Kannon Made Me Fat

My husband and I have been together since 2010 and by 2014 we were married with a two year old kid, that is probably one of his brothers from when I get gang fucked at family reunions. But the same year he started cheating on me with two separate girls which were better looking than my fat ass so I went to McDonalds alot. Eventually when the rolls and lard stareted seeping out of my pores and I couldn’t forgive him so we split up. A month after we split up I had done moved on and I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant with some dudes kid I fucked at fat camp.

Chelsi took a big manly shit in the bathroom at the mall. She couldn’t flush the big chunky charcoal black log down the toilet, so she fucking left it there. This b1tch will screw your husband, after she shit with out wiping her asshole, No fucking morals here as long as her holes are filled. Did I mention she smokes crack in the park almost everynight. She worships satan and is part of the KKK. She often chases niggers down in her step dads big red pick up truck with a meth pipe in her hand . She dont care long as she can ruin a relationship that her goal. She a walking STD hate maching keep her away from your kids and pets, shes pregnant by a junkie who sleeps outside the methodone clinic named Tom. . Shes been caught spray painting swastikas with her room mates bf. She fucked him and swallowed his load after then the guys girlfriend found out. She fucking kicked Chelsi out. Thats why Chelsi is homeless now and sleeps at the bus station under newspapers. She works at the animal shelters. So she can steal the drugs. She also lets her crack head friends in there at night to get high and sexually touch the animals that consent.

Steals Food From Homeless Niggers And Has the Nerve to Laugh. Its 2020 be nice to those useless niggers racism is wrong.

Colleen decided to interfere in my marriage and her and my husband had ass fucking things going but as soon as I told her fiancé in person he left her but yet she still try to contact my husband. She has been caught having sex with elderly blind people and she steals niggers lunches at the homeless shelter and laughs. She’s cheated on her fiancé since Jan 18th. I know my husband is also to blame to but she lead him on. They worked together and everything while she was engaged and claiming she don’t mess up marriages but yet now that me and my husband are picture perfect. She’s tried hitting him on snap chat and calling him private. He changed his number too… she will do anything to sleep with employees that are married. She’s been with 26 guys within two week span. She’s nasty as they come…

This flat chested junkie bitch lives under the train bridge outside of town. She knows where all the drugs be in Magazine, Arkansas Cassie Smith is on the look out for another drug addicted boy to pay for her addiction. But be careful, the last one who fell for it ended in up jail, and the one before that they ran through $80,000 of his inheritance on crack,heroin, horse tranquilizers, DRT Bug Repelant, Computer Duster Cleaner, and meth. So if you want a girl who heavily filters her photos to their meth mouth, bad skin and is “about that life” this junkie is for you. I especially love her new chest tatt – the struggle is real, what a joke, we all know you’re poor and refuse to work. Now the entire world knows. Why did you not spend some of that Junkies inheritance on some tits Cassie. Flat Junkie.

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