Kenny and Armando: Fag Wedding Denied Decide to Butt Hack Sheep In Fields Instead.

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier just hit another boner challenge on their journey to the Elton John Cup. In Bareback Anal TV exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Gay, Armando, 31, and Kenneth, 57, attempt to get approved for a fudge packing license in Mexico. The two are the first male ass love faggot couple on the KKK franchise. “Kenny and I have been talking about orgies at Big Ed’s house for some years now,” says Armando. “It’s something we want, something we dream of to feel the power between Ed’s Legs between the cheeks of our assholes. Today we are ready to make that a reality. We are going to the government office to apply for our permit to broadcast us taking it anally from Ed on the TVs in Times Square!.” When they get to the office, Armando presents his cock and balls with the proper vaccination documentations they were told they needed in order to obtain rectal clearance. But the meeting quickly takes a devastating turn. “I am not helping you sick disgusting faggots” the clerk says, in Spanish.

Confused, Armando explains that he read his penis could enter any hole he pleased, in fact, legal. “In this case, we have a law that states, ‘No you, can’t, because you are fucking homos'” the clerk explains. Kenny and Armando left feeling empty but not hopeless. Now they roam the country side looking for unsuspecting sheep they can run up on and rape and pump them so full of faggot jizz there heads explode.

Kenny and Armando Keep Their Dildos In A Pickle Jar In The Fridge.

Armando Pitches. Kenny Catches

The gayest fucking faggot anal love story! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Gay stars Kenneth and Armando  easily became fan-fag-favorites on season 2. The couple won the KKK reality TV franchise’s fandom over with their heartfelt — and at times, heartbreaking — journey of bum love in a dick forest spewing jizz like water fountains. How sweet. Kenny, 57, and Armando, 31, met in a gay bondage shower house while high on meth. Kenny is also the receiver most nights as he is old and viagra is getting more expensive for his old cock and balls. Since Kenny resided in Florida and Armando lives in Mexico, the couple still had sex with other strange men in bath houses for about four years before Kenny made the big decision to relocate to be with his love and favorite bum hole. In the October 10 episode, Armando opened up about the reason the couple decided Kenny should be the one to move to Mexico instead of Armando moving to America with all his connections to gay drug cartels. Armando stashes bricks of grade A blow up his loose assshole across the border for cash. Even though Kenny got a lukewarm welcome from Armando’s ole beaner parents, Virginia and Armando Sr., they seemed to break down their walls (unlike Trump) a little bit as they shared a tearful goodbye as Armando, Kenny and Hannah prepared to move from a shack to their new home four hours away in Mexico bought from gay porn revenue. Virginia gave Kenny a big hug goodbye instead of their usual handshake, and Armando Sr. came to see them off and make sure those faggots never came back, after they were unsure if he would show up. Despite the obstacles Kenny and Armando have faced, it seems like they’ve overcome it all together as a couple. According to their Instagram picture of them tag teaming some unknown Mexican guy, Kenny and Armando are very much still together. Shortly after the Sunday, October 18, episode aired, Kenny shared a Funny family photo of him and Armando naked in fudge shaving their balls.

RRRRRRRRR Butt Pirates Be Thee

He said yes and stick it in my ass hard too!!!! 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio got engaged during the Monday, August 10 episode after three and a half years of hardcore bareback anal sex and dick swords. Thats Some Fucking Hard Core Four Eyed Faggots Butt Fucking!

Kenny, 57, was the one to pop the question to his 31-year-old Beaner butt lover but he had to tell a little white lie to keep the proposal a surprise. The Florida native told Armando he was going to a nearby bank to open an account, but he came clean in his confessional, and to Armandos unknowingness Kenny sucked the shows producers off in the morning before they kissed and had coffee. Faggots.

In his confessional, Ken explained he had two previous long-term relationships before he met the Mexico native, but he never felt the desire to marry either one of his exes. He dated John Legend in the 90’s and Theo Huxtable in the 80’s where he contracted AIDS and Ebola. “But with Armando, it was different. His loving nature, his sensitive side, his testicles dangling in my face in the morning, he makes me feel good. I love him and I couldn’t marry him fast enough,” Kenny revealed.

Kenny then got down on one knee and presented Armando with a pink cock ring. “Are you serious?” Armando asked as he started to cry. “Will you marry me?” Kenny asked, crying as well.

“Baby, of course, yes babe,” Armando said and Kenny placed the ring on his left ring finger. That’s when they pulled out their anal lube and starting sitting on cactuses!

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