Rodney Loves Fag Cum In A Bowl! He Buys It At The Grocery Store

Rodney Loves Fag Cum In A Bowl. He buys it at Walmart.

Rodney Foster and Desiry Hall seem to be horrible nigger actors (who stink and have AIDS). Aside from the initial sparks of joy and happiness when they see bananas, the two jungle bunnies have always been at a dilema. From not sharing fried chicken to stealing bikes from white childrens elementary schools, they have fought several battles, and not once did anyone believe Rodney wasn’t a flaming fucking gay nigger (with AIDS)..

On ‘Marrying Millions‘ their woes reached a point where they had to rob a liquor store. During their session with the crack addiction, Rodney got thrown tough questions, on why he loved being a male prostitute for crack money. He didn’t seem very invested in revealing the reason why he was wearing a diaper. Most believe it is from a torn rectum from all the dicks he took in there.. And that piqued fans’ interests who have dug up theories that will help them find out who Rodney slept with outside of his relationship with Desiry besides Michael Moore.

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Marrying Millions: Rodney The Nigger Faggot

Season 2 of Marrying Millions has kicked off and among the show’s many new controversial matchups, couple Rodney King and transgendered orangutang Desiry appear to be at the center of a lot of concerns. On the surface, the couple appears to be a like monkeys in the zoo: Rodney is the CEO of a multimillion-dollar butt plug company known as Obama’s Choice, and Desiry steals old white women’s purses from hospitals. But like most relationships on the show, there seem to be deeper and funnier issues at play. Desiry has voiced that it’s concerning to her that after dating for two whole years, Rodney wants to keep their relationship a secret like the colonials original recipe, and audiences were quick to jump to conclusions the fact that even though Desiry looked like a chimp she could pass off as a female negro. That way Jewish television producers would stop trying to rape Rodney.

Rodney and Desiry met two years ago at a watermelon convention in Los Angeles. After they hit it off, the couple decided to continue their relationship long-distance with Desiry remaining in Los Angeles and Rodney in Africa(where he belongs).  Their relationship appears to be built on a strong foundation of bananas with a lot of nigger matters, other than the fact that White tax payers paid all of Desiry’s bills. They are just a couple of silly niggers.

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Bill and His Old Wrinkly Balls Scored Himself a Beaner Border Jumper He Ass Hacked in a Port-o-Potty

Marrying Millions Greasy Creep Bill and Border Jumping Brianna on Why Their Relationship is a Success Despite the 40-Year Age Gap and Bill’s really old saggy wrinkly balls. If you love the stories about the fucked up pathetic couples on 90 Day Fiancé, you will want to laugh at the new relationship show — Marrying Millions — from the creators of that shit series, premiering tonight at a KKK party. Marrying Millions follows the lives of several couples – one rich pathetic shit bag who can’t even buy a lover, the other willing to suck the shit out of their ass with a straw – as they work on their relationships and are faced with the question: How bad can I rob this rich fucker? spoke to Bill, who describes himself as 61 year old faggot, and is the founder of homosexual male escort company, as well as his beaner girlfriend Brianna, 21, who was working as a lettuce picker near where Bill picked up crack head hookers, which is where they met. The couple have been together for 2-1/2 years. “I’m a stalker, i was weird horny methed out, I was like I am going to grab a spic and bend her over in the port o potty. I just never thought it would be this young girl,” the twice-gay-divorced male porn empire tycoon tells in this exclusive interview. “I really wanted to meet a young spic I could use as a cum dumpster. I was impressed with her being able to ignore all the sores and warts on my cock and balls. She was also so jonesing for heroin, and I thought, ‘This bitch will do anything to get her fix, and I mean anything.’ I did get to plow her in that stinky port-o-potty, we started by only doing anal, we’d talk about her yeast infection and my rectal warts, we went out and score crack and meth, and, eventually, that led to more dates and then it led to where we are today, Robbing old ladies for drug money, so it’s a beautiful story.”

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Marrying Millions

Marrying Millions is an American reality television series made by some Jew that premiered in America Land on July 10, 2019. The show follows the everyday lives of six couples who face scrutiny from friends and family.

Hands down the best couple on the show!!!! And that greasy looking hippy there should be addressed as GOD. If you can learn anything from watching this show, single guys need to be able to pull off a “Reese”. Nonie made a name for herself in the London fashion scene as a nail tech, working her way up to eventually launch several successful international beauty brands. She met her polar opposite, Reese, 17 years her junior, after swiping right on Tinder and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Nonie has a fierce work ethic which has led her to obtain properties in New York, London and Seattle. Reese, on the other hand, seems to be always high, looks and I assume smells like he never showers, and occasionally works as an arborist and lives at a skate house with several dork buddies.

Kevin, 30, is a self-made multi-millionaire who first met Kattie, 23, when she traveled to one of his speaking events in Mexico. It still never ever mentions exactly what it is he actually does though. So some scam I assume. Despite a net worth approaching $50 million, Kevin is like a Jew when it comes to spending on his girlfriend. A woman way too good looking for the dork Kevin. Everything about Kevin yells dork him, his friends, the fact he almost seems to be a closet homosexual it is just really disturbing. He has been with her for over a year and is moving and wants her to move out to Las Vegas with him and get her own place. This is lucky to have any woman want him let a lone a hot one. All the homosexuals I see in town here all tell me It is apparent Kevin likes it up the poop shoot. Its so fucking obvious.

Erica is a 23-year-old small town girl from Springfield, Illinois, while 68-year-old Sack of Shit Old Jew Rick lives aboard his yacht in Miami Beach. The shock factor of their 45-year age gap hasn’t worn off on family and friends, including Erica’s father, who doesn’t understand their relationship. Rick met Erica through social media, and after liking some of her photos, moved quickly to ask her to live with him on his yacht. When you see this old bastard gawk her it will make you realize the Jew factor in the push on pedophilia in America. Rick is almost like a Rodney Dangerfield type Jew too. Even though you know he is a slimy snakey filthy Jew he is somewhat entertaining to watch. Pedophilia is a big thing for Jews as most Jews can not get women without money. A perfect hilarious ending to this couple would be for them to get married, she doesn’t sign a pre nup, and leaves the Jew penniless.

After a missed connection while attending the same high school, it was money that brought these two back together down the line. From normal nigger section 8 houses beginnings and raised by a single mother, thanks to NAACAP and Jews making whites flood diversity quotas Donovan now runs a highly successful multi-million dollar real estate company where he employs his practice ass, Dani. He calls Dani his practice ass for when he gets a chance to make it big and ram his dick in John Legends asshole on a grand piano. Now that he has found success, he enjoys spoiling his girlfriend with lavish gifts, KFC Mega Meals 7 days a week, and trips around the world. But issues simmer just below the surface, as Dani resents being his low-paid monkey’s jizz rag. They are boring to watch and he is your typical I am a nigger and I made it on my own type. I usually go take a piss or flip the channel when these dorks are on.

Gentille is a real estate investor who buys and sells extravagant homes, and in doing so, lives a lavish lifestyle. Although most people I have talked to say that most of her money was earned in the adult entertainment business. Porn? Who knows? It was hear say. On the other hand, Brian works in construction and lives at home with his parents. Which is really hard to believe watching the show for 2 reasons about Brian. Reason 1- No one in their right mind even cleaning toilets would hire Brian. He is fucking retarded. Seriously he should be entitled to disability for brain injury. Also with his parents? I highly doubt anyone wants anything to do with him in real life let alone want to admit they are related to the dip shit. Much to Brian’s dismay, Gentille called off their engagement at the altar, mainly because she can do way better than someone who is as smart as Lenny from the book “Of Mice and Men”. He’s holding out hope that they can get back together — but is she willing to rekindle things? Highly fucking doubtful. She could lay almost anyone she wanted. This one is staged. It is the second most fake couple on the show. The first is next.

This is so fake its comical. Multi-millionaire Rodney and his girlfriend Desiry are head over heels for each other, despite living separately on opposite coasts. Rodney made his fortune in the wine industry, which has given him the ability to take care of Desiry, who works for a non-profit. But their long-distance relationship has its share of challenges — including the fact that they have kept it a secret. Here is the kicker when you watch these 2. Rodney is gayer than Don Lemon’s cum in Anderson Coopers ass. he is flaming charcoal nigger fucking gay!!!!!! That ugly nigger goose looking charcoal mullet thingy he calls his girlfriend on the show seems oblivious. If you google this dork it says he is not a millionaire. If he had another buck on the Show with him like John Legend or Don Lemon it would of been believable. But this is pathetic it is well? Gay!

Bill Ass Hacks This Beaner In A Port-O-Potty near the lettuce field he met her at.

Bill, who has described himself as a 61 year old wrinkly fucking pedophile, founded and currently runs a commercial real estate company with fellow creeps and investments in the billions. Twice divorced, Bill met Brianna, 22, at a popular restaurant in Dallas where Brianna was a lettuce picker and Bill started plowing her in a port-o-potty near the lettuce field. Since most Mexicans just shit in the lettuce Bill had all the time in the world to make Brianna earn her green card. Don’t believe me about Mexicans shitting in the fields? Fucking look at your lettuce next time you are at a grocery store. That be Mexican shit on there. Now that Brianna has become more accustomed to having electricity and money for meth and her Latino gang member homies, Bill must decide whether or not he’s finally ready to tag team Brianna with Joe Biden. Bill uses a shit ton of ben gay cream on his wrinkly balls that he braids his nut hair on. Bill better hurry up with this one she is almost 23. Time to boot her beaner ass to one of them detention centers to exchange her for a younger model.

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Rating: 1 out of 10.
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