Maine 7

Christina is an old active Portland and Lewiston floozy who lies about her age and takes pride in having sex with married men, selling herself and her body for money to make her living. She has convinced herself that she is an empath, but this complete narcissistic b1tch will lie and manipulate ýou as much as she can for your money, and will even use her Chihuahua dog to do so. When she’s not manipulating you for your money, she will not hesitate for a moment to steal from you either. She has completely estranged herself from her family and has multiple baby daddies. This old floozy actually has a twin, who is also an floozy. 

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Maine 6

90% of the country’s lobster supply comes from Maine.
Maine is the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States
Donut holes were invented in Maine

May 26th, 2021

Portland is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maine and the seat of Cumberland County. Portland’s population was 66,215 as of 2019.
Around 5,000 Somalis were placed in Portland by Jews to destroy it more. According to the Immigrant Resource Center, there were approximately 7,500 stinky violent pavement apes from East Africa in Androscoggin County where Lewiston is located, including individuals from Somalia. Somalis have opened up community centers to cater to their community not become American, and figure out better ways to spend white peoples money like on chicken.
Homelessness is spiking in Portland amid the economic effects of Joe Biden’s Team and a massive amount of niggers costing too much money, city officials said. 
That war vet on the street enjoys some semi warm payment. His retirement fund went to a HIV infected nigger family from Somali who doesn’t feel like working as it is not their religion. Joe Biden says we must respect them being free loaders and committing crime or else we are racist.
Fudge Pack on the streets. Pete Buttplug would be fucking proud of you Anal Assassins!
With all the homeless one could of almost thought this was fucking Oregon.

May 5th, 2021

 Lewiston Police have arrested a nigger who they say tried to abduct a child in the middle of the night last month. Investigators say on Nov. 19, Kevin Nowell, 38, of Dorchester, Mass., broke into an apartment at 3 a.m. on Wood Street in Lewiston and tried, but failed, to kidnap the 7-year-old child. The child was not injured. Investigators say the family who lived inside the apartment did not know the nigger Nowell. Police arrested him on Dec. 4 after obtaining a warrant earlier that day. Nowell is charged with burglary, attempted kidnapping and unlawful sexual contact with a minor, among other charges. LINK

April 29th, 2021

LEWISTON, Maine — A Lewiston fat fuck Islamic negro has been arrested in connection with a shooting just after 2:30 p.m. Monday near Poirer’s Market on Walnut Street. Lewiston police searched for a vehicle that reportedly left the scene when police arrived. The car was then abandoned. Police said they had no evidence that anyone was injured in the shooting and have no motive.  On Tuesday, Nasir White, 21, of Lewiston, was arrested in connection with the incident and charged with reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon (Class C). White was taken to the Androscoggin County Jail. Nasir has been known to the cops from rumors of him stealing soiled diapers from the hospital a few months back LINK

Maine 5

Once I seen the title I knew it wasn’t a nigger for two reasons. Not many niggers in Maine, but the biggest reason a nigger is too stupid and lazy to use a chainsaw. Police: Maine man armed with chainsaw robbed fast-food restaurant -WESTBROOK, Maine — A Maine man has been charged with robbing a fast-food restaurant while wielding a chainsaw. Police were called Tuesday afternoon after receiving reports of someone with a chainsaw inside a McDonald’s in Westbrook. The dude went behind the counter while revving the chainsaw like a mad man and took some food and a drink, police said. Alice Sweet, 26, of Portland, was captured by Westbrook cops after running, according to Police Capt. Steve Goldberg. Sweet allegedly used the chainsaw to damage two cars in the parking lot also LOL??, police said, but there were no injuries. Sweet was taken to a Portland hospital for evaluation, It was unclear Wednesday if he had an attorney(If he was a nigger some Jew would defend him). LINK

March 25th, 2021

Steer clear of this pathological liar Janice…. she will do anything for attention and has even lied to local news in order to get it. She floozies herself to support her drug habit and is a total freak on top of being an obsessive psycho. This dirt bag brags that floozies “save marriages” and had the nerve to try to go after my now ex husband when she is TWENTY years older than he is. That didn’t save our marriage. She will carry on and on about what a good person she is and everything she does for everyone but don’t fall for it. You will regret it. She constantly reeks of vaginal mold every where she goes. It is like a mist trail foul stench that follows the bitch around. She clears rooms!!!!!

March 1st, 2021

January 18th, 2021

Aww too bad Maine isn’t chalk full of all the good things Niggers bring. Oh well we will be first in safety and lowest crime but sadly we are called racist. Niggers do not have anything to do with crime. Could it be that their crime is so low because there are no niggers? Wow really fucking hard to figure out. ???

January 13th, 2021

January 6th, 2021

Maine 4

I’m heartbroken for my sis who just found out from looking at her hubby s old phone that a girl here named fucking Amy he played softball with and went to high school with had sex with him shortly after their wedding. Someone told her to google her name and I’m even more disgusted that she’s on this site and porn hub getting her big fucking tits covered in cock goo. It seems as others knew about her traits. Not that it’s not the men’s fault too but my sis is too nice and shocked and scared to confront anyone. And I just saw her recently at Belfast ER where she works and it took All I could not to lose it. Amy you should be ashamed and karma will catch up and people will find out you’re not as loyal as they thought. Pathetic and sad. She’s a big titted parasite who goes after married men. 

December 4th, 2020

November 28th, 2020

November 12th, 2020

Caribou woman arrested & charged with class C possession of schedule w drugs, Methamphetamine & Fentanyl along with a bunch of dildos covered in animal fecal matter-On September 23, 2020, Officer Tony Vlachos made a traffic stop on Record Street in Caribou for a traffic violation when he seen a girl spit what appeared to be a mans semen on the road from a moving vehicle. As a result of the subsequent investigation, Officer Vlachos deployed K9 “Ace”. K9 “Ace” alerted on the vehicle which led to a search of the 2008 Ford SUV. Ashley Rockstar, 29, of Caribou was arrested and charged with Class C POSSESSION OF SCHEDULE W DRUGS (Methamphetamine) and Class C POSSESSION OF SCHEDULE W DRUGS (Fentanyl). Rockstar was arrested, hucked in a cell with a bunch of bull dyke rug munching lesbos, and given a November court date at the Caribou District Court. Officer Vlachos was assisted by Ape/Nigger Trainee Carl Winslow of the Caribou Police Department.

September 19th, 2020

This nasty, blown out, pig Giselle needs to be called out. You can find her anywhere in Portland usually on her back or fucking knees. Her natural habitat is the bar with a scholong in her mouth, vag, or asshole. While her 2 kids are with the lineup of men waiting to go cornhole her fucking whore of a mother back at their trailer. She will brag about fuking your fiance to everyone she knows. Then when called out has no spine to stand her nasty cvm dump a55 up, and own up to her sh1t. She like any other homewrecker thinks it’s all a big joke. So while I sit home with no man. She sinks her claws into her prey. Then invites their selfish, heartless, drunk a55 back to “cuddle”. Leading to more than one good fuking lay in the course of two seconds. She has always done that at only 22 her fucking pussy lips are probably dirtier than those mud flaps on that show Ice Road Truckers. She is usually always pregnant and addicted to abortions. She actually made a joke one night at the pub saying she saves so much money not buying tampons or maxi pads as she is always pregnant. And she laughs and says those nigger wenches on Maury have nothing on me. Some one has to be a whore here since Maine doesn’t like the stench of niggers. SO no niggers mean less stds so she lovew whoring it up knowing her pussy and asshole can get fucked with out fear of AIDS or EBOLA.

Maine 3

Carolyn Ann worked with my good friends husband at Macy’s in Bangor Maine. He and she had a bad fight and he then started talking to her. He told her he was separated but she knew he was still home with us and kept if going. He still lived at home with his wife and the kids, slept in their bed, had sex with his wife, went places with us etc. He took her on business trips with him and spent nights with her telling his wife he was somewhere else. She not only had an affair with my friends husband but two other men as well (Colt and Joey Gladstone) while she is still married to her own husband. She blasted my friend all over Facebook and Pintrest and calling her things a woman should never call another. She even accused her of stalking her. She followed her husband to her place 2x and told her off the last time. Never went back. Carolyn did try to say my friend went over to her place at 2 am and pounded on her door. My friends husband didnt defend his wife as far as I know. And yes hes an asshole!

This bitch Brittany worked with my husband and pushed ANd pushed til he finally gave up on 9 years of his family. She is 22 she knew he was married ANd had kids ANd still continues to keep it up. She is a nasty bitch who fucks everyone to fill her holes for fun AN anyone that associates with anyone from Portland fun town watch the bitch around your husbands!! I have sent proof he still is talking to me an we have Marriage counseling set up she still thinks it’s cute to Presue my husband but sadly it’s his fault too!!! I have lots of proof when I said she had daddy issues ANd she admitted it my husband is 38. Fucking BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

Natasha Main wont quit Until all ball sacks in
Maine are on empty!!

Convinces people she’s so sweet and innocent, all while she’s been dragging her nasty body all over Melissa’s husband, James for the past 6 months to support her meth addiction. Melissa has been home with James’ kids taking care of them and making him dinner every night late hours while he’s “working late” James decided he wanted a divorce out of nowhere a few months ago, but continued living an otherwise normal life with his wife. This bitch won’t quit. She came at my house again after she got slapped and she shit blood all over my lawn from fucking Melissa’s husband when she was running away in fear. Came to my house and I beat the bitch with a tire iron. She is crazy when she gets hunger for meth and cock!!

This woman Natasha has been fucking my husband behind my back for a year and a half. I found out when I caught them doing it anally in our neighbors pool while the old bastard neighbor watched and jerked off to it. The fence has a hole in it! I was so angry when I seen this I phoned her husband. He drove down as fast as he could (30 minute drive) and my husband was still tearing her asshole apart (blood and shit everywhere)as she hung on to the pool ball on the cement. Her husband ran down and beat the shit out of my husband to the point he had to go to the hospital. After he back handed Natasha into the pool. He grabbed the old man and started butt fucking him in his garden. Beat him with the garden ho, then drove off in his car hitting peoples garbage cans and parked vehicles. I am divorced now.

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Maine 2

Maine 2

This wrinkled face toothpick Carson of South Thomaston, Maine slept with a married man for over 10 months, while the wife was home taking care of their kid. After the wife found out about the affair, Carson harassed the wife all over social media calling her fat and saying she was “the side piece” And showing nude pictures of her beside her laughing at her rolls. This woman has a daughter as well and is a terrible example for how a woman or mother should act. She’s currently a social worker and works for Maine DHS (child protective services). This woman is also known for sleeping with other married men and guys with girlfriends. She has zero respect for herself and will sleep with just about anyone. I call my CPS on people in my neighborhood so Carson has to go out. Then Carson comes over to my place and sucks me off and swallows my load. All of this is on the tax payers dime. Thank you state of Maine citizens.


Kelly makes poo cakes with her bum cheeks yeah. She liquid splatters poo on a flat surface, usually a kitchen table. Then She Grabs her fat ass cheeks and jumps up so her ass cheeks smear the poo. The ass cheek pressure on the poo smear, makes a very nicely shaped cake. She calls them Kelly’s Poo Bum Cheek Cakes and she sells them on the streets for money. She was close friends with my friend and her husband and they really loved her smelly poo cakes their favourite flavour was cherry jizz. My friend’s children also attended the daycare that Kelly runs and gets the kids to package her poo cakes like child labor. Kelly was like a sister to my friend, and was part of the family until she became a big wheel in the POO CAKE GAME. My friend and her husband were going through a rough patch in their marriage, and were working on it. Kelly knew this, and capitalized on stealing their POO CAKE stronghold in Bangor. Kelly would offer advice, ask how things were going, and ask if they were going to stay together. She told my friend that she had a perfect life: the husband, the beautiful kids, the nice home all made from A POO CAKE EMPIRE.

Ashley has a big purple rubber dildo that has an electric cord. She plugs it in and fucks herself with it hence why she looks so in SHOCK! She is always Sending naked pictures of herself, going out on “dates” to medical hemroidal herpes dinners (all while I am thinking he is going to alone), participating in the lie my husband has created so I dont find out about their sexcapades. If there’s an ethical code broken here, I will find it and bring it the medical boards. Hes just as bad. We are trying to fix it marriage (going to counseling) and she khows about it. I am so tempted to contact her and let her know what I think of her. I am on to you Ashley and you sucking my husbands ballsack and laughing at me. You bitch.

Smells Like R Kelly’s Cock Cheese

Erica steals from the food bank in Bangor Maine and she sleeps with married men, coworkers, men who have a baby on the way with their wife/girlfriend too. Most recently she homewrecked the marriage of her sons football coach just so her kid could make the team. She and the coach even went on a cruise together that Erica’s husband paid for her and all the crack and meth they used. They are both lower than an ants d1ck and smell like RKelly’s cock cheese. Her married football coach boyfriend still hooks up with kids dads too and she sucks their ass shit off his dick when she gets off shift at hooters. Erica moos like a cow when she gets bent over and fucked. She is always stealing from the food bank as she has to work their for community service. For all her drug and drunk charges. The cops won’t let her suck them off any more as they know her meth mouth is scabby. Bitch.

This broad Tara she is a pig and a walrus and she was just “friends” with my husband until she tried moving him in after a fight we had. She sucked his fucking cock in my front yard while the neighborhood kids watched while they were playing basketball. The old man down the street started fucking his dog on his porch to it. Fuck it was cool. Then Tara blew liquid shit chunks out of her loose asshole like a fire hydrant. Shit all over the white houses and picket fences. Old people rocking in their rocking chairs on their front porch splattered in Tara’s liquid shit splatter with chunks of corn and peanuts in it. The dogs went crazy. Then she told me they had an affair last summer where she sprayed HIS OWN mother and father and cousin brothers in her poo smear shit on the family farm. They’re both gone now. My life is miserable due to Tara splattering her shit. FUCK YOU TARA Bitch

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Maine 1

Crazy Ginger Faggot Goes On Killing Spree In Maine

Hippo In Maine Kills Her Boyfriend


Real Whores Swallow. Angie Is Trying. Needs more Soy Sauce.

This dirty slut Angie has the coronovirus in her pussy. She still couldn’t keep her hands off of my husband wiener at her brothers wedding. My husband was the best man at her brothers wedding and trust me he said her vagina stunk like a dead snake being shit out by some old chink in a sauna. But she knew he was married because her brother is a fucking rice eater and he was a family friend and he said he wore his ring the entire time he was there. She also continued to pursue him completely disregarding the fact the he had a shitty fat wife and three kids that probably aren’t his at home. While I understand my husband had a responsibility to bang the piss out of this little zipperhead, the fact that she didn’t swallow makes this girl a true whore.

I fucked this bitch in a truck stop bathroom just outside of Bangor, Maine. It was so gross and dirty in there just like her moldy box. There were used shit covered condoms on the tile dirty floor. I didn’t use a condom because AIDS doesn’t affect me as I am not gay or black. This is Erica and for $3.99 or a big mac she can be yours for 15 whole minutes. She claims she doesn’t have herpes but why does it burn there Erica? Why does it burn? Erica likes it when you tickle her hemroid with a bic lighter. She says it feels good and reminds her of jesus. She was getting a divorce from her husband when she really wasn’t she needed the money and none of the dudes that were corn holing her wanted to give her money for abortions anymore. She decided she was going to go sleep around with some of her husbands friends and these dudes at the homeless shelter. And I’m one of a few of them. She is the most fake, lying, human being I have ever met. She has no respect for herself or anyone else. She acts like she’s single and will take full advantage of you. Not to mention she has kids. Don’t let her fool you. Be smart use a fake name.

Krissy went out of her way to sleep with my boyfriend while her man was out to sea. Now she is dating her ex’s best friend. I asked my boyfriend to delete her and she added him back that was when I found out Krissy was rubbing my toothbrush on her vagina when she was using my bathroom. She claimed she was using the shitter to shoot junk up her arm but she was sabotaging me. The sneaky rat bitch always does things like this. She may seem nice and all but you need to watch out. Around town she is banned from walmart for stealing and taking big man dumps in the public toilet and leaving them for kids to see. She also shit on the changing table and then folded it back up and told her friends she hoped a nigger had to use it next. Basically laughing and implying the nigger would confuse her poo for their child.  You know this bitch is pathetic when all she talks about is her exboyfriend Josh non stop 24/7. Josh is big in TV so what big deal. She talks about how good Josh is in the sack all the time too. Josh is below watch out for him also he rolls with some tough mother fuckers in the “Blue Crew” that don’t mess around.

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New Hampshire

Maine Ginger Goes On Kill Spree


If You Ever Leave Me I Will Shoot You In The Back Of The Head. On Friendship Road.

Boys don’t line up to fast this one is serving a 35 year sentence for shooting a man who she thought would leave her.

Above there be Arline. I will leave it at that. 26 year old Arline Lawless is from Waldoboro, Maine. She was dating a man named Norman Benner Jr. Benner told his mother awhile before he was killed he was going to dump Arline. I assume he wanted to move on to bigger and be………. I mean better things.

She led Benner out to Friendship Road and shot him. She tried to shoot herself in the face after words but sadly fucked that up. Lawless had a child from a previous sexual encounter I assume the father was a drunk.

Victim Norman Benner Jr.
Write to Arline via:
Maine Correctional Center – Arline Lawless – MDOC #60057
17 Mallison Falls Road = Windham, Maine 04062

Im Bored In Maine And My White Ass Is going On A Killing Spree.

Christian Nielsen just couldn’t take it one day while jiving to his Justin Bieber cassettes. Then in early May of 2006 he went out and made Belieber’s out of 4 unsuspecting homies.

Nielsen was a 32 year old restaurant cook who was SORRY FOR WHAT HE DID. This is a man who only had charges of drinking and driving before.

You see Nielsen was staying at the Black Bear Bed and Breakfast in Newry, Maine. Its a little shit hole town in Maine of just over 300 people. On September 1st, 2006 Nielsen took 50 year old James Whitehurst a handy man at the Black Bear to a remote wooded area and blasted him. He also chopped him up with a hack saw, a chain saw, an ax, and burnt him.

He then went and killed the lodge owner 65 year old Julie Bullard and her 30 year old daughter Selby. Nielsen also killed Selby’s friend Cindy Beatson 43.

Besides the fact he is a fucking ugly ginger loser living in Maine. The motivation for the murders is still a mystery to this day. Rumors say that it may of came over a rent dispute.

Maine has no fucking death sentence either so like the shit skin Somalicoons Maine gets, The white tax payers be fronting the bill for this reject of society. Look at the 4 beautiful people he killed. The only logical reasonable assumption on why this idiot did it has to be his hair colour. What else could motivate someone to do something so horrific.

He didn’t chose the thug life. The hair chose it for him. Look he is wearing a matching shirt.
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