Lesotho 5

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August 23rd, 2021

Lesotho rap is on the rise, just like AIDS, crime, and poverty its a nigger thang. Three homosexual nigger rappers hailing from across the border have been pushing their own bullshit in their mother tongue. Nig Tron, Broken Tractor and OJ AFRICAMAN are flying the Lesotho/gay pride flag high with their native punchlines. Nig Tron said he was glad that Lesotho’s homosexuals were finally able to get ass raped for under $1.95. “We’ve always had eager fag desires but it can’t be an actual industry because of how hard it is for us to grow watermelons here. “I am glad that we aren’t getting caught stealing shit from the South African industry because those niggers have more guns than us. It’s a great opportunity for not only shitty nigger rappers but for all niggers in Lesotho to finally go to a place like South Africa and rape a white bitch, which Jews encourage and pay for niggers to do to kill off the white race and dumb them down with disease and stench” said Broken Tractor. Broken Tractor, from Maseru, was in the country to shoot some punk ass nigger that stole a banana from his black ass last month and for that Broken Tractor said “Blood will spill, Blood will spill” <SNIP> LINK

Kyrgyzstan 5

No signs (not that I could understand them) and it ends too quick on both ends just take a guess
In 1990, shortly before the end of Soviet power in Central Asia, Osh and its environs experienced bloody ethnic clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. There were about 1,200 casualties, including over 300 dead and 462 seriously injured. The riots broke out over the division of land resources in and around the city
On June 10, 2010, riots erupted in Osh, killing at least 81 and injuring hundreds of others. “An explosion of violence, destruction and looting in southern Kyrgyzstan on 11–14 June 2010 killed many dozens of people, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks got killed and destroyed over 2000 buildings, mostly homes, and deepened the gulf between the country’s ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks.”

Lesotho 4

I always get a shitty last round fuck. I blame niggers.

After months of investigations and surveillance, a crack SAPS tracking team managed to arrest a fugitive from justice from Lesotho who escaped from prison while awaiting trial on two counts of murder. During January 2012, a 13 year old youth disappeared in the district of Berea in Lesotho. The villagers found limbs, a torso and a head which were positively identified as that of the missing lad. No arrests were made. In July 2012 another person went missing from the same village. On 12 July 2012, police responded to a tip-off and at the house discovered a Corsa bakkie in which two human arms, a leg, penis and testicles were found. These belonged to the second missing person, Kamohelo Mohata, 22 years of age. The suspect, 27 year old Makhele Lehlohonolo Joseph Scott, voluntarily pointed out a hacksaw and a box inside the house, placed over a huge bloodstain on the floor, and confessed to the murders. He also confessed to having cooked and eaten some of the body parts. He further pointed out a shallow grave where a torso and thigh were found. On 13 July 2012, Scott took the police to a primary school where he pointed out a human head, two feet, lungs, heart and intestines in one of the toilet pits. Scott was arrested and charged and the matter was set before the High Court but he managed to escape from Maseru Central Prison on 13 October 2012. LINK

Hlotse (also Leribe) is an important market town in Lesotho. The population in 2016 was 38,558.
Violent and petty nigger crime is common in Lesotho. Gun-related crimes and break-ins have targeted travellers. Security risks increase at night and on weekends. Avoid walking alone or at night. If you’re a victim of violent nigger crime, especially rape, seek immediate mental medical help as it is your own fucking fault for being stupid enough to roam around violent niggers..
Although the actual number of murders is much higher in South Africa, the homicide rate in the tiny neighboring country of Lesotho is the worst on the continent. Lesotho’s capital, Maseru, is a hotspot for murder.

Andorra 2

Yvette is a bold face liar, in order to manipulate herself into your mans life. She will lie about him in order to create drama in your marriage so she can potentially sweep in and comfort your man. She recently was kicked out of her faggot boyfriends luxury resort chateaux for fucking the gardener and maintenance man at the same time in the hot tub.  She will bed anyone who has interest in her. She uses her home based escort business to give men her phone number, then flirts with them, any interest and she will swoop in. Be carful around her, she is not trust worthy as her husband has discovered and had enough.

March 4th, 2021

I present to you: dumbo the dumb h0 Charlotte. The only thing sh1ttier than her personality is her treats that she calls her “small business.” When you see this 4 eyed slut coming your way, hide your man because she will message anyone and anything with a dick between their legs. Her clothes are way too tight but it’s too bad her vagina’s not due to being ran through by Andorra grimiest drug addicts. She spends her weekends messaging countless famous men in hopes they’ll give her a chance. Every man that makes this unfortunate mistake ultimately regrets it and will tell you they were simply in a dark place. After seeing her in person, you’ll realize the Instagram edits can only do so much. Also be careful-you never know what you might catch after this encounter.

This Slore Mason, 25yo whorebag. She is a paranoid delusional. She constantly blames her partners for what she is doing to them. If she asks for help money wise expect to pay for it all EVEN if she has more than enough to cover. 420 user, She won’t duck unless stoned. She is the true meaning of “What is mine is mine. What is yours is debatable.” If anything goes missing in her place expect to be accused of stealing it. NOTHING IS EVER HER FAULT. It’s always “You made me do this.” Nobody made you do anything you CHOOSE to. She will constantly compare to past partners. (Upon examination of past stories and current actions. SHE was the instigator of all). She is emotionally abusive, mentally unstable, She will twist a lie in her head till it becomes truth to her.

San Marino 2

My friends wife caught him having sex with Maria in her own apartment. Apparently they had been talking for a couple months and they worked together at the bar. Maria knew my dude was married because his wife had texted her number to stop contacting him and she still did. He wasn’t in his right mind due to other circumstances prior. He would never have entertained her if he was in his right mind he loves his wife. But Maria wouldn’t stop and then had the balls to laugh in my friends wife’s face when she caught them. I wouldn’t have been so brave if I was her I woulda ran out of that apartment naked she’s lucky nothing happened and his wife had self control. She’s a 21yo slutty waitress and lives in san marino. She works at a high end tourist bar still so better watch out for her if you bring your guy there.

Luxembourg 2

Elena was a so called friend for years (came to holidays at my house) then pretends to have a nervous breakdown and runs to my husband. He helps her out and then is threatening to kill herself if he steps away. They end up sleeping together. Total betrayal. Never apologized, just ran away. She’s a slore and also she has DRDs. She’s done this before as well. Her ex can’t say worse things about her. She’s disgusting and insidious. Stay away!! She stole all the shit out of our garage and pawned it for lord knows what probably crack. Fucking bitch!!!!!!!

This entitled b1tch is Ann   She’s desperately looking for a step dad for her daughter and is comfortable with taking a married man away from his wife and two children under the age of 3.  She believed the line he was “unhappy in his marriage” and proudly showed off her relationship to her friends and the local community. She has no problem interfering with the happiness of others because she has no love and happiness in her life. When she was told he would never leave his wife, she saw it as a challenge and spent thousands of dollars attempting to buy the affection of a married man.  This b1tch has no morals and didn’t think twice about how her actions would affect the three children involved. Has a DRD and she will lie about it. 

March 5th, 2021

Brittany has been sleeping with a married man since June 2018, and continues to sleep with him. She doesn’t care that he has a family and kids. All, she wants to do is get in his pocketbook. She has a young daughter and should worry about the role model she is showing her. Watch out ladies she doesn’t care if he is married. She has never had a job. She couldn’t have one as she is always too fucking high and steals anything that is not bolted down. She is a grade A bag of donkey shit. Fucking whore!!!

December 9th, 2020

Austria 3

This little tramp Emily slept with my friend’s boyfriend for months and still has the gall to keep showing her face around. She even had a boyfriend at the time. Gave a bunch of people STDs but lied about having them. Then she slept with her boss (married and has children) around the Graz area, then blackmailed him into getting paid more. She plays victim to seem like she is helpless but then strikes others and ruins lives, then brags about ruining their lives! Several other friends told me that she has slept with other girl’s boyfriends and has also bragged about sleeping with other married men. She has no shame. Someone has to know about this wretched tramp and all the hell she’s causing for others. She just does not get it and thinks it’s an accomplishment to screw married men. Pathetic.

This piece of garbage Hanna had a 4 month affair with my piece of crap husband while working for a government contract. She actually believes she’s not a homewrecker because he looked her up. She knew he was still married and had children. Also, she’s still married. She doesn’t know how to do anything except play bingo, shoot pool and lay on her back freely. This isn’t the only married man she’s had an affair with. Then last September after my husband (Bruno) got fired and came home, I found out he was just home to save up money just so he could leave us and go be with her. We have been married for almost 18 years, . I’ve been a loyal, faithful wife to him. I couldn’t have sex very often due to rectal warts. Last week he finally left us. She knew and encouraged him to not only leave his children, slutty other mistress and me. He also left behind his aging 94 year old mother, whom I have locked up in the basement and feed bread crust to. She doesn’t work and mooches money off him all the time. All she does is use him for a taxi and pays him in sex. She has no morals and values and has a black heart.

Andrea is a disgusting piece of sh1t that lives in Salzburg, Austria. She ruined my relationship because she’s nothing but a c0ck hungry sloot who will take any d1ck that has a wallet and or drugs attached to it. I was in a happy relationship with my boyfriend for 9 months before Andrea decided that her selfish a55 wanted to ruin my life. After sending pictures of her p**sy several times to my man, and him telling her to piss off, she stalked him on instagram and found out what party he was at. When I went to pick him up that night I found her, my man and another dude all in bed together. She had both their c0cks in her mouth at the whole time, and when she saw me, she just laughed. SHE IS AN EVIL HUMAN BEING. NEVER LET HER NEAR YOUR MAN.

Watch out women if your man is in contact with this preditor Jill. This woman is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She goes around town and brags about getting men to do things for her, buy her things, and pay for trips. She likes to prey on men who are “friends” or coworkers. She don’t care if he is in a relationship or married with kids. She will try and make your man think she can do better for him. Even when the man turns her down she continuously tries to persue him, even years later, all while being in a relationship herself. When her boyfriends leave her after finding out who she really is, she then goes around and tries to make everyone believe the man was the problem. When confronted about her behavior by the girlfriend or Wife she acts innocent and gives the line “we are just friends”. She don’t care whos life she will destroy. She doesnt care if she breaks a family up. She even has kids of her own and leaves her kids home alone at night to go sl00t around. She is described by others as a woman who tries using her looks to get ahead in life because she has nothing else to offer anyone, at anytime. Just another sl00tty, worthless, POS.

December 29th, 2020

Austrian Police announced they have identified and arrested two women accused of stealing an elderly immigrant shit skins wallet. Eva and Ella from Vienna were caught on video stealing on September 9 at a supermarket in Vienna. The two women were arrested Monday and booked into the Vienna Jail with financial elder abuse, misdemeanor, credit card fraud, possession of stolen property and identity theft charges. The women used the defence that the old fucking immigrant didnt deserve the money anyway. After all like all immigrants they live off of the white people’s taxes. Although the cops agreed and wanted to help the women kick all the shit skins out of Austria for good. Some whiny Jew came in demanded rights and stole money like all Jews do and flooded the country with more unwanted filth immigrants to drain the economy and kill the white Austrian population.

Lesotho 2

This nigger is waiting for me to leave with the camera so his gorilla wife can watch him fuck the wild life in the background. Its a nigger thing like Blacklivesmatter it makes no logic to normal people.

January 13th, 2021

Look at the nigger in the poncho really closely there. It looks up to no good.
Pink Umbrellas save niggers from AIDS.

June 6th, 2020

You Owe T Dog White MAN You OWE HIM!

This Is T Dog Mbofuokomogo he is royalty. His ancestors use to be able to fly and build the pyramids because they are in Africa. And he is an African so he did it. He is owed. White people came to lesotho and invented stores. Now T Dog robs them to get money for crack cocaine. Because he is Black and he is owed as Black lives matter and his ancestors were kings and the first space astronauts until white people stole it. Its pay back now for T Dog and the nigger pile.

Hungary 4

This piece of sh1t LORI  is a piece of sh1t!! Check this out so she is madried with a teanage son and husband in the Hungarian military, wouldn’t u think that’s good enough in life?? For some ppl NO like Lori she is Probably out there somewhere with someones HUSBAND tricking for METH or what ever she can get or breaking in somewhere and stealing sh1t. Shes also a squater couch hoping an also hopping on someone’s ol’man or hisband. Shes dirty eats a sh1t load of ice literly ice water thst u freeze …its not normal…pickes at her face constantly …needle junkie to the fullest..she also thinks shes a HEALER and talks about spells and witchcraft … BE AWARE OF THIS PIECE OF SH1T!!

This dumb skank finally got a clue! You can’t believe what any married man tells you IDIOT!!! They ALL say they are leaving their wife! Lol!! The man she was stalking and screwing, well barely since the holidays, finally sent her BACK for a 4 time in a year to jail!! She is so STUPID!! He is also taking her to court for taking his stuff that he paid for and for damages on his vehicle too!! He hates her! She kept trying to tell his wife that he was lying, but actually the joke is on her because he decided to take a lie detector test to prove it! And it proved ; HE NEVER MEANT ANYTHING HE TOLD HEATHER ! The test proved that he never was leaving his wife, never wanted any life at all with heather aside from a fuk with a slore, that he hates kids, and had zero intention of ever being with her at all. He just told her BS to shut her up and often! It also conclusively proved that he did in fact always love his wife and he NEVER EVEN LOVED HEATHER!!! What a complete joke! She is the biggest loser floozy, stuck up, and with the loudest mouth too!! And a criminal! Shockingly the test proved that he also feels that she has stolen items from him and he doesn’t even care for her as a person. It proved that he is sorry for how he treated his wife even though she has dumped him months ago. He has begged his wife for another chance now and took the test to prove it to her in hopes that she would change her mind. Don’t count on it. 

So this girl Jarcia right here will do just about anything for money or to get what she wants. She lies and cheats to get her way through life. She blames everything on her bad childhood, or fucking immigrants, but takes NO responsibility for her own actions. Bad friend/ Bad Person (who has a stinky fucking vagina that smells like sour milk boiling in the sun, No work ethic, and don’t ever bother getting in a relationship with her… unless you want a stripper with a sugar daddy on the side. She has a married man on the side she uses to pay her bills! So don’t be fooled, all she is out for is a hand out and free ride, burning all her bridges in the meantime! She is also the prime suspect in purse snatching happening around Eastern hungary in old folk retirment homes. Just a flat out low life. She steals from white people. Pathetic.

Shelia is a former stripper turned full on heroin store..her kids should be taken out of her care…she will inject anything..you could giver her a bag of sand..turn away for a second..when you turn back she will be trying to melt it in a spoon…She is a sloppy ass,..poo poo bodied nightmare from the streets of Budapest whose life will always be trash because she cant understand she causes it…all you have to do is look at her and its apparent she is a dope fiend…she is a pathological liar..whose own mother/sister hate her and call her a trashy whore…she cant keep friends because they eventually figure out she is nothing more than a parasite with DRD.

January 4th, 2021

Zsofia is someone that is not to be trusted,and by no means should she be employed by anyone until she receives the mental health help she needs. She led my friend on for almost a year,hiding the fact that she had a boyfriend the entire time,and manipulated my friend while doing so. She has manipulated my friend and her boyfriend the entire time,she was using my friend as an escape from her life,till she finally told him that she had a boyfriend but that she was planning on breaking up with him very soon. Months pass by and it never happens. She would never divulge information to my friend because it was “her business” as she claimed over and over,everytime my friend would ask her why she hasn’t broken up with him yet and wanted to know why. She would constantly lead him astray and shift the blame to my friend for asking the simple question of ‘why’. She would manipulate and vilify him for asking why she hasn’t broken up with her boyfriend. Months later,she finally broke her silence and told my friend,that she hasn’t broken up with him,because she couldn’t afford to live alone on her own,admitting to the fact that she was just using her boyfriend for financial reasons…all the while cheating on him with my friend. How cold and heartless of an individual can one person be,well she managed to do both.

December 24th, 2020

Varya is a slut bag hoe of Budapes North. She tried to seduce my best friends husband . She’s been known to mess with married men. Because her mother didn’t raise her right . My friend was pregnant and Melissa thought it would be funny and a good idea to try to steal her husband. She tried to seduce him by paying him off. She cashed out, a part of her 41k to try and keep him. After that didn’t work, she would pop up at my friends job. She would go to my friends home and sit outside and watch her. My friend was so sad she almost lost her baby. Tell this nasty slut to Close her legs! 


September 14th, 2020

June 13th, 2020

This landlocked microstate between Austria and Switzerland is the birthplace of the greatest rap artist of all time, MC Hammer. Actually that’s not true at all — Liechtenstein only has 1 nigger that lives there. Nothing noteworthy has ever happened in Liechtenstein, a country routinely described as straight-up “boring,” which is why you’ll forget it as fast as you read this.  So if you are in Europe and need a place to whack off or hide your drugs. Liechtenstein is the place. No one will steal it they are all white.

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