Nikko Jenkins
Conclusions: This family is fucked execute them all. This is out of control and it is great most are in custody. What a family tree to be proud of. I could write for days about these losers they are all over the internet. I feel sorry for the residents of Omaha that had to and still have to worry about some of this waste of skin roaming around on their streets.

Some References:

Look at that Judy Huxtable looking negro on the right. That is Nikko’s sister. She looks proud in that mug shot. Sort of like a rookie pro sports player does on their first big league card.
This family with out a doubt is the most fucked up family to ever grace the face of the earth. They aren’t white trash, drnken natives or even niggers. They are the feces of a niggers feces’s feces. They should just be flown up to space in a space ship all of them and let them figure out how to live. I am almost certain none of them have ever had a real job.
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