Toliara is the capital of the Atsimo-Andrefana region, located 936 km southwest of national capital Antananarivo. The city has a population of 168,758 in 2018.
Corruption is wide spread in Madagascar. The moment I entered the Antananarivo airport, many airport officials including some of the immigration officers and bag handlers were asking me for a bribe.  Which worked out fucking great as I had a bunch of drugs and prohibited weapons in my suitcase. My recommended solution is not to give any corrupt officials any bribe over 5 dollars. After all remember these are niggers and are lucky to get anything and most do not understand what numbers mean, any paper works well.
There is a massive amount of food poisoning and explosive mega diarrhea that can occur from eating food in Madagascar. While the food in the country is fucking garbage; cleanliness and proper food preparation is not practiced nor understood. If you eat just whip your pants down on the street, spread your ass cheeks, and let the liquid shit splatter fly?? The locals all fucking do it even when they don’t eat.
How come they can still own niggers there and it is illegal for us here?
One of the arrested people is French, two of them are bi-national: Malagasy and French. The three others are Malagasy,”  Rodellys Fanomezantsoa Randrianarison, the public security minister, said late on Thursday. LINK
There are 26.2 million living in Madagascar, making it a more populous country than Australia, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Romania and Greece.
Madagascar is the 14th least happy country on Earth some stupid study says. Niggers are never happy though no matter where they are so who fucking cares?
If you like getting drunk and fighting niggers Madagascar is the place for you! Moraingy is a form of bare-fisted combat sport, and it’s very popular throughout the island, as well as in Reunion, 300 miles to the east.
KFC’s first restaurant, the American fast food giant, opened its doors this 18 November 2019 in the Ambodivona neighborhood on the Tana Water Front, Antananarivo, Madagascar.
The only animals in the Madagascar Movie that Actually Live in Madagascar are the Lemurs and Fossa
If you are not carrying a hand held nigger deflector safety device (gun), it is best to just give niggers what ever they want to amuse them for a bit while you get to safety. It is best to do this to avoid getting raped, killed, and or eaten in no particular order.

June 19th, 2021

They all climbed a mountain on a nigger island to take big shits on the top and leave used
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November 20th, 2019

Remember that movie with all those nice animals roaming around in it the cartoon called Madagascar. The Jews that made it fooled you. Madagascar is actually an island full of wild savage niggers.

Its NBC odds are it is a jew ran mine and a jew ran work report reported to a jew ran source. So a lie.
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