Lesotho 3

Maseru had a population of 330,760 in the 2016 census.
Crime rate in Maseru is five times higher than other districts and crime rate in Leribe and Mafeteng are also generally higher than other districts.
Crime in Lesotho has high rate, ranging from carjacking, home invasion, robbery, sexual assault etc. Most of the reported crime incidents in the country are of opportunity for immediate gain which is just plain old TNB (Typical Nigger Behivor).

February 16th, 2021

So far the worst score I have got on the world map. Although Bulgaria and Mongolia aren’t much better.
This is going to be the worst score I have got I imagine. Blame it on nIggers.

Lesotho 2

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January 13th, 2021

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June 6th, 2020

You Owe T Dog White MAN You OWE HIM!

This Is T Dog Mbofuokomogo he is royalty. His ancestors use to be able to fly and build the pyramids because they are in Africa. And he is an African so he did it. He is owed. White people came to lesotho and invented stores. Now T Dog robs them to get money for crack cocaine. Because he is Black and he is owed as Black lives matter and his ancestors were kings and the first space astronauts until white people stole it. Its pay back now for T Dog and the nigger pile.

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