Women in Lebanon are having to reuse disposable sanitary pads after a sharp rise in prices, campaigners have warned, criticising the government of the crisis-hit country for not including pads and tampons on a list of subsidised imports. Prices of sanitary products, which are mostly imported, have risen by as much as 500% after a plunge in the value of the Lebanese pound that has pushed even once affluent families into poverty and raised the prospect of mass hunger. Line Masri, who helped launch the Dawrati (My Period) initiative to fight period poverty in the Middle Eastern country of 7 million people, said women’s hygiene was suffering. “We now have middle-class people asking for period pads – poor people are no longer a small segment of society,” she said. “There are women who are cleaning their pads which are not reusable, they’re using cloths and… it’s not hygienic at all. It’s very sad when you hear their stories.” <SNIP> LINK

November 18th, 2020

July 14th, 2020

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