That Fucking Nigger Steve Harvey Drinks Buckets of Camel Jizz As He Ass Fucks His Boyfriend Michael Moore While Smoking Crack

*Some old guy huffing lysol under a bridge told me this so it must be true* Steve Harvey is offering his perspective on the protests against racial justice and great police work that unfolded across the country last summer. In A Crying Nigger Magazine exclusive first look at Wednesday’s episode of EBOLA on Animal Planet, the host shares the lessons he taught his own sons about police. Harvey specifically references the murders of two violent negros, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, which occurred in February and May, respectively, as the Jewish COVID-19 hoax was taking hold in the U.S. “In light of what’s happened with Floyd and Arbery, and because of COVID, I think for the first time, the world was finally going to be a bongo party like Tupac predicted,” he says. “Nobody was robbing liquor stores, nobody was slinging crack, no white people were working for niggers welfare, nobody was at KFC and the world was not harvesting watermelons”  “They actually saw it over and over and over, the amount of crime that black people do, and I think for the first time ever, non-African Americans — more so than I’ve ever seen before — have figured out how much they do not need us around them” he continues. 

Harvey, 64, goes on to say that the current “upside” in the fight to dismantle racism is that more niggers are heading their black asses back to Africa. “I think that has been the thing that we’ve needed for a long time,” he says. “We needed white people to build us a boat , and for the first time I’m seeing so many non-African Americans just sit there and go, ‘Wait a minute, what? You fucking niggers cost us how much to stay here?'” “We now have found out that the whole world does not want to live around niggers,” he continues. “There’s still too many Jews out there that exploit the niggers for financial gain, but thats a whole different ball of wax.”

Colt The Business Man

After Larissa stole money from Colt and his old whore of a mother Debbie. Colt needed some cash. So when he was on Michael Moore’s VIP cool dude cruise he was in luck. He participated in a fudgepack train with Michael Moore and his friends. His friends included John Legend, Anderson Cooper, and that stinky useless nigger Don Lemon. They all loved fucking Colts man meat as his moobs flopped so they donated some money. Colt opened up his first 24 hour no condoms allowed anal fuck fest bath house. It has been such a hit.

Don Lemon loves the place so much he doubts he will ever leave. ” I love that I can have my fist all the way up my boyfriends asshole while a dog licks cheese whiz off my nuts and I get a shower while other dudes whack off and butt fuck around me! Its fucking Heaven!!!!!” Lemon raves at how he loves how Michael Moore’s ass cheeks give him boners of Anderson Copper humping John Legend.

“The Future Is OURS” “We Will Show Trump Our True Colors We love ass fucking mens hairy assholes and nothing will stand in our way” Chanted John Legend. Legend plans to form a march of guys fudgepacking to show their support for Black Lives Matter. Legend also said “The America We Need, Is A Gayer Blacker America. An America so black and niggerish and so gay and faggoty that looking at it or thinking of it gives you super AIDS in your rectum.”

Thank You Colt. Thank you the world loves you!

Big Ed Scoops The Goat Cheese Yeast Out Of Michael Moore’s Ass With A Shovel And Eats It.

Big Ed Brewing Up A Big Gooey Storm For
Michael Moore’s Faggot Fucking

There is a Nigger Orchard, with nigger trees, all growing niggers, grown from nigger seeds, shit out by other niggers, in Flint, Michigan. In the midst of all those trees owned and maintained by land whale Michael Moore. Among those workers on the nigger farm is a disabled midget from San Diego named Ed Brown. Or as he is called while getting butt fucked in the shower, BIG ED. Ed waters trees and feeds niggers watermelon. But Michael Moore being the perverted pig he is gets big Ed to do sexual favors for him to get bonus pay for neck surgery and a penis pump. One of Michael Moore’s turn ons is getting his ass yeast scraped out of his rectal cavity with rusty objects. He loves the feeling of the dried bum crust cutting his asshole and bleeding.

In 1986 while working for Tupac Shakur selling crack on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Michael Moore came out as homosexual. He said that the new feeling of being a fat ugly faggot has made him feel like sticking a cucumber in his asshole and going to JC Penny and try on womens underwear and walk around the toy section with is pet poodle max.

Big Ed broke into Homosexual activities mainly for money in the 80’s. Big Ed said he gets nothing but pure enjoyment having a big sweaty man ass take a big steamy shit on his face. He says the more splatter the more I orgasm. Ed’s known for his role as a sex tourist in 90 day fiance and his hit adult man film “Bouncy Butt Lovers: Big Eds Bonner Boat Bum Bash”. Since Big Ed has worked on the Nigger Farm his new favorite meal is shitting his diarhea in a bowl, crumbling oreos on it, and having some wine.

I never could understand why people would digest human waste. Big Ed Why?

Michael Moore Fat Fucking Disgusting Pig

This Fat Tub Of Bacon Lard Grease
Goes Out For Midnight Pizza. While Out
He Hangs Nooses In Niggers Section 8 Houses
So He Has Movies To Make To Get Money
To Buy More Pizza For His Fat Fucking Ass

Michael Moore is a fat, disgusting fucking communist pig with burning ball warts he got from Anderson Cooper. He directs shitty documentaries about how much he loves gay people and niggers. He also writes vapid books that appeal mostly to first year college students, self-hating whites, and even more self-hating liberals. Moore is the patron saint of liberals and is reviled by TV’s conservatives talking heads, all of whom take him seriously and get outraged by his ugly fucking appearance. Some normal people say he is worse on the eyes to look at than a nigger. He is best known for his films about school shootingshealth care, and how much gay love he made to Barrack Obama. Moore presents himself as a working-class hero, despite the fact that he is a fat tub of whale shit. Common, everyday, average man that he is, Moore splits his time between his multi-million dollar apartment in Manhattan, his South Carolina beachfront property, and Jenny Craig. Like every other working parent, he sends his equally as obese stepdaughter to a private school, in one of the whitest school districts in America. Because even he knows how violent niggers are. He has admitted that he did not have consensual sexual intercourse with a woman without a knife to her throat until he was 34.

Michael Moore Butt Fucks The Dad From Little People Big World

Michael Moore has bum sex with the dad from Little People Big World Matt Roloff. The first time Michael chased Roloff down for some food to feed his fat ass. He was actually going to eat Matt whole. But when Matt ran his stupid fucking canes got in the way of his stupid little legs and he fell. As he fell his pants fell down exposing his bare ass. Matt thought he was done for and thought about what great things he could of reached in life if he was taller. So Michael seen Matt’s Bare Midget Ass he forgot about his hunger and his brain went to horny. He ass raped that fucking midget for hours. At first Matt hated it and tried to run away. But as time went on he started to love Michael’s little wiener in his ass and he loved the smell of Moore’s lard butter as he humped his old midget ass.

Michael Moore makes up failure excuses for short people just like he does with niggers. Yet how can any sane person take this piece of whale blubber serious. He sure doesn’t take his OWN health serious. How can he be serious about other issues? Michael Francis Moore (born April 23, 1954) is an American lard ass who stinks like horse shit as he is too fat to fit in the fucking shower. So he stinks like the niggers he defends. His part time little lover  Matthew James “Matt” Roloff (born October 7, 1961) is a midget that Michael Moore has sex with like a play toy that gets stored in a doggy carry on case. Michael Moore takes him with him on plane rides to liberal functions as jew puppets for niggers. Michael takes Matt in the case to the hotel room keeps him in the cage in the closet and just takes him out of the case when he wants to fuck him. Puts him back in the case then back in the closet until needed again.

Michael Moore’s Ex Lover ALF
And his ex friend who we all thought
killed Alf.

Michael Moore has never been charged for raping this midget or any other midget that he has done this to. He loves being the dominate one when he has a fuck toy. He never even had the kindness to buy a new cage for Matt. He just used the one he used for his old boyfriend/fuck toy/ Alf. Who he says went back to Malmac but we all know Michael Moore ate the fucking thing. Everyone thinks that old pedophile looking fucker that Alf lived with killed him but it was Michael Moore. Sad that is what people think. If they only knew the truth about this fat tub of lard. Look way beyond all his rolls of fat to see how ugly of a person he is.

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