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Kyrgyzstan 2

Future probably in Porn

Adel as sweet and innocent as she looks has a vagina of convenience. A vagina of opportunity. A vagina that was nothing special aside from the fact that it was available and non-discerning. A vagina that is attached to a pathetic and manipulative selfish piece of garbage. A vagina with the power to destroy a marriage, to destroy a family, to destroy a life. She knew exactly what she was doing when she presented herself (and her vagina) as ready and willing. You’ve been warned. Her lips aren’t far behind. She goes as far as to go into the highlands and service old cattle hearders members. All of this just so she can get a chance to move to a white country. Except Russia. She aspires to be an actress when she moves. But at 27, no education, and no real skill besides draining nut sacks. She will probably end up as a hooker or in porn when she gets out of Kyrgyzstan. Wish her the best and help sponsor her.

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Adel is a slut from Bishkek that
Got My Husband Hooked On Heroin
And Her Ass And Pussy

This happened not too long ago. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we have two beautiful babies together. This started in the month of April. I had gone to Ufa in Russia to be closer to my mother and get a place set up for our family and he was living with a friend of ours and her boyfriend and son outside Bishkek. Well everything was going just fine but I started to notice he was drinking a lot more as in every night and it was due to depression he also had massive warts on his balls and dick. Well this stupid whore Adel ended up moving in sometime in the middle to end of April and my man was always telling me that she would make sexual comments toward him and he told her and so did our friends that him and I were together and had kids but did that stop this slut? NO! They started shooting a lot of Heroin together and robbing old people in the streets of Bishkek at night. Sluts Dirty Pigs.

This here is Faloof. I met this bitch while backpacking through Kyrgyzstan photographing pictures of dudes fucking sheep. I found virtually all the women in this shithole country ugly, as I did when I looked at Faloof’s alien looking chink dirt face. She smelt of stale horse poo and raw hay. It was a unique blend. When she would quiff it smelt like the old water left in a horse’s drink trough. I never fucked a chick from Kygyzstan and when I got to talking to her in the rugged mountains I decided to give it a try. She pulled up her stupid skirt and her muff bush blew me away. Fucking pigeons flew out of. To make my sexual experiences in Kyrgyzstan at least something to talk about and be proud. I ditched Faloof and went and tagged one of the sheep a herdsman was fucking. Good times in Kyrgyzstan.

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