Montana 4

May 4th, 2021

Well this discusting little thing Jodi wasn’t always little she was a fuking pig at one time until she became a junkie fukin slore who doesn’t cook for her kids doesn’t clean anything or her kids. And not even really herselfshe had a good man her bf of six years who raised her daughters and had his son with the trashy slore. She went around fuking all his friends and has bin having an affair with a man child names fuking bunch a goofs they are. His ship sailed long ago and hers is about to. She has this itch and seems to tell people it’s nothing but I’d not take that lightly. I’m a well know acquaintance of hers and is out to lunch has no feeling left other then for herself the minisry or her goofy friends but she just sucks tgeir d1cks and out gets a train ran over her stably fuking a55. I don’t think any orfuse in her can stay closed with out her clenching it shut. She’s a dead beat looser with every disorder in the world the isles b1tch. All her kids know she’s a fuking waist of space. She fuks all her ex’s friends and actually thinks nobody knows. It’s sad. I really do feel srry for her sad sad little life. Poor thingI can not translate the language they speak in Montana.

April 22nd, 2021

January 18th, 2021

This lovely young home wrecker Kelly Ann of Roundup Montana has a thing for guys that are taken. If you’re single she has no interest. What’s sad is they never choose her when it comes down to it, so hopefully she learns to be content with being a side peace at best. She also robs drug dealers so anyone who lost a significant amount of that nice white snow about a couple months ago…like a real significant amount, if you know this sweetheart chances are she’s the culprit. Hopefully she will see this and learn not to fuck with peoples lives and what goes around comes around.

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