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Elena was a so called friend for years (came to holidays at my house) then pretends to have a nervous breakdown and runs to my husband. He helps her out and then is threatening to kill herself if he steps away. They end up sleeping together. Total betrayal. Never apologized, just ran away. She’s a slore and also she has DRDs. She’s done this before as well. Her ex can’t say worse things about her. She’s disgusting and insidious. Stay away!! She stole all the shit out of our garage and pawned it for lord knows what probably crack. Fucking bitch!!!!!!!

This entitled b1tch is Ann   She’s desperately looking for a step dad for her daughter and is comfortable with taking a married man away from his wife and two children under the age of 3.  She believed the line he was “unhappy in his marriage” and proudly showed off her relationship to her friends and the local community. She has no problem interfering with the happiness of others because she has no love and happiness in her life. When she was told he would never leave his wife, she saw it as a challenge and spent thousands of dollars attempting to buy the affection of a married man.  This b1tch has no morals and didn’t think twice about how her actions would affect the three children involved. Has a DRD and she will lie about it. 

March 5th, 2021

Brittany has been sleeping with a married man since June 2018, and continues to sleep with him. She doesn’t care that he has a family and kids. All, she wants to do is get in his pocketbook. She has a young daughter and should worry about the role model she is showing her. Watch out ladies she doesn’t care if he is married. She has never had a job. She couldn’t have one as she is always too fucking high and steals anything that is not bolted down. She is a grade A bag of donkey shit. Fucking whore!!!

December 9th, 2020


This girl right here Valeria only wants a man that is taken. She will intentionally date a married/taken Man and the rub it in the woman’s face. She has done this to me as well as a friend of mine and has no shame. Just a fair warning for any ladies in the area. Don’t let her ruin your family like she did mine. At 24 she still lives with her parents and has no bills. With no job she still manages to find a way to get high and drunk all day long. Numerous impared charges driving her daddy’s BMW all seem to vanish. Probably goes away right after the cop shoots a load down her throat. Bitch is pathetic. She will sit on social media all day slamming other people then go out and try to fuck their boyfriends. Its a game to this bitch .

September 7th, 2020

My bf and I took a break from our rocky relationship, but little did I know, he was already talking to this woman who tried her hardest to convince him to leave me. We have two kids together and had been living under the same roof for 3 yrs. Sherry took advantage of my bf’s situation and he let her. I caught him trying to sneak out late at night coz she was coming to pick him up. Then they went out to dinner at our go to McDonalds restaurant. My bf even lied about working OT when they actually went to the movies. I tell you, how can you claim to be in love with each other? The guy just broke up with 3 yr relationship and this slut told him she wants to marry him??? 

April 23rd, 2020

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