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Cheese Toast Imbred Faggots

A local ass cheese manufacturer will be on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, as they look to grow their stupid faggot business. Oh yeah those 2 pieces of toast above there are brother and sister and they have anal sex over the cheese that you purchase.

Although they are not legally allowed to live in Canada or to give any spoilers as to what the end result of their stupid fucking pitch was, gay co-owners Andreina and Oscar Cheesetoastass spoke to some drunk and lysol high natives about their business and their experience on the show.

FresK-O Cheese is a trans-sexual-owned business. The Spics are originally from Venezuela and first moved to Leduc, Alberta, later opening their production facility just south of Lethbridge. Probably on some fucking Native reservation.

Andreina explains that they make their Latin-American style cheese by their hands after wiping their dirty assholes and elaborated on why this kind of cheese is different from many offered in Canadian grocery stores. Oscar personally dumps a load of jizz in every 4th package of cheese. Buy it now and find out if your a lucky winner. Viva La Mexico.


For all you Americans which makes you automatically love Trump if you live there. I mean you must. The Canadian Province of Alberta is a lot like Texas. It has lots of Oil and Cattle. Plus they hate niggers and faggots in Alberta too. But in Alberta they tend to not drag them behind pick up trucks.

Sylvan Lake is a resort City or Town located in central Alberta just west of Red Deer.

Waterslides in the lake nice.

Fort McMurray

Water Valley



2019-10-14 9:39PM

This HIV Super Girl Gets gang fucked by Somali Crack dealers in Fort Crack for jalapeno cheetos. this girl is pure evil fucks over every guy she had ever dated always goes for the immigrant stupid drug dealers (niggers as they tend to be the biggest chumps and easiest to fool)so she don’t has to work was on fort McMurray back pages selling her body for more cheetos and try and Denies It. She plays mind games and uses people and twists everything so she all ways sounds like the victim also has a kid and ditch it at the dog kennel and is a deadbeat mother you will always see this classy girl at showgirls doing amateur night for money since so won’t work for the fact she claims she broke her back… But yet will she her stripping on stage and working the pole hahaha such a joke love drama like there no tomorrow and has called the cops on people before when they had fu’ed her over and is a rat Goof has snaggle rat yellowed meth teeth watch out for this girl would not be shocked if she has something so watch out!!

Vulcan in southern Alberta. A town where Star Trek Fans frequent sometimes. I don’t know when as when I was a kid I actually had friends and didnt watch star wars.

Hanna is huderites and crystal meth. Nickleback is from there too. But other than that pretty useless speck on the map.

Sluts of the Dirty 2

Holy Elton John butt fucking Freddie Mercury this Levi guy is gay

I would bang this chicken butt slore, I know she can’t be trusted but neither can I I never got my balls snipped.

Take that Jocelyn you smelly sloot. Fuck you and that greasy looking child molester with the mullet behind you.

I love the fucking title there just straight to the point.

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