Kazakhstan 2

April 25th, 2021

Johns Faggot Tranny Feelings Were Hurt.

Fighting For Identity: Kazakh Laws Make Life Difficult For Transgender Community. When John left the police station in a northern Kazakh city in 2017 with a new passport and an official ID card that listed her gender as a woman, she knew those two things would change her life. Having lived for years with documents that described her as a semi black gay male — even though she looked, behaved, and felt like a woman, not to add sucked more cock than any woman — John jumped from job to job, often having to leave when it was discovered her ID showed a different gender than her identity. At one job, she decided to be brave and tell her co-workers that she was transgender, or a person whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. “One of the employees Harvey Wienstein nearly broke my ID card he was so furious, until he unzipped his pants and stuck his jew cock in my asshole” says the 40-something John. “I was bullied, they gossiped about me, I felt highly uncomfortable and insecure. And its all fucking Donald Trump’s fault” But getting those documents identifying her as a female was a very long, costly, and even humiliating process. Worthless creeps like John seeking to change their gender on official documents must first go to a psychiatric institution’s mental-disorders department, where they can be kept for 30 days but most Kazahks want them shot. There they are examined by a Commission for the Medical Certification of Persons with Sexual Identification Disorders that is composed of three psychiatrists and other medical specialists. “I felt like an object for research,” says John, of her meetings with doctors. “They can ask you a lot of gay questions about what objects you ram up your asshole and if you’re not defensive about your boundaries they can easily violate them with a pack of wild niggers that Bill Cosby supplies.” LINK For More Faggot Whine on this


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September 8th, 2020

April 4th, 2019


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