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Manitoba 6

Manitoba RCMP arrested three chugs and seized weapons and drugs in a bust in Thompson on Saturday. Investigators got a search warrant after they were told drugs were being sold out of a reservation style residence on Parkway Crescent. Mounties found 28 grams of crack cocaine, individual rocks of crack cocaine, illegal toilet bowl cleaner, comet, lysol, cash and some weapons, RCMP said in a news release Tuesday. A 26-year-old woman Suzie Shitsherpants, a 30-year-old man Billy Rapessisteroften and a 19-year-old man Tyler Fuckingwhiteydidit, all from Thompson, were arrested. The woman is charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking and possessing property obtained by crime. A 26-year-old man Johnny Lastbeercan faces the same charges, while Fuckingwhiteydidit faces charges of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose, possessing illegal toilet bowl cleaner for the purpose of selling and possessing property obtained by crime, RCMP said.

Manitoba 5

So I LIVE NEXT DOOR TO THIS CRAZY B1TCH this b1tch Maggie she is in her ealy 30’s in Winnipegosis she is SO Crazy she hates natives with a passion yet lives and acts like one. she goes around fucking with numerous guys and trying to snatch their sperm so the govt can support her lazy fat a55. SHE SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN TRIED TO TRAP HIM GOT PREGNANT AND KNOWING THE SITUATION (that he would take care of his kids but was NOT gonna leave his wifey for HER) she decided to snatch his sperm and get a restraining order I KNOW THE GUY HE IS ONE OF THE BEST MEN U CAN EVER MEET HES THERE AND TRIES HIS HARDEST… She calls police and lies as soon as u call her on her retardedness…. . LETS JUST SAY SHES DELUSIONAL AND NOT THE SHARPEST CRAYOLA IN THE BOX. Maggie is the only white person I have ever met who is not allowed to buy mouth wash and cleaning supplies at the local co-op. Not only because the locals and natives hate her. But because she gets so high and fights everyone and poops her pants. Get it together Maggie.

This little girl Kim is something other than loyal. She will get as close to you as possible, just to be with your man. She cannot just be by herself. She always has to be with someone. Even if it means sneaking over, While you are not around. She will parade her mom’s money, Just around to reel you in. She will give you all the adventure and you’re man drugs including shrooms and harder stuff. Just to get to your man. Then swear it was an accident. Well, It has been an “Accident” 3 times so far, So it’s just a habit. Her loyalty is to the d1ck. Not to her friends.

Let me tell you. I’ve know this girl Cassidy for years from Vita, Manitoba. She has always been a trashy floozy, tattoos everywhere, chest piercings, drd filled, usually has a gob of jiz hanging from her fucking fhin.. She’s slept with like 8 of my buddies. Claims she’s a brow artist but lives off her boyfriend that works up north. She moved everywhere from Ontario, to Alberta, and now I believe living in Winkler because no one likes her. She’s a dramatic rude whore to everyone. Jealous of every girl that threatens her. She has bad daddy issues. She has a little girl, but instead of taking care of her. she’s out slamming vodka back her throat to wash all the cum down. She also claims to be a “promotional model.” Who would ever hire you? Sorry, you’re nasty. She is a gold digger “mom” looking to create any drama she can get her hands on. Stay away. 

I don’t even know where to begin with this sad excuse of a human beingKayla but I’ll just keep it short and sweet. First off she’s a serial cheater, my poor buddy stole her from another guy but he thought it was love cause that’s what she told him. Later he finds out that this sloot cheated on him with a guy who has a wife and kids. That’s right Chris Harrison…you should maybe come clean to your wife about everything. I won’t be surprised if she has slept with other married men for some happy dust. But if you are a married guy, give this girl a line and she’ll do the nasty with you. Always high on crack and steals from everyone. She also picked up meth. She loves loads blasted in her and hates condoms.. She said the loads help make her tits fucking huge. Bitch has a dairy in her chest. I fuking hate Kayla. Too bad such nice big fucking tits are on such a fugly fucking whale face.

Cheyenne puts up a good front, but she’s nothing more than garbage. She basically sleeps with any guy she can because she’s so lonely and desperate. Cheyenne has always dated losers who sell drugs or alcoholics. This girl has never used a condom( because they are too big for Native men and fall off their toothpick dicks) once in her life and has caught PLENTY of DRDs, and now adding to the list abortions. Shes a home wrecker of Dauphin and doesn’t care. Not to mention how crazy she is. She cant keep a man if her life depended on it. She can’t even keep her son’s father around because all she does is b*tch and she drove him away. Her baby daddy has told us stories about her bad parenting. Getting drunk all the time, always trying to give her son off on family members whenever she can. Cheyenne bringings guys to her home when she can, smoking around him or in the same house where he sleeps, she even hits her son. She even once chose an ex-boyfriend over her son on his birthday so she could make the father mad. She’s a spiteful floozy. From what her baby daddy says, she has only had one home of her own since he was born. The rest of the years she couch hops with her son. Why is she allowed to have a child anyways? Cheyenne is a terrible person with a bad attitude and nothing going for her in life. She’s a waste of time who uses people to get what she wants.

Manitoba 4

I’m afraid there’s not much to say about Carrie from Grandview, Manitoba, Canada. You’re average everyday misinformed, ignorant easy score. I’ve known her for years and happened to run into her through a mutual friend. Thanks to Facebook she contacted me several times to ask for a ride. I obliged a couple times as I know how it can be sometimes. Quickly realizing her inconsiderate abuse of my kindness I politely informed her that I would no longer provide such convenience and I for personal reasons did not wish to continue any further communications. A few months later I caught her in my bed getting fucked by my husband. Low life fucking trash whore belongs back at the Grandview Motor Inn whoring herself out for meth. Again.

Pole Riding Dealership Mascot

Celeste is the HR manager and official Mascot of the dealership in Wawanesa. She has slept with managers, sales men, body shop workers, she is an equal opportunity slore. She sleeps with married men and starts affairs with anyone who gives her a chance. The fact that she is married has never stopped her, she gets people fired and sits on her holier than thou pedestal, thinking no one knows what she is really like. A LYING, CONNIVING, SLORE dealing with low self-esteem from her childhood. She is obsessed with the last husband she put her claws in. He chose his wife she stalks them on social media. Her husband is a bigger idiot than anyone because he knows about it all and still pretends to be happily married. She is one of these girls who found self esteem at 35.

This Land Walrus Wanda is nothing but a meth head and think shes better then everyone else, she acts like shes the perfect mom, but really her son is soo scared of her, she abuses her parents when they get their reservation cheques from whitey. She thinks every guy wants her, but when the fumes wear off from the gas they huff the natives run far away. Shes the nastiest person you’ll ever meet, oh bonus to she falls in love fast and she will ask you to move in. And if you dont want her, she will pretend shes pregnant, shes been saying that forever already that she was pregnant. Her fb is Ashlee . Just feed her and she will be all in love. Wanda goes into walmart in a dress. And goes down the toilet paper aisle, she grabs 2 large packs. Squats in the aisle and lets the diareah splatter flow. Then semi-wipes her ass and leaves the paper on the floor with poo on it! #WINNING.

Stinky Snatch Kim uses guys, thinks that everyone has to jump her, if you tell her you don’t want to be her friend and you don’t like her she files false police reports and gets false protection orders. She’s a serious slutbag of stds who’s easily impressed and spreads her legs for money or if you have a motorcycle or truck. she is useless to the core, a deadbeat mom and gets drunk all the time and shares needles with the homeless. For someone who’s a grandma complaining that she doesn’t get to see her grandson. Don’t trust being her friend she will lie to you break promises beg you to stay in her life just a treat you like s*** and make you feel like a nothing so she can feel better about herself and her poor choices.

Shit on a dance floor while high
On meth and crack.

This girl Brandy has no shame in her game. She will sleep with your husband or boyfriend. She is supposed to be teaching children but instead only works to buy her crack and meth, she doesn’t care what she does at work and neither does anyone else. She should have been fired along time ago. But she swallows loads like a pro so she is fine. SMH and she’s supposed to be a role model? I’ve seen her drunk in public so many times, with her nose running from all the crack she does. Ladies, keep your husband’s close and drug dealers, ur drugs closer lmao. Last weekend she went to a bar and shit on the dance floor. Enough said.

This fucking bitch rat is Sabrina Not only did she cheat on her husband of 3 years and 2 kids, she did it over and OVER again. No surprise once they got a divorce… oh but with her new boyfriends she enjoys to spend her time having 3somes with all of his friends,videoing herself getting pigroasted and showing her friends. Seriously embarrassing to even have known this disgusting b1tch. Her ex has went nuts and lives under a bridge with natives huffing paint thinner now. Watch out wives/girlfriends, coming up is this nasty hoe tryna steal your man. Does her boyfriend even know half the guys shes fucked? Probably not. She works as an escort for Fred Penner who is in a relationship with Sydney who is part of the Chris Harrison Porn Empire.

Winnipeg 2

When in Winnipeg remember this line before you read on Chugs. This works with niggers in Major US Cities also. “I don’t have an extra cigarette, I’m not interested in buying illegal drugs, and I don’t have spare change, and I don’t know where the nearest KFC is located. If you’re trying to rob me, I have a loaded .45 in my pocket pointed at your fucking balls. Chug”

Local Winnipeg Variety Chugs

Listobums: Homeless natives that travel in groups of 3 or more, they drink Listerine anywhere they damn please and in a very social fashion, the upside to their obnoxious drunken behavior is that they always have fresh breath and sometimes go blind for lulz.

Teenmommies: These red-tainted rat hawks are easy to spot, always taking up your seat on the bus with their fucking large Salvation Army baby strollers with plastic bags hanging off them. They can’t control their kids and they sure as hell can’t control their moldy welfare cheque producing vaginas either. They act like little nigger females. Their favorite place to dwell is in front of Portage Place while smoking a cig, and not paying attention to their multiple unwanted children.

Indian Posse: When the young male native grows dissatisfied with making an honest living, he takes to joining a gang and either robs white 13 year old boys of their allowances OR lurks in various parking lots looking for unlocked cars–once found he will set the car on fire and drive it off a cliff, becoming an hero (do not leave your doors unlocked, or the natives will get it). Whether its claiming to be a blood, crip, zigzag, or I.P., you can rest assured that in two years he’ll be spending a brief stint in Stoney Mountain for carrying a concealed kitchen knife. Most natives join gangs as they are missing something in life like a penis (which most are).

They butt Fuck Alot!
It is Native Culture to Fuck your Homeboys Asshole.

12-year-old pot dealer: Always a product of a teenmommy native. Constantly asking you at various inconvenient times if you want to buy some “WEED, COUSIN?,” this native not only sells shake, he sells really bad shake. Only hanging out somewhere near his big brother, don’t try to jack up this kid or he’ll squeal away on his BMX and come back with two 6-foot tall fucking Chipawa natives with jean jackets, greasy oily hair, and failed attempts at Fu Manchu mustaches.

Teen Werewolves: Ever since Twilight came out and all the 16 year old girls started drooling over Taylor Lautner’s abs, the more pussy redskin boys have started to rediscover the ways of their ancestors by donning neko ears and fox tails and declaring themselves teenage werewolves in a desperate attempt at getting some emo poontang. But eventually the inner chug comes out and by 17 they are sitting under a bridge huffing gasoline.

Lucky went up 50 cents. Pay up whitey.

The feathers a Native wears symbolizes their bloodlust and complete lack of any regard for Nature, particularly endangered species like whales (which they eat raw) and eagles. They are violent killing machines and show off their bloodthirst at all times, but god help you if you point it out, lest you be branded a racist for using a “stereotype” that only they can use at will when it suits them.

Actually, the only legacy they left behind them are high poverty rates, empty Listerine bottles, and another generation of kids born with F.A.S. to mooch off of the welfare system, as well as the abominable assortment of names which constitutes whatever’s left of their shameful family trees. Names like Nathaniel, Jeremaye, Ruby, Eliezer, Eagle, Lucky, Sha’Nayze and Oldmilwaukee.

With all that abundance of government assistance foods you need something to wash it down with. Winnipeg Natives are quite crafty in the art of “Rigging” Common items to get spiritually awoke. Or as the white man calls it getting intoxicated with poison.

I-90 Cocktail or Montana Gin – Take a milk jug cut it in half empty an entire lysol can into jug, dilute with water, enjoy.

Listerine – When you want a minty fresh tasting libation. All you do is enter your local Shopper’s Drug market and pocket a 95ml bottle (1.5L if your with the tribe). If the evil white man has it locked up behind the counter go threaten a 12 year old (white kid) to buy it for you (preferably with his parents money).

Thunderbird Wine – Also known on the Rez as the GOOD STUFF, it is the only “normal” booze indians drink.

Gasoline – As they love sniffing it as much as Abbos do. With prices dropping I am seeing more and more chugs sleeping on the roads than ever. If you run over more than 50 in a week it wrecks your tires a bit.

Aquavelva – A cheap aftershave that chugs will typically smell like after they spill it around their grubby mouths while drinking it.

Old Vienna – Or simply known as OV, this is the most expensive liquor a native will imbibe; this is typically reserved for special occasions, most notable the first Wednesday of the month.

Don’t fuck with this brothas chicken EVER.

This has chug all over it. Natives probably jumped her for lysol or cheap beer money inbetween whitey welfare cheques.

Hi, I’m Amanda of Winnipeg Manitoba. I live in the north end because it suits all my needs! I love to hang out with fellow bummy jib heads (especially guys!) and rob people to feed my addiction. Recently I met someone to buy a phone off them but actually had two guys in the car (one named Joshua who held the shotgun) to a special needs girls knee caps and made her tell me where her house is and we drove there with a shotgun on her then preceded to go into her house and rob her of her TV and her electronics and phone! It was so fun! Now I get to do meth a couple more days stress free (except the shadow people if course! 🙂 I’m so happy my kids are in CFS and other people take care of them so that I can rob special needs people and do jib all day! That was wrote 100% unaltered by me what soever. Amanda you are a sick person.

Otto Winnipeg Jets Simpson NHL

Manitoba 3

This is Amanda. I dated her for 3 years and then took her out for a nice diner in Virden. Then I told her I fucked her sister for years and fathered her child. Also and that I might of fucked her mom and even her dad. Then she fingered me with out thanking me for the meal. Which she forgot to eat all of it (If I were to of had to pay for that meal out of my own pocket that would of been more than she is worth) So I stood up took this picture then I punched the bitch in her fucking face, stole her purse which had money and crack, then got high and went over to her parents house and opened my asshole up for her grandpa and great uncle to ass fuck me for gay love Butt Bucks!!!! I hope we can work this little problem out. I love Amanda.

This one here oh boy can tell you alot about her she likes to claim everyone’s jealous of her gangster ways claiming shes with her kid slinging fat wads of dope!!! everyday!!! everytime she gets a new crack head boyfriend she lets them smoke drink and have guns and drugs around her daughter she lives in the east side of Brandon Manitoba (So eah its all worthless chug scum there).. sloot sells herself downtown praying on pensioners that’s how you get a beer right ? (or just walk out on the tab! There is a reason no one trusts chugs and makes them pay first. Chugs like you and 99.999999999% of the rest) (The other small percent is for margin of error)Claims she has a fat a55 and tits and I’m like okay where poser where ? Has no life either CFS should take her kid away she’s a no good mother anyways always yelling at her girl .. her girl tells her dad’s family that is why her kid is never allowed too see or meet her . Your welcome Krista you pathetic dumpster

This girl is Eternity  aka the bitch that will blow your dick and steal your wallet in a single slurp.. Now this girl is such a Satan. She cries wolf all the time and plays victim. She is a true Satan. She lies about other ppl to try ruin their lives because she’s jealous and has nothing better to do than obsess over girls she hates. Meth Satan calls cfs on ppl crying wolf and making up lies. So she can ruin families because she has none and her little daughter was already in and out of the system. Poor little girl will turn out like her meth addict mother if cfs doesn’t take her away again. Words out there that this meth Satan takes her kid on drug pickups or when and doubt leaves her alone for drugs. Eternity must be Satan’s sister because her horns come out when ppl are doing better with their lives. She walks around Brandon like she is queen shit all high throwing old french fries and yelling at drunk natives calling them chugs. Hello!!! Last time I checked you were part squaw fucking skank.!!!!

Sierra calls herself a girl, will lie cheat and steal all day every day. I use to meth with her in the park in Portage la Prairie and she would always be on her knees tugging wieners for mystery goo. She loves it when you eat proteins. She texts video msgs and snapchat is her favorite usually of her taking a manly dump in a public bathroom or of her ramming one of the items she stole from walmart up her stinky asshole. 6 years of lies deception and fake love to the native guy that lives under the highway bridge. Nobody deserves that treatment. She will screw just about anything if you tell her she’s pretty or like niggers do spike her drink or hold a butcher knife to her throat. Well she has rotten teeth from meth use and eating out fat native woman’s assholes with rotten silverware. When she smiles you can see Chief Betty’s shit stains in her teeth and her breath reeks of a natives armpits and isn’t a looker lol. I have never met a bigger h0e that slept around as much as she did. Enjoy your life on the reservation with your chug husband and or soup kitchen kid.

Jenna  is a gold digging slore who walks around Thompson shit kicking natives for you tube bum fight videos.. She uses guys to pay for her shitty slut tattoos that everybody even notices and laughs at like the penis drawn on her back blowing a load. You scrawny bitch go eat a fucing burger and lay off the meth, not to mention she stoled my grandmas shit stained lingeries and leggings from her shak on the reservation. Don’t trust that ho. Watch out for your manz in Thompson  She yells at natives all day calling them chugs and stealing their hard earned welfare money on check day. She is cruel and racist.

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Manitoba 2

If you want to see someone who will sleep with any man look no further. This sloot will do any guy taken or not. She is currently dating a married man who refuses to get divorced….. talk about nasty. Maybe that’s why her husband left her with two ugly a55 boys she cant even take care of.. Yeah This is Karli Tampon stealer. Goes to walmart to steal the tampons and poise pads rams up her asshole poos in aisles Yeah Karli. Yeast infection cream eating dog fucker has aids that she got from her step dad in winnipeg last month then got it from her cousin uncle at the Lorette Bar. Yeah Karli Tampon string and dental floss bitch.

This bitch here be Clara Foo she ratted all you chugs out. This little girl thinks she’s so slik running her mouth shes laughing at the loser native gangs now.. She got a big cash reward. Even though you stupid natives sell crap drugs the feds will plant more real ones on ya. Its cheaper to have your native asses in jail than have you committing crime and getting luxury rez cheques the rest of your lives. Clara lies back at running her rat mouth…She is hiding out from all you want to be native gangsters you will never find her. (coughs 234 B Keewatin Ave the Pas, MB) Don’t worry Clara I kept your secret. Can I now borrow 20 bucks for lysol. What goes around comes around, 10 fold and remember that.

Windex Warrior

When I’m in Thompson I make a phone call and then I go and pick up Sharmane. We go to the Shell and steal some lysol then to the park to huff the fucking can. We also huff listorine and windex we huff anthing that kills our brain cells dead. Then were drunk and we get horny we head on over to DOUGS world sports. We go inside all drunk on lysol as we shop we sniff GASOLINE. We grab baseball bats and she rams in her muff then we play 9 innings of T Ball. We always get arrested in Thompson. She has a game in the cell that she plays. For how ever long she is in the holding tank she shits and pisses her self like there is no tommorow. It is hilarious the cops are so grossed out by it that eventually they will just stop arresting her. Fumigation in Thompson ain’t cheap.

His Fat Ass Cheeks Are Covered In Tattoos Of The Names Of Men Who Have Anal Penetrated Junior.

This fat fucker his name is Junior he bum rapes squirels and monkeys at the zoo.  His nickname is GOOF and make sure to remind him of that when you see his fucking faggot ass.. He thinks he runs MBF (Manitoba BumLove Faggots) but they all a bunch of poser condom wearing homos. All junior does is fuck his sister, rape his band chief’s dog, and eat out his grandmother’s stinky vagina with a fork and he adds mustard and mayo too it. This fat piece of sh1t will fuk anything, including his dead cats. Juniors issues all started due to his insecurity of growing up with such a small penis. . Him and his “gang” are actually a bunch of gay native rights activists that are all good for nothing and wouldn’t cut it in any other gay club in Winnipeg or A real Reservation. Junior makes sure he listens carefully to his cassette lyrics of NWA to go and tell other little chugs on the rez that is what he does. Junior your boyfriends miss you in their train. Just come out and come home and come in all our faggot mouths again and we will jizz in yours as if we need to ask. You are as the Elder Natives gave the name to Manwhohasbumlovewithothermansbum

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Manitoba 1

Winnipgeg 1


Manitoba is the second shittiest province in all of Canada the winner in that category goes to Saskatchewan. Although quite similar the fact that Manitoba has Winnipeg makes it a little more normal. But Winnipeg is a shithole as well. Avoid this province at all costs. There is no money here. So many drunk natives you literally can get fucking shit faced from the fumes in the north end of Winnipeg.

Reservation Taxi.

I use to work in the Lays factory. There was this African guy there that jerked off into the chip bags as they went out. He was cool.

Watch your men ladies, this one is an all out floozy and wants all your men, dads AND sons loads blown all over her. She’s been known to get around the city and outside the city especially Fisher Branch, Manitoba where she is known to have anal sex with a cop there. She works at Arby’s and has messed some people’s sandwiches up on purpose, she’s may seem sweet and genuine but it’s all a crock, no wonder she losses friends left and right. She is obviously too cool for them. If you’re a guy and want the best blow job in your life, she’s your girl. She’ll sleep with your man and act like it she didn’t know he was taken. I can’t believe I used to be her friend I am so jealous that her snatch smells better than mine. I want to have lesbian scissor sex with her. Rita McNeil

This is Jenn Ross. She has a temper she chased me while she was buck naked through the streets of Ste. Rose with a frying pan when she was high on crack. It was nuts. While she was smoking lots of crack these native gang members were video filming her fucking her with tools from the shed since natives have such small dicks they needed the tools for penetration. I laughed then Jen the bitch ran after me. She even dropped her crack pipe. Racist and a drunk, more then likely a crack/meth head since her daughter got taken away! Extremely happy the father got her, you got exactly what you deserved! Show her Facebook some love and let her know what you think of her saying facts about Native American Indians. Immigrants I tell you, give your head a shake to see how this slut is so right about the wrongs of natives and immigrants.

Winnipeg= The Detroit of Canada

Third Worlders and their Third World Problems have followed them and also rised.
Its fucking common sense. The article is just a way for the jews to paint white people as evil in anyway they can whenever they get the chance. 
The Red River is brown due to all the drunk natives passing out in there.
One of Justin Trudeau’s sons a doctor or a scientist got mowed down doing bible work I am assuming. Showing his respect for the country that let him in by following all their laws.
It was very nice of white people to bring him and his family over to Canada so they could live off them.  We see a bright future. Remember Diversity is our strength Trudeau said so.
The evil racist white man that gave him and his fellow stick niggers free shit are to blame. Their racist ways caused this upitty nigger to get killed.
Manitoba based Native Syndicate. Hard as fuck these welfare kings be straight off the reservation and will jack your ass for your lysol. They even listen to cRap music cds that their mom bought them. Some of the lyrics have swear words in them. Stay away from these chiefs.
Native artifact.
Winnipeg’s Finest
Nobody will recognise that young punk with all the shit stain tattoos on his face. Wow this list must make meth dealers drooling. Look at the line up of fucking all stars there.
DO NOT Rip off Charlie Tail Feathers. I repeat
DO NOT rip off Charlie Tail Feathers.
There your ass has been warned.


Answers Located Below
1) Christopher Flett
Flett I need more sleep and drugs did which of the following?
A) Armed Robbery
B) Rape
D) Possession of Stolen Property
2) Joshua Bourgouin
Josh Bourgouin still hasn’t hit puberty but he is still a criminal he did?
a) Stabbing
c)Stealing and Stabbing
d) Got caught masterbating outside Mcdonalds
3) Michael Tylor Fless
Michael Fless aka tattoo neck was just caught in Ontario for a crime committed in Winnipeg he?
a) Robbed a Bank
b)Prostituted himself out to old men outside Mcdonalds for cheeseburgers
c)Rape and Assault
d) Murder
1=D, 2=C, 3=D
Winnipeg’s Finest
Hey Chief, Why The Long Face? Someone hide the fucking lysol and listerine this studly sex offender is getting released soon. He is high risk to reoffend and could be moving to a neighbourhood near YOU. 24-year-old Thomas Mackenzie Anderson, who police warn could re-offend in a sexual or violent manner, especially against females, is expected to live in Winnipeg.He was serving a sentence for aggravated sexual assault and break and enter to commit robbery after a 2011 incident. Police said Anderson entered a residence at night through a window before robbing, assaulting and sexually assaulting a woman inside.

=================================Winnipeg police seeking suspect in machete attack

Police in Winnipeg are asking for help from the public in locating a suspect involved in a violent attack on a woman in Shaughnessy Heights. Officials said the incident happened at around 6:15 a.m. Feb. 24 on Magnus Avenue between Chudley Street and Buller Avenue.The victim was hit with a machete repeatedly. After falling to the ground, she was kicked in the head, face and upper body. Police are looking for Vincent Rupert Thompson, 29. He is described as 6′ tall, approximately 170 pounds, with short brown hair and brown eyes.Thompson is currently wanted for Aggravated Assault.

Even the cops drink and drive in Winnipeg
This feller just needs a nap.

We are standing at the downtown intersection of Martha Street and Henry Avenue. To the left is a 25,000-square-foot Salvation Army facility that can house 360 people. To the right is the Main Street Project, an emergency drop-in shelter and detox centre. Indigenous people are over-represented among the ranks of the homeless and addicted; solvent abuse is as common as alcoholism in this downtown district. We are mere blocks from the city’s financial core.

Being homeless isn’t easy in a city where the average overnight low in January is -23C, Maytwayashing explains. “You go anywhere you could find a heater. Heated bus shacks. Or even walking around Winnipeg Square.” That’s the financial district’s indoor mall.
The city does not lack for social organisations trying to help downtrodden indigenous people: SEED Winnipeg, which helps poor inner-city residents open bank accounts or start businesses; Ndinawe, whose indigenous-focused services range from a safe house for street kids to recreational hockey games; Ka Ni Kanichihk, which runs mentorships for teens leaving the care of child and family services; or the North End Food Security Network, which buses people who live in “food deserts” ­­to supermarkets that sell fresh produce.
But it’s difficult when nobody seems to be addressing the root causes, say community groups. “Lots of banks and businesses have run for the hills,” said co-ordinator Jasmine Tara, who derives her funding from Neighbourhoods Alive, a provincial funding entity that’s poured millions into community-development programs in 12 Winnipeg neighbourhoods.

Winnipeg is the Detroit of Canada
I was actually born in Winnipeg too fuck

Can You Buy Me A 24 LOL

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