Love After Lock Up: Maurice & Jessica Burn The Coal- Your Fucking Life Is Ruined and Over Plain and Simple.

Maurice “Dindu Nuffin” and Jessica “Dirty Coal Burner” Gibson’s recent social media activity has proven their breakup since last appearing on Love After Lockup. The married couple has been taking jabs at each other online as Maurice enjoys life with his new boyfriend Kenny Nigger Pickles. Spectators and Biden Fans have been cheering Maurice and his faggot lover while watching Jessica struggle and raise their niglet, Ma’Liq Gibson, all on her own until he goes to prison at 12. According to Maurice, however, Jessica is a white ho who owes all blacks for slavery is preventing him from stealing more welfare from the white man. Many viewers were rooting for Maurice to push Jessica off a cliff during Love After Lockup season 3. Maurice, an African native, was hoping to rob white people for crack money. In turn, Jessica was looking forward to building a future with Maurice (having a future with a nigger.??✡??? The only issue was the reluctance that Jessica’s family expressed over her relationship because they know Maurice is a nigger and prone to TNB (typical nigger behavior). Alas, after enough begging, Maurice was able to make Jessica’s father give up on his daughter after he found out she was knocked up with a criminal nigger egg.  Unfortunately, since welcoming her son in 2020(the nigger will never see it or pay for it this isn’t sci fi here this is real life), a visible strain of niggerness ultimately led to the pair parting ways, which started a nasty battle on world star hip hop.

Maurice has come under fire in recent weeks after a man by the name of Kenny confirmed they were playing dick swords and packing ass. In a screenshot captured, Kenny shared a shirtless pic of Maurice while teasing their courtship. “GAY NIGGERS FOR WILL SMITH” Kenny Nigger Pickles wrote over Maurice’s pic. The GayTV star followed it up by reposting it and telling his new lover Kenny to stop asking him if he misses her. All the while, however, Jessica has been sharing photos with their son, and like any nigger in a photo with their off spring Maurice is noticeably absent. To make matters worse, Maurice appears to be sleeping with Eddie Winslow also while Kenny Nigger Pickles works 50 hours a week at Walmart.

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