Nigger Lives Matter Whine 2

The white people doing it look worse than the ape niggers. Drop a nuke on their protest and save this earth of stupid.
Tranny Faggot Niggers Too Scary. Almost like a Sci Fi Movie

Who cares about criminals? These creatures who defend these scum are sick.

Words can not describe how disgusting any person is who marches for that nigger piece of shit coon (who DESERVED to die) George Nigger Floyd and not a fucking word about an innocent kid. SICK.

Nigger Lives Matter Whine

Candace Owens probably confuses Jews so much. It would be like free pork. It is something they want to see but against them at the same time.

Most niglets grow up in single family homes with a grandmother or a crack addicted hooker mother. The father is always unknown, in jail, or dead from a drive by. Even if the father was in a young niggers home it is not like they would be a great role model anyway.

Niggers will never be able to live among normal people and contribute positively to society. It will never happen. Why bother any more. No matter what they will bitch. LINK

No matter how many times you watch it you can see the nigger deserved to be killed. And niggers are still mad at the cop.??

This Steroid Jig is 100% right

Mikhia lunged at another young woman with a knife. When she wouldn’t stop she was shot dead.

Not so peaceful. Not so loving.

Could of let the nigger stab the other nigger then they would of bitched that the racist cops don’t protect them.

Cop saved that other niggers life and should get a award.

Nice to see at least some see the truth and aren’t brainwashed by Jews that bad.

Then the niggers

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