Louisiana 8

Extremely cute, bubbly, and sexy 5’3″ blonde bombshell Lexi Belle was born on August 5, 1987 in Independence, Louisiana. She was a self-described “band geek” in high school (she played the trombone). She moved with her parents to Los Angeles, California. Lexi lost her virginity at age 17. Belle was working in a video store when she was approached by someone who had seen her MySpace profile and wanted to recruit her into the adult film industry. Lexi visited her first porn movie set three months later. Belle did her first on-screen sex scene at age 18 in December, 2005; this was also the first time she ever performed fellatio on a man. She is an avid snowboarder.  Her great legendary works include Jerk Off With Me, Good Girls Gone Bad #2, Play With My Pussy, 2 Chicks Same Time, Girls Love Girls #3, Big Mouthfuls #32, Lusty Young Lesbians #6, Just Turned 18 And Already A Slut, Big Cocks World, Oral Overdose, Cum Swallowing Auditions #15, Lexi Belle Loves Girls, Lexi Belle Raw, My Friends Hot Girl #8, Fuck Me And My BF #7, Not The Brady’s XXX, Porn Stars Like It Big, The Smaller The Better, Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers #3, Big Cocks Go Deep, Bang Bus, Lexi Belle in Miami, Xena XXX, Sailor Poon XXX, Bat Girl XXX, Teens Like It Big #12, My Daughter’s Boyfriend #6, Buffy The Vampire Slayer XXX, Cum Drinking Nymphos, 2 Rods 1 Broad, Massive Facials #4, Give Me Spunk, The Incredible Hulk, Teens Like It Big, Spin On My Cock #3, Bree & Teagen, Scary Big Dicks #3, Slutty Girls Love Rocco, Sunny Leon Love HD Porn, Belladonna No Warning #5, Red Riding Hood XXX, Cheerleaders Like It Big, Barley Legal Cumming of Age, 18 and Ready To Fuck #12, A Shot To The Mouth, Cum Spoiled Brats, Too Small To Take It All, Teens Like It Big #4, Fuck My Mom And Me #9, Slutty Gaggers #3, We Swallow #22, Cum Drunk Teens, POV Casting Couch #11, Teens With Tits #6, and Paste My Face #3.

January 5th, 2022

The Golden Shower name was given by the original land grant owners, Benjamin and Louisa Hobbs Barker of Illinois. In 1839, they named it so because Louisa loved to have Benjamin piss all over her after he fucked the shit out of her. The name golden shower when reveled the French found it offensive and the niggers did to as they smell of piss naturally. So they added meadow to the end to make the sissies happy.

New Orleans 3

Tammy or Tipsy Tammy (always fucking hammered) is on the prowl again looking for her next male prey. They must have more money than the previous husband’s. She comes with a warning. She is a pathological liar. She’s better at making up stories. She has two friends that help her lie and make it believable as she reigns in her target. Be warned, she was not a Saints Cheerleader, never went to college especially LSU. She is a jail bird for forgery and swindling people out of money. Claims she is opening a GQ hair cut place be careful giving your credit card to this lady or any I’d she will use it to get credit cards in her name. She is now on the prowl for husband number 5. She is a good liar. She’s sweet to your face and stabs You in the back.

January 2nd, 2022

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya has recently talked about how she is taking on more prostitution work in New Orlean’s French Quarter so that Jovi Dufren can stay at home and get fucking drunk all day and watch internet porn. KKK viewers would remember how Yara used to get sad when Jovi would get drunk and pick up hookers. He smokes a lot of crack as a supervisor of Walmart, which he uses as a front to sell drugs. His main work revolves around helping niggers steal items from the store which is something that he claims is like helping the poor. As a crack head, Jovi can stay awake for days and often have multiple male sexual partners. Previously, the 90 Day Fiancé star Jovi talked about how he has a sick fascination with spreading his ass cheeks apart and looking at his asshole in the mirror for hours. Jovi also revealed that he used to spend his summers at Michael Jacksons neverland ranch. But, Jovi’s job became a concern when he finally decided to settle down with Yara and raise his family and the fucking cops kept raiding their pad. Now, Jovi has a wife to beat the shit out of, and he must balance his time between that bitch Yara, Crack/Cocaine, and male hookers.

July 5th, 2021

May 4th, 2021

April 30th, 2021

Fucking Shit Skin Nigger Punches 60 Year Old White Grandmother in The Head Killing Her .

New Orleans – A 61-year-old grandmother was fatally punched by a 23-year-old worthless nigger on a French Quarter street last week. According to NOLA.com, New Orleans police said the 61-year-old woman, Johnson Street, got into an argument with 23-year-old Jeremiah Mark in the 100 block of Royal Street on April 18 at about 7:45 p.m. We all know this will get swept under the rug. If society could only see a small portion of the crimes niggers commit there is no doubt they would all be shipped away EVERY single one of them They are just way too dangerous. It is a shame for the tiny tiny percent that do try to follow the law. LINK

April 29th, 2021

NEW ORLEANS (nigz) – New Orleans police arrested a herd of 6 wild niggers on Thursday, five of them by law underage, believed to be involved in a series of simple robberies, auto burglaries and auto thefts throughout the city. Jarmon James, 19, who is such a fucking loser no nigger his own age will chill with him and five juveniles buckwheat style niglets – three 16-year-old males, one 15-year-old male and one 13-year-old male – have been chained. At about 6:15 p.m., NOPD Third District cotton field officers engaged in an authorized vehicle pursuit of a black 2020 BMW X4 which had been reported stolen earlier that day from the 6200 block of South Claiborne Avenue. The pursuit originated at the intersection of Paris Ave. and Gentilly Blvd. The vehicle matched the description of a suspect vehicle involved in additional vehicles burglaries in the Second District, simple robbery incidents in the First and Third districts and an attempted carjacking in the Seventh District. Additionally, the subjects were seen abandoning a Nissan Maxima reported stolen in an April 14 incident in the 3200 block of Gentilly Boulevard and believed to have been used in a series of criminal incidents in multiple NOPD districts. The pursuit concluded in the 3800 block of Elysian Fields Avenue, where the BMW was found abandoned. Officers observed multiple subjects running behind businesses in the 3800 block of Frenchmen Street and pursued on foot, making six apprehensions. Additionally, officers recovered illegal narcotics and keys matching to four vehicles, including the aforementioned BMW and Nissan vehicles. The cops were amazed at how ugly and smelly these fucking niggers were WOW Especially Jarmon he smelt like a whale shit out don lemons faggot shit LINK

April 22nd, 2021

February 25th, 2021

Louisiana 7

Drive Vehicles Into Bars. Too Cool To Use The Door.

BOURG, La. — Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a couple after they reportedly drove into the front of The Rusty Pelican bar in Bourg, Louisiana, injuring several patrons. Police say the couple, Stacy and Dustin Rodgers, tried to flee the scene after hitting another car in the parking lot. According to police, the Rodgers were involved in an altercation with other patrons inside the bar when they were asked to leave. The Rodgers Family then allegedly threatened that the altercation was not over and that they would return. They reportedly left the bar, but returned shortly after and backed into the front of the building. Both Stacy and Dustin were charged with two counts of aggravated criminal damage to property and felony criminal damage to property. LINK

August 2nd, 2021

May 24th, 2021

Collis Lee and his fellow nigger butt buddy Diven Steed, both 25, are charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, armed criminal action and resisting arrest. Lee is also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. Just past 9:30 a.m., police say Lee and Steed entered the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts on Jennings Station Road, showed guns and demanded money be given to their worthless stinky nigger asses. A store employee was pistol-whipped during the robbery, police said. The niggers then sped off in a stolen white Nissan Altima after stealing cash (probably for crack or mchammer music) and went east on Jennings Station. Lee was the driver, police say. While trying to turn south on the on Halls Ferry, the niggers struck a concrete barrier before crashing into the lead car of a funeral procession. Police said a family inside the funeral car was injured.  After the crash, the Niggersjumped out the Altima and ran. Lee’ monkey ass was quickly arrested; police say he had two handguns on him. <SNIP> LINK

April 27th, 2021

A Lake Charles angry looking nigger is accused of booking rooms at six different hotels in Lake Charles and Sulphur with fraudulent credit cards, authorities said. When Martin F. Gilliard III, 46, of Lake Charles, was arrested, he was found to have more than 20 credit cards that did not belong to him, according to some spokeswoman for the Calcasieu Sheriff’s Office. They said deputies began investigating on April 17 when they were called to a Sulphur hotel in reference to possible credit card fraud. Deputies were able to identify Gilliard as the nigger after speaking with hotel personnel and reviewing surveillance footage. Calcasieu deputies arrested Gilliard on April 23 at a Lake Charles hotel after they were called there in reference to a man possibly attempting to pay for a room with a fraudulent card, cops said. Gilliard allegedly gave deputies a fraudulent driver’s license and attempted to give them a false name. LINK

April 26th, 2021

Louisiana 6

My boyfriend and I have been living together for 7 months and are currently trying to conceive. Talking about marriage. We both have been cheated on and past relationships and from the beginning I made it a point that we need to be extremely open and honest. So without any further ado please allow me to introduce my boyfriends waste of space Ex-girlfriend. Here is a little background information on them. He met Meagan around 2 years while working in the adult entertainment business, whom had also just met her brought her home. Not only did she have a boyfriend already that was out of town but within three days she was sleeping with both my boyfriend and his roommate. This naturally caused some trouble between them and my boyfriend began living with Meagan, her flaming herpes, and her three children. Then he found out that she was still sleeping with his roommate among others throughout the relationship. Every time he’d try to make it work again he would find something else out. That’s when he decided to move her into his home. Blah blah blah fucking slut.

January 24th, 2021

January 8th, 2021

This fucking slut Beth started sleeping with her roommate while still dating her boyfriend and told me to keep it a secret. She wines online about how she’s too skinny or how nobody invites her to do anything wines about her depression and how she feels so alone. She won’t take the time to better herself and just cries on her Facebook, she has an OnlyFans to whore around online and get money from desperate guys. Beth is literally a skeleton. Sells photos of her body to make herself feel better when in reality her pu55y stinks like rotten fish from meters away, she can’t help herself from making herself puke to stay thin. Let alone she is a slob, doesn’t know how to clean up & sits on her lazy a55 all day with her fake elf ears and her crack pipe If you ever see her make sure you give a good punch to her face she needs a facial reconstruction & maybe it will knock some sense into her pea sized brain.

January 1st, 2021

This Bimbo Lisa takes pride in being a slore and sleeping with other peoples boyfriends. She sends pictures of her nasty gash to multiple dudes… she has been sleeping with her ex husband Jordan who is a closet homosexual who has a gf and talks about it and posts stuff on fb like its a game. She had since gotten pregnant by the ex and is still trying to hook up with other dudes. She lives completely off of the government, never had a job in her life. Doesn’t even have custody of her son. Little does she know, the ex is still talking to other girls and tells everyone he is only there because he is stuck and for the government insurance… stay clear of this Home Wrecker!!

December 28th, 2020

When I first met Keala, or as I refer to her now: SLUT, I could tell she had a “wild side.” She was always flirting with this guy or that guy and had a different boyfriend every week. But I’m not the type to judge easily at first so I gave her a chance. She was a great person and always fun to be around. She had a son awhile later and we were so close that she made me the god mother. We spent every day together and her and that little boy became the biggest parts of my life. I helped her through all of her financial issues and even more, her baby daddy issues. Then when I let her stay at my house I walked in and found my husband and father gang fucking her in my living room.!!!! What a slut. So to get back at her I went to Whispiring Springs Nursing home here in Alexandria and fucked her 94 year old grandfather and made him eat my pussy in front of his elderly 90 year old wrinkly on oxygen wheel chair stricken wife.! Got her back BITCH!

December 10th, 2020

A 36-year-old Alexandria woman is facing a felony theft charge for allegedly stealing money from her employer. On August 26, 2020, deputies responded to a local area business, in reference to an internal theft complaint.   According to the complainant, employee allegedly issued herself additional payroll checks without the consent of her stinky fucking paki employer. The checks totaled approximately $470,000, authorities said. The discrepancy was discovered during a recent audit. It is believed the crimes took place over an extended amount of time, the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office said. Following the initial report the case was turned over to detectives from the Bounty School for further investigation.   During the course of their investigation, detectives were able to establish sufficient probable cause that supported the original allegations.  Makayla stole and issued checks from her Burger King empoer for years. Good on her.

New Orleans 2

Oooh yaasss, this is the now infamous racist bigot Dea in New Orleans who was airing her hate-filled racist tirades at racial minorities on the bus. Dea exact words were, “Get the fuk out Niggers, I hate fuking Muslims! This is a Catholic Fuking Temple”. The video footage are all over the internet on YouTube, Instagram dan on many other websites. LMAO! But there is a lot more to Dea  than her racist invective captured on camera. Dea  is a floozy and she has been an floozy in the Toronto and Windsor area for a long-time now. Dea  has been a “Sugar Baby” floozy charging money to old married men for sex by placing ads on Backpage, Seeking Arrangements and other sites and apps, but it all took a turn for the worst when Dea  got fired from her jobs.

December 21st, 2020

Two people in New Orleans have been charged for allegedly stealing a car and checkbooks from a nursing home patient Monday. According to the New Orleans Sheriff’s Office, 26-year-old Natalie is charged with forgery, possession of schedule I, possession of schedule II, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, illegal carrying of weapons, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, and on an outstanding arrest warrant for simple burglary. Megan 25, is charged with forgery and possession of schedule II. Deputies say on Monday, December 7, banking officials them that Natalie was attempting to cash a $7,200 check while Megan waited outside in the victim’s vehicle. Both Natalie and Megan were detained while N.O deputies and city police searched the stolen car. Deputies and officers say they recovered suspected methamphetamine, marijuana, a loaded firearm with multiple magazines, and several of the victim’s checkbooks from the car.

September 24th, 2020

Nigger marking their territory. Like other animals most niggers urinate and defecate near their turf to make it smell like home.
More niggers marking their fancy artwork. Remember if you wreck what the white man built stupid liberals will replace it so niggers can destroy it again.
Like a fucking nigger museum.
Niggers get hungry here is a pit stop. In the US for niggers now its all about the Burger King. Most niggers prefer it even over KFC.
For the lucky niggers that can read and have stolen a cell phone. They can call this Jewish Mullato French Wench and sue the pants off the white man whose property you hurt yourself on when you were vandalizing it.
The government won’t help this white war vet as it wants to give more aid to crack head niggers from Somalia. That way Jews can profit off of niggers robbing more white people. That vet is useless to the Jew he won’t make your insurance go up or wreck any white people property.
This is what Jews do to you after you fight in wars for them.

She’s a fucking muff diver snapping on tuna salad all day, with a pink rubber dildo she can go all the way! She is Ellen , Fucking Dyke, She is Ellen rides a bike. She is Ellen has sex with mike no just kidding shes a fucking dike.!!! She use to have a three way love group with Rosie and Anna Garcia (fucking lesbos) scissor sex by the pool in dildo town. They flosss each others pubes out of their teeth with Rosie’s tampon sting. Most of the pubes are Rosie’s, could you imagine how sick those blubber airy greasy legs and ass crack look. Ellen munches on Rosies GUNT. But nothing can stop Ellens ragin love for butch dykes and she goes into Rosie’s Gunt with a fork and a bottle of Ketchup to mix with the quim and it is like an all you can eat while Anna laughs and films in for her cotton picker friend Jamie Foxx. Ellen was born in New Orleans or some shit hole town near there in Louisiana. She is not funny at all and a lesbian who looks like a 10 year old boy. She was born in 1959 which is the year of the dildo ironically enough. Her dream is to have Venus Williams shit in her mouth.

New Orleans Police have arrested a fat fucking nigger named Jacoby Trepagnier, 19, in connection with a Foucher Street shooting incident that occurred the day after KFC released the Chicken Dream Sandwich Supreme. At 3:24 p.m. on Dec. 26, a wild street pavement ape got mowed down like a mother fucking bitch but not kill da mofo. As investigation progressed in this incident, NOPD Sixth District detectives were able to positively identify Trepagnier as a nigger due to his foul odor and reference to watermelons. Search and arrest warrants were obtained by Inspector Gadget. On Jan. 2, Sixth District detectives and NOPD Violent Niggers and Jigaboos Squad officers executed warrants at Trepagnier’s Obama bought project house, locating Trepaginer listening to some Justin Bieber albums and arresting him without incident. Trepagnier was booked into the Orleans Nigger Storage Bin for attempted second-degree murder, not using soap, being to fat to locate his little wiener, and possession of a firearm by a stinky nigger.

Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. (KKK88FM) – A local Baton Rouge woman was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison today on two charges following an alleged assault to three people and their vehicle. The suspect, Bridgette of Baton Rouge was arrested and booked on the following charges: Aggravated Assault with a Firearm Criminal Damage to Property The video , provided to us by the alleged victims, purportedly shows Bridget threatening a family of three with a bat and a gun. The reason behind is that the people were faggots that adopted a child. They do not like faggots or niggers in her woods in Baton Rouge. They live like that fucking kike Adam Sandler did in the Waterboy. Louisiana proud.

A woman arrested Thursday is accused of breaking into a Baton Rouge apartment and stealing $8,000 worth of furniture on Christmas Eve, police say. Sandra , 33 of Baton Rouge, was booked on one count of burglary and one count of simple escape. On Thursday, officials were called to an apartment complex on N. Ardenwood Drive in reference to a burglary. The victim told police she came home and found her door open, front window shattered, and all of her furniture gone. Sandra had broken into the home and loaded a cube van full of shit ton of furniture. She was high on crack and showed nor remorse. Told the investigating officers they were useless nigger lovers and then sat in her front porch smoking meth waiting for the cops to come back with a warrant.

November 7th, 2020

September 8th, 2020

Authorities have named a nigger for the bank robbery that led to a massive search Monday morning. The Baton Rouge Police Department said Jauan Swanson, 23, is wanted for robbing the Chase Bank on Government Street at gunpoint persumably under the influence of crack/cocaine. Detectives said Swanson walked in the bank with a super soaker 2000 water gun filled with his grandmas period juice demanding money from the bank teller. The suspect then ran away like a nigger on fathers day. Investigators added he is also accused of stealing watermelons from the farmers market during his escape. The watermelons were expensive imports made for Oprah. Swanson faces charges of armed robbery and attempted first-degree murder of a police officer.

Louisiana 5

These young teen apes are looking for elderly white women to rape and rob. Its the new in thing with niggers like rap music, basketball, and chicken

Officials with the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office say deputies arrested 36-year-old Jessie of Clarks on Sunday after she exposed herself, was publicly intoxicated, and shit and pissed herself outside of a church in Roanoke. Deputies responded with erections to West 3rd Street and 1st Avenue in Roanoke after a call came in about a woman who appeared to be intoxicated, was screaming, and was on her knees yanking and sucking off multiple men.. Officials say when deputies arrived, they found Jessie outside a church “with her bra pulled up and her breasts exposed covered in a large amount of white like gooey substance.” They say she was screaming profanities of how big her brothers dicks are and had an extreme odor of alcoholic beverage and semen coming from her breath. According to the arrest report, Jessie was “obviously not intoxicated” and she identified herself as an Ultra Hoover vacuum cleaner with a pickle in her asshole. Deputies say they were attempting to place their dicks in her mouth but their fat dyke nigger naacap afirmitive action cop partner arrested her. But she struggled due to the niggers foul stench, during which time a deputy’s body camera mount was broken and fell down before the money shot. She was eventually handcuffed and taken to the parish jail.

November 12th, 2020

Louisiana parent arrested after allegedly hitting school bus driver multiple times- NAPOLEONVILLE, La. (NOGROID99) – 34-year-old she-boon Laqueta Harvey is facing multiple charges after an altercation with a school bus driver. On Tuesday morning, the victim in this case tells authorities that “Harvey approached her because of a minor incident on the school bus a day earlier,” according to the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office Harvey yelled “Your white asses own us fo slavaree!! Weez want limos wit gold and sheet obama rules I love tupac watermelons”. At some point, the 34-year-old pavement ape from Napoleonville allegedly hit the school bus driver more than once. This incident reportedly happened on a school campus. Based on multiple factors including the victim’s testimony, authorities were able to get a warrant for Harvey’s arrest. Harvey is in the Assumption Parish Detention Center facing normal nigger charges and watching Oprah and screaming how the white man did this to her. Word.<SNIP> LINK

November 5th, 2020

November 3rd, 2020

October 21st, 2020

A Louisiana man brought his alleged 11-year-old rape victim to the hospital, only to lead police on a chase when doctors learned the girl was pregnant with his child. Wendell Sanchez, 34, dropped off the child at the emergency room and waited in his vehicle after she complained of stomach pains, according to police. LINK

September 20th, 2020


August 31st, 2020

Louisiana 4

This female Kaylene of Shreveport has not only broken up 1 marriage but 2. the father of her child was married when she started that relationship. Since that one didnt work out for her she went after another married man. A man that was in a 7 year relationship (married for 3 years) with 2 children. After the wife left he moved her into their home within 2 months. She constantly bashes the mother on social media. How does someone tear a family apart and then make fun of the woman who was so hurt over the infidelity. This woman is evil and has no soul. Watch out ladies, her MO is married men so when this relationship fails she will be on the prowl again. She is litterally getting fucked by the neighborhood 24/7 that crusted pussy has to be rotted out by now. Fucking Slut Bitch!

This chick here Amanda who thinks she is God’s gift to men but she is really the devil in disguise. She is a known cheater around town and stupid men still think they are the only one she is with. She likes to party and get drunk as her hobbies. She’s even gone through a phase of women she was with. She thinks it’s ok to break up marriages because she broke up her own marriage. She was even in a relationship for a few years with a guy and cheated on him multiple times finally breaking up with him for a married man. She doesn’t care if kids are involved or who’s life she is messing up as long as she is happy everyone else can just go to hell. She has at least one married man in her pocket at all times looking for a pay day. She doesn’t even have full custody of her kids but uses them as a play with men on trying to get them to help pay for things. She has her car taken from her and the next day one of her sugar daddies bought her a new one. Watch your men and your bank accounts around this one she will try to take your man and your money and then move on to the next when she’s drained him dry. Take it from one of the women who’s man she slept with and then tried to take everything else from me. This bitch is on the fast track to being on the fucking Springer Show.

The Fucking white man has fucked Donquavios around too many mother fucking times. It is ridiculos. White privilige is fucked. All this nigger wanted was a burger from McDonalds. They made him pay for it. Did they forget about slaver? They Owe him and all blacks. That shit should be free. So he stood his ground and blew the fucking white employees head off for putting too much ketchup on his burger. He stood his ground it was racist to put too much of anything on his burger. And to make him pay for it???? Welfare and not having to work is just the tip of the free iceberg you owe this African whitey!!!! Sure he has no idea about slavery he knows nothing about Africa and odds are blacks would of been extinct many moons ago if white people ever came around. You still owe his ass. So the jews can starve all the niggers off when your dead whitey!

Amanda is a lowly whore. She persuaded my husband to drive several hours to meet her in the hotel room she paid for in Shreveport, LA on Memorial Day weekend 2019. She and he had hooked up during college and she “needed a friend”. Upon his arrival she admits that she had intended to tend to his manly needs as I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter and on medical restrictions. They slept together multiple times. From that day she harassed him extensively and ultimately my husband confessed. With concern for my children I agreed to forgive him and he confirmed it was over however, she refused to go away. Texting him “I love you” and details of how she wants the 2 of them to have a “trusting relationship” and then would continue sending disgusting detailed texts about how she wanted him to f*ck her. This bitch fucked with the wrong woman. I got really drunk last night and Amanda told people I was snooping around her house yelling and that her jeep is missing. I smell like gas too for some reason.

Have fun taking the bus bitch.

Buck’s Bitch and Cum Dumpster
Trash Whore

Little miss Victoria from Shreveport,Louisiana decided to cheat on her husband who was over in the Middle East killing innocent Palestinian children so Jews could be evil and get golden toilet paper and laugh at dying children. Not only did she do this while he was overseas, but she also spent his money on Buck Harley the 350 pound dead beat drug dealer and her lover and new boyfriend. The day her husband left she she went over to Buck’s to get her anal cavity filled. Cheated multiple times and used no condoms to enjoy Buk’s biker std’s and her husband for benefits and REFUSED TO WORK. She went shopping, got her nails done, ate out every single day smoked crack with bikers and couldn’t even help her husband out because “she didn’t have to work”… Lazy fucking whore.

New Orleans

This woman Samantha fucking smurf head rainbow bright bitch of New Orleans sent my husband naked pictures of herself and long descriptions of sex. It included her grabbing his wiener and ramming it up her pet dogs asshole. She knew full well that my husband wasn’t separated or divorced because she mentions my family often. She laughs at us and says I am too much of a fucking prune to smoke meth with her or fuck random dudes everyday. Not the pillar of the community she claims with her front of going to nursing school. Which is probably a fake for her to look at dudes dicks or find a cure for one of the stds that she spreads from her freak show orgies that she hosts. Only 23 and 2 kids 2 different dads who both bailed on her. (probably a lie they were probably johns from when she hooks for drugs, which is often) I feel sorry for her 2 boys. Shameful.

Known as New Orleans Louisiana’s Eternal Family Disappointment, Joanna  has outdone herself this time by having a 6-month affair w/ a married father of 3. Not satisfied with simply being a directionless, big titted bimbo pothead who depresses and grosses everyone around her, Joanna actively pursued my best friend’s husband & was too desperate & full of daddy’s jizz to care who she hurt. Being so unlovable must be hard, but she cannot fill the void with her implants where her soul & personality is supposed to be w/ other people’s husbands wieners. Skills: Unprotected sex w/ married men; driving stoned and fucking drunk out of her mind; fucking anything that moves Deficiencies: Morbidly obese jugs w/ lots of loose skin folds & stretch marks; ugly scars all over ; selfish; financially irresponsible; unskilled prude in bed who was dumb enough to believe it was medication causing extreme impotence rather than her flabs just being so undesirable. Joanna puts the “Easy” In the Big Easy.

Lori of New Orleans, LA, graduated from Loyola University in May 2006, has devastated my marriage and destroyed my children’s future. She was the secretary at my husband’s work and had met me at work events, and had even held my husbands wiener at one of them. She is 20 years younger than my husband! And sucks cock a whole lot better than I can. She also plays my husbands penis trumpet I found disgusting sexual texts that my husband forgot to delete from our iPad, as well as a note from her in a box he brought home from work after he was fired. He apparently loaned her the movie CumSwappingSluts#6 and she wrote saying how much she missed his load and wishes they could’ve watched it together and signed it “love you, Loose pussy.” I also found a paper stating that she complained of a burning sensation when she pees. I would only assume the other men there knew she was whoring around and thought they would give it a shot. There were also pictures of her and 12 college age dudes cumming in a coffee cup and Lori drinking it with cream and sugar.

Chasey is so proud to be a hard core cum loving anal slut that takes urination sex scenes and makes them into art. She constantly smells like she rolled around in a cats litter box for a month. Plus her breath smells like she grabbed a jumbo size spoon and ate Serena Williams asshole out after chicken chili night. Framing pictures of herself drenched in piss over her parents and grand parents fireplaces at Christmas time as gifts. Chasey just wont quit being a complete fucking low life. Driving through play grounds drunk and on meth and trying to hit kids all while blindfolded is another favorite pass time of hers. It’s been 6 months since she last bled out of her vagina and she claims to not be pregnant by her dad. Its not her fault if he raped her. Not only can she not get over her self, she’s also fucking four other male relatives all at the same time so who knows if they’re in a relationship also. Someone once told me, “I honestly can’t believe I was fuking someone with eyes on the side of her head like a horse” and I’m retry sure we can all see why.

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This woman Jessica had an affair with my husband. I found all her information in his phone in some vault calculator… she’s a trashy crackheaded and she is out for your man. She finds most of her victims which are husbands out from their wives at male only condom optional fudgepack bathhouses. She works as a janitor there licking the shower floor of ass blood, jizz, and leaked shit. It pays like crap but she dropped out of school in the 6th grade. Jessica still comes and harrasses me when I am at work. She comes in with her nose stuck in the air and breath of fag cock. She flirts with all the old customers in the store then steals things. Beware she has herpes on her ass cheeks the size of grapefruits.!

Danielle and Mike of Lafayette These two hooked up while each of them were married. Both of them have children and they have been cheating with each other for over a year. He still lives with his wife in Bossier City and shacks up with this other woman in Lafayette. They put pictures on Instagram (where they met) under mike_nvr_gives_up and her under toribellajp. She is 40 and he is 34. They troll the bars of Louisiana. Due to all the steroid use Mike has a dick that is less than an inch HARD. So they grab drunk men in bars to fuck Danielle. Mike whacks off with tweezers while this goes on. If you don’t make Danielle cum or laugh at Mikes small pecker Mike comes over and beats the shit out of you as she beats you also. Beware!

Hacks Cum Coughs
On French Fries

Lauren Slept with my man in her car in the parking lot of where they both worked at the Spillway Cafe in Morganza, Louisiana. Lauren is the waitress and my man is the cook. They are fucked. They smoke crack and shoot H while they work, steal from customers, and mishandle the food. After my man would eat her asshole and stinky pussy out, (he would never wash his hands either) he would handle food items and spit in peoples plates. Lauren would cough hack his cum on peoples fries. My man would pretend to be watching the cafe. Then Lauren would go out and pretend to have a smoke and she would dig around in customers car for shit to fuel their raging drug habits. So remember this when you drive and eat in Louisiana at a cafe. Think of what Lauren’s tampons feel and see. That is your fork in your mouth. YUM Bon apetite!!!!!!!!!

Shame on my soon to be ex-husband, I tracked his location on a work trip. He went to Larry Flints Hustler Club at 225 Bourbon St, where Jessica  gave my husband a lap dance and grabbed his privates. She is from Zachary, Louisiana She was very forward, put her number in his phone, and for the next 9 hours they contacted back and forth and she eventually went up to his hotel room. She offered him sex for $800 plus $100 per hour. I called her she denied, he denied, I found the text messages and he finally came clean. Ladies beware when you husbands go to any strip clubs on Bourbon. I never imagined he would be this person but here we are. I am very disapointed that for that amount of money m husband wouldn’t of got a better looking less skanky bitch. I mean we aren’t poor by no means. But this Jessica bitch is worth a happy meal if that. I went down to the bar where she was working and then I tracked her down to Zachary. Bitch hid behind her dad who works at the Best Western. Tramp.

Jessica was sleeping with my husband and one of her teachers wieners dipped in mustard at the same time. And doesn’t take care of her son because she doesn’t care at all about anybody but herself and will f##k any man that will throw her money on the side after a good time in bed. She has also been all around northeast louisiana. Another friend of a friends grandpa took her out and wined and dined her in Monroe one night and gave her a nice check. It’s disgusting what she will do for any type of attention. She was suppose to do a hardcore anal fuck film for Bang Bros but when they gave her a fronted check she left and spent the money on crack. Getting so high she went on a racist rampage yelling at Jews with Mel Gibson and she got arrested. In Jail Jessica became a carpet chewing dyke. Her other hobbies include eating pussy, liking pussy, smelling pussy, and proding a chicks asshole with a fire poker that is heated in a kiln.

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