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Circle Jerk Center Piece Crack Whore Danielle. Will suck you off in the Timmys parking lot for a coffee.

This is Danielle of Hamilton We “exclusively” dated for a year and a half. She picked me up like all the other dudes in the Tim Hortons parking lot she sucked my cock for an Ice cap. She seemed like a cute innocent catholic girl. She gave her virginity to me. I went away for school for 2 months and she was getting close to guys from uni texting things like “can your bf pick you up like me” then denied any foul play but entertained them. She is looking for a beta-cuck to do her bidding, her friends also. (Lindsey,Sarah,Derya,Iman.) They have a following of orbiters that they are constantly virtue signaling to. Eventually her true colors came out. She is living life in the fast lane of crack and being the center piece for a circle jerk to jerk off on. . I noticed after I had a mental breakdown, went on a meth binge, beat the shit out of drunk natives for no reason, and switched careers that she was supportive and then switched completely. She started gas-lighting me and I started to notice the community ostracizing me. She is persuing a hedonistic red pill life. She might have been gold digging but my well was dry lol I am no saint I have made mistakes also but I pray that she ends up somewhere beautiful. I hope you find peace Danielle. Remember absolute power corrupts absolutely. Oh yeah I want my crack pipe and needles back you fucking thief.

This slore Victoria (HIV POSITIVE) manipulates niggers with fried chicken and watermelon and drinks their diareah out of a titans cup. Even knowing they are married with small children at home. She preys on nigger because she wishes she was more street worthy and is attracted to animals and other sick things. Women who like black men have the same sick trait as child molesters. Threatening to put hands on me when I was suspicious. Even when my husband cut her off, she continued to try to manipulate him and then tried to sabotage his reconciliation. Stay away from her, she has no morals. She doesn’t even understand why he cut her off and thinks this is all a joke. Honestly, whoever is dumb enough to marry her is going to be hurt eventually. She has HIV and herpes and Ebola. She is so gross a woman who fucks a nigger is soul less. Like people who rob the elderly, harm children, or beat their pet cats and dogs for fun and laugh. Fuck you Victoria HAMILTONS GUTTER TRASH!!!!!!

This is Jasmine from Kitchener Ontario. She got knocked the fuck out (made it to World Star Hip Hop too) by her boyfriend Jamal for fucking up the KFC order when she came home from working 2 full time jobs, to her shitty apartment, which she pays for everything at. You see Jasmine fucked a nigger once and now no real man will touch the disease infested sicko so she only dates crack addicted HIV positive niggers on welfare that beat her ass. Thats her live in a nutshell after being with a boon. She never has money, her family disowned her, she has AIDS, a bunch of fatherless niglets, No self pride, no real friends, a drug problem, she can not obtain a real job as no one takes her serious. Would you hire someone that fucks a dog a goat or a child? Of course not. Jasmine’s life is over. All because she thought hanging out with niggers was cool. The Jewish TV said it was. Lost life. Its like murder. These things need to be prevented. Save a life.

Peterborough Pam Chews Used Shit Covered Cum Condoms Like Big League Chew Bubble Gum

This is a bitch Peterborough Pam. She messaged my baby dad. Saying he wanted to hook up with her. He told her he had a girlfriend and she said that his girlfriend would never know. When my baby dad said he was living with me she messaged me calling me a slut just bc my kids dad is living with me. Then she had the nerve to say I’m on this Mattorton site and then said I’m not. She is a bitch and lier. And try’s to ruin people’s lives and relationships  I caught her in the alley outside our crib she went through our garbage. I found her grabbing out the shit covered cum filled condoms and chewing them like bubble gum. You know that Big League Chew Shit In A Pouch. Pam is disgusting and watch everything when in Peterborough around her. This meth head bitch be tripping.

This girl likes to give her son pee and likes to sleep around. Her name is Jessica and she lives in Newmarket Ontario and loves crack. She has a kid at home that is 4 and runs around in his diaper with a little rat tail hair cut around her trailer. Her step dad whips her and her son when he finds them hiding behind all the old burnt out cars on their front yard with no lawn like a native house. She pees in a sippy cup and lets her kid drink it as he runs around the yard. She spends all her welfare money on crack and meth for her and her step dad that they can’t even buy juice crystals. She always has rap music blaring from the trailer and young kids there that think they are niggers or homo sexuals (what ever jew trend the kids follow, no one ever thought they would make being black or gay cool, next is probably child molester the idiots will follow) or vampire goth kids smoke crack and throw diapers at cars. Its a fucking shit show at Jessica’s. Dont’t miss the party if you are in Newmarket.

Ontario 6

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Toronto 1

Ontario 6

Ladies and gents this is Tiffany beware and stay away from ladies unless you want your man stolen by a she beast with a gigantic fucking cock. Tiffany has a wiener that would make a horse jealous. She never showers also and her BO is foul. It is good she chills with all these Pakis from Ottawa as it somewhat masks her skunk skank skooch. She or it got their fucking tits done in Mexico by same guy that preformed Michael Moore’s sex change thats why they look like bags of sand with buritto diareah in a bag. Even more fucked up is that her boyfriend her and her roommates mom we’re on the dildo machine at the mall at the same time that same night that it happened their boyfriend woke up the next morning to wake her roommate up for work and found Tiffany still in his bed half-naked but hey he raped her. No trying to run away no trying to call the cops no screaming but he raped her. What’s even more f***** it’s just three kids all the three different dudes and she doesn’t even know who the father of any of them are. 

Amy and her step brother show Alliance To Justin Trudeau and The New Canada by Raping Barn animals while wearing turbans

This is Amy she snuck into my fucking garage late at night took a baseball bat rammed it up her fucking ass and waddled like a duck for a Youtube video. She’s a deadbeat mother who shoots speed in her veiny pussy after she is done watching full house on netflix, she is an ideal daughter,gf and person. Shes a a harcore junky with a hardcore smut porno job which makes her drunk impotent faggot father proud. Her and her step brother perform barn raids. Which mean they swoop in on farms at night and wildly senslessly fuck, rape, slaughter and eat the fucking farm animals all while signing and burning the Canadian Flag whilte they wear turbans to show their alliance to their god leader Justin Trudeau. I dated her for a year, shit was hot I ate her liquid shit out of a bowl. Grade A Poo Poridge from this skank. It now burns when I shit and piss doctor says it will never go away just spread via air. She cheated on me with Dylan Roof and Dog The Bounty Hunter and sold herself behind my back aso she could buy beer for some dork. Her family and children have disowned her except her mother (because she’s a junky too). She is the biggest liar I have ever met. Bitch owes me 10 bucks better pay up or suck up one of the two.

Michelle had sex with a nigger. She will never have a Boyfriend/husband, job, respect, self worth, a real reason to live. Sleeping with a nigger is like being a child molesting rapist you are better off putting a bullet in your worthless head.

This is Michelle. Where the fuk do I even start. First off this welfare trash is hamiltons biggest cry baby she leaks her black liquid tar poo all over Hamilton with no care for others . Her daily posts on Facebook are historical they show her spreading her ass cheeks alot. She’s the biggest drama queen and let’s be real Michelle let’s tell everyone your secret . METH aka the jib aka the b1tch has made you skinny that raw diet really worked for you b1itch . And it’s not secret . Look at her , everyday crying about someone breaking her heart , hunny no man will ever take you serious … You are the biggest cry baby …. U live in Hamilton housing …. Your on welfare or ODSP… You have two nigger children which are pieces of poo that you have to feed. Why ? Well one …. She spends all her baby bonus and assistance money on clothes for her self and meth and internet porn for the fat dudes that fuck her in her trailer.

Trish is sexy like a Hippo shitting out liquid sewage shit.

You’ll see this fat girl Trashy Trish chain smoking butts she grabbed off the ground in her grandmas car. She will be with her kids in the backseat, or smoking dope outside screaming at her boyfriend of the week loud enough for the whole street to hear. She’s often seen in No Frills pushing her fat kids around inside of a shopping cart while she buys chips, lard pork rinds, and chocolate. Her favorite place is McDonald’s (Her Arteries are Lovin’ it) where she’s on the hunt for baby daddy #4. She doesn’t work but that’s ok, she’s got 3 kids from 3 different men and collects child support from them all along with her regular welfare check which is impressive for a white thing that identifies as a woman. Don’t worry she’s constantly got CAS knocking so more than likely she’s only got 2 kids at home instead of 3. She loves when you cum inside her because she desperately wants baby #4 she also loves eating c*CK so because because this cow bites. She had a kid with her cousin so don’t worry she’s desperate enough for anyone Avoid if you don’t like herpes. Oh yeah bring the meth.

I watched Chandra masterbate with Knitting Needles while I fucked a 90 year old woman in the Yarn Barn. It was Hot.

Chandra SLOOTY nurse…. Drds and prostitute in the Niagara Falls area!! Don’t trust this floozy. I seen her when I was shopping with my grandma at the Yarn Barn. She was friggin herself in the back aisles with knitting needles. I seen it and I peered through these pillows and started to jerk off. I was hoping she would catch me and ask to finish me off. Instead this old lady in a walker came up she was wearing a big bird wool sweater and had glasses so thick Mr Maggoo would of been fucking jealous. I mean I was rock hard and horny and couldn’t wait any longer so I banged the old lady, must of been at least 90 in the Yarn Barn. It was like shaking a bag of bones with your penis in it. I thought she said she was cumming but I think she screamed her arthritis. What ever I got my rocks off. I am going to get sick and head to the hospital until I get Chandra as my nurse. I know one thing for sure I will talk to her about yarning.

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Ontario 3

Ontario 3

When I got off the bus in London I spotted this fucking mark. I needed some money so I sold him some cracker crumbs and told them they were crack. He is a peckerhead who whacks off to bugs bunny alot his name is Scott.  this is Scott Douglas waited 26 year old woman beater. He chocked out a 24 year old female and punched her in the face with his other hand and she gouged out his eye. He is a woman beater. Of verbal abuse to 12 year old girls calls them c’nts & sluts , calls them stupid on a regular basis. And called his partner a whore on a regular basis because of her past before him. Once she stopped having sex with him he started looking at her 12 year old daughter’s like they were eye candy. And found on his messenger were inappropriate pictures that should not have been on his Facebook. He is a scum bag fat piece of s*** lazy no job. His partner paid his way for 7 years. He is lazy fat f***  Scott use to be a head honcho at the hot dog stand in the mall until he got caught whacking off at work. I think he is cool. He could be a mental handicapped model.

this dumb drunken slut decided to take a guy home from rehab that she knew for 3 weeks. A week prior had shook his baby mothers hand as her boyfriend introduced his gf as the love of his life and had spent weeks talking about her according to even steohanie. Well she then proceeds to try and become the new gf just a week after him being with his baby mother and professing his love for her to nearly everyone who would listen This scum bag let him c;; inside of her numerous times and admits it like it’s nothing She would post things publicly to hurt this girl He’s a drug addict that u barely knew and u let him dump his load inside u ?? I’m curious to see what else comes to light from this post Don’t act like such a whore stephanie Who does that She has kids with him He’s a sum bag too and she threw him to the curb n his now broken heart is punishment enough You are such a home wrecker Did u think a junkie who was clearly using u for daddy’s money n a place to stay would wife u when he’s in love with another Get real Does daddy know about u spending his Money on a junkie needle poking dirt bag? Get a job Living off daddy’s money isn’t cute lazy Stephanie Jasin

Since there is no basketball out in this part of Ontario the odd niggers you see roaming around go in the field here and rape the fucking horses.

I know this guy named Bartlett MacIntosh he lives in the woods back behind this store in a box. At night he goes and shits all over the orniments. Bart is a cool guy.

This is Caitlyn Hammond. She lives in her Van behind the Plunge Aquatic Centre with her dog lover. She puts peanut butter on her vagina and gets her dog to lick it off when she is not roaming the streets looking for crack and or meth. this little slur has decided to break up numerous families Including my own Two years this slore has tried to mess with me and my ugly fucking kids On the last post I made about her miss Caitlyn Brooke Hammond Clearly threatened me while pregnant and called my unborn son a mutt because she thinks I fucked her dog. It was YOUR SISTERS DOG CAITLYN Classy broad u are cait She lies compulsively she’s from Collingwood. Ask anyone in that town about her and her fat cock gobbling drooling SLUT mother who pops her ass warts with a diesel jack hammer. Her kids are raised by the village people and she isn’t allowed alone with anyone under the age of 13 Wonder why You’re a junkie tampon flossing slut user who homie hops little dicked pakis in their cabs U had 50 or 60 potential fathers for ur son Maury anyone? She tried to breakup my family for two yrs ? GOOD Dissapear Caitlyn you drd infested cum dumpster (Yes she really has drd) Or I will come find ur ass Brush ur teeth Caitlyn Yellow ass meth vagina breath mouth makin me gag poo squirts.

This Blu Durdle bitch takes the cake out of any chick anyone has fucked or got an STD from. I got asbestos on my dick after I fucked her. I dont know if I got it from her vagina, ass, or mouth. But I got asbestos on my dick from her.  I think it’s time someone put this lil fucking piggie on blast!! She’s well known in St. Thomas and anyone who knows her has a nasty fucking sex story involving insects crawling out of her snatch. She likes to claim that’s all in her other personalities past, the personality she is now identifies as ready to settle down and have a baby…..with every man she dates, because it beats getting a job. She is a compulsive liar and a total easy woman. She always has no less then 3 guys on the go at once, telling them all the same lies. She puts on a good front but the truth is she does bareback anal with guys old enough to be her grandfather. She has been stripping, she lies about everything and if she gets caught she flips it around and blames whoever. If that fails, she cries harassment and calls the cops and then fucks them with a strap on purple dildo stored in her deep freezer! I seen her wear a shit filled diaper on her head and get fucked in the ass by a skinny boney 80 year old bald man in a hospital gown with an oxygen tank on at the bus stop. It was hot and cool.

  Cornwall Crackhead Crusty Clamydia Crystal .Watch out for Crystal McDonald she is a bad lard ass of a mother and should not be around children. She threatened to kill her sister in-law and her nieces and nephews with her raunchy pussy farts. AND she is always looking for Cool dudes to father her loser kids. She sleep around and farts cum in other peoples beds. Staining the sheets with her nasty queefing fumes. She fucks her grandpa’s friends to get what she can from them she always getting oldman wrinly limp dick east end Cornwall dick she is such dirty cum drenchined dog she keeps trying to give her kids to walmart to watch them why she out getting her ass pounded by 4 dudes at once. And she is also a pathological liar tells stories about anything she can make up. She lives off government assistance she is lazy and full of bullshit she is a cop caller too she also threw out puppies and kittens out on the street stay far from this nasty trash her kids need to be taking away she treats them like shit she a drit bag she is also known to be very abusive and she steals from the dollar store becuse she used all her cash on crack She literally has has three old men hairy paki dudes on the go she has Genital char broiled pussed warts stay far from her

D’Arcy Ryan has a microscopic penis and is a disgusting Eggo waffle eating mother fucker and the MOST immature “grown up” anyone will ever meet. Ladies and little boys stay away from him!!! Unless you want AIDS and a black eye he will give you when you laugh at his small penis. Knowing youll catch something from him, hes slept with over 2000 men at the Pride Parade in Toronto. He used to sleep with men and women (older) for money and groceries. You can’t tell him anything personal, he’ll always use it against you. Hes a massive crackhead and an animal abuser. He puts his dead dogs testicles in his mouth and hums jingle bells for fuck sakes. Hes 29 years old, dating a 17 year old. He like the girls under 18. His youngest was 14, when he was 27. Goof. He caught sy**llis from a random needle junkie he met downtown rideau street. Got treated, then caught Bum Cheek Herpes from one of his old aged male escorts. Everytime he gets arrested he magically gets realeased with a mouth and asshole full of pig jizz. If he needs money for weed, crack or his whores, he calls mommy and threatens her till she gives him some. He has sex /deos online with a 51 year old whore. He gets girls high or drunk to fuck them, he’ll use you till youre all used up. He doesnt care if youre loyal or faithful, youve gotta be a slut to please him. All he wants is sex, male porn, money and weed. He thinks he’s tough shit, hes a scrawny crackhead goof. All he does is talk shit, lie and hide at his trailer in kemptville. Hes a cop calling, drd infested whore. Beware. Here our some of his expirences with Carol, the 51year old.  His other nickname is Skid. Due to he always has a large brown poo skid mark in his underwear.

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