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Faggot Whine

Rapinoe is a fucking ugly dyke and is no stranger to protests on the field of play. But since she is ugly and supports stupid shit no one fucking cares. She knelt during the playing of the national anthem before her National Women’s Soccer League games, and has a long track record of staunch opposition to President Trump. She first was angry at Donald for not taking the sexual advances she offered to him. She threw her self at Trump to fuck her. Trump wouldnt fuck that ugly man so she chose to be an ugly lesbo and get back at the world by supporting mass faggots and third world nigger immigration. To bankrupt whites and destroy civilization. Fuck what an ugly pig she is. No wonder no one cares what faggots have to say they have someone like Megan Rapinoe representing them.

In these countries Faggots don’t whine.

Yet virtually every Arab or Muslim man I have ever met is a faggot in some form of way. Denial is probably the main reason. After all Allah is like the Elton John of Islam.

How can we expect these things to be able to elect a leader, drive a vehicle, obey the law, when they can not even figure out what bathroom to use?

This is a new low. Sad fucking sad.

This ass pirate is a racist sexist. But since he is a kike faggot who loves CNN his AIDS infested anal hole can say what ever he wants.

This has to be a fucking troll account the more I see the tweets. No idiot can be this stupid.

Yeah it really seems to be a fake account someone trying to make the left even more retarded than they already are. Although lots of things never surprise me.

The stupidity of the account is continued below in the link. I dont have enough time to post them all and I have lots of time lol.

These Faggots want to do sick fudgepack acts what ever. DO NOT bring a child into the mix. That is child abuse period. They are on the same level as a child molester.

So this butt pirate wants to turn history into a Faggot Fudge Packer Temple with purple dildos hanging as flags. It is apparently racist to this kike queer to build historical societies. Probably rapes poodles and sucks the chocolate pudding out of Bill Cosby’s asshole with a straw.

Sunday Slop

  It is nice to see an Asian woman say this. She will probably only get a slap on the wrist. If a white male said this he would be tarred and feathered by the jews. In the Jews plan the Asian cultures are next. They will exterminate the whites and then the orientals using negros and muslims. Once the whites and Orientals are dead the niggers, muslims, and fags will have no referees to not kill each other than the only one standing is the jews. It is a shock the world is so full of people that can not see this plan as plain as day.

I will never understood the loop hole that lets this male gorilla play female human tennis.
She is with him for his personality.
El Chapo that spic Mexican drug lord was sentenced this week. Good job US forces now there will be a shit load of murders of innocent while these fucking beaners try to re group. If you really want to be serious on drugs execute all distributors even go as far as kill all users. But you won’t the income in your pockets is too great.
Selena Gomez looked”cute” this weekend. Something about thinking anything sexual about that girl still makes me think you can end up in the back of a pig car. She looks like she is 13 still.
Am I the only one who finds so called model Cara Delevigne a pig? I do not find her attractive. She resembels a future serial killer and is too spooky looking to get a bonner to.
Japanese people who consider themselves Canadians are upset with the BC government about their ancestors treatment many rice seasons ago. Thats nice to know. My answer is”Fuck you zipperheads”.
Some Bull Dyke US Soccer player was un happy with Trumps truth comments about those shitskin congresswomen.
Still do not know if this lesbian soccer player was born with a penis or got one attached later on in life. But it doesn’t really matter. Even if their was an ounce of dignity in those congressgroids having that little boy up there represent you and respect you just made you look worse.
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