Jussie Smollett

  Jussie Smollett the fudgepacking negro from Chimpcago could face jail time. Which he should. You see Smollett faked a hate crime. Virtually all so called white on black racist crimes are hoaxes. As society if the victim is a minority especially black and the perpetrator is white it will make the news.
  If a black commits these crimes society ignores it as it happens so often and idiots would see the seriousness of nigger crime. Instead the media loves to portray them as victims. Why this is who knows. Maybe they want them to think they have a chance to succeed in life. Unless that is in crime good luck. No negro has ever accomplished anything with out the white man holding his hand every inch of the way. Or the Jew.

Prison may be too good for this negro it is probably what he wants. Free buttsex.

It is funny after CNN was bitching about how whites were racist about the fudgepacker, a new magic story comes up. They had to deter people from realizing they lie so much they made up a story about a WHITE SUPREMICIST with a hit list. How convienent that that story comes out right after they followed the fag niggers lie.

Waldo Faldo

Waldo Faldo use to feed Steve Urkle Peanuts on the set of Family Matters. Then Follow Urkle to the toilet bowl and eat the Peanuts out of his shit for lunch.

Waldo Faldo is a watermelon stealing nigger from Chicago with AIDS and tomatoes.

For most of the time Waldo was featured on the show, he was friends with that coconut head Eddie Winslow (the son of the show’s main characters, That fat fucking nigger pig Carl and Harriette Tubman) and the Winslows’ quintessential nerdy nigger and cotton picking neighbor, Steve Urkel. He once started off as the ass gobbling sidekick to resident bully Al Sharpton, but has grown out of it after he got fired from his job at the YMCA for masterbating in the pool all the time.

Like all fucking niggers, Waldo was black and, almost United Nigger College Fund material of a character. While Urkel was the rapist nigger with HIV and herpes, Waldo was the resident ANAL rapist. Waldo has reached the point where he even out raped OJ Simpson. Waldo was discovered to be a great theif. Waldo has also been afraid to work, until he becomes white his live long dream.

Waldo’s most famous trait is that he rapes fat white women without them even noticing them, even with his foul natural nigger stench. Waldo was, however, an excellent toilet licker. His catchphrases include: “Run its the fucking pigs”, “, Racist!”, and “That kid aint mine bitch!”

Waldo has shown that he has a no sense of morals in three key episodes. The first was in A Test of Friendship, when he told Eddie off that cheating is awesome and he should’ve told him about it and shared all the crack/cocaine with him instead of his slut sister Laura. The second was in Talk’s Cheap, when he pulled out his piece on Laura, Eddie, Myra and Myrtle back to their senses by pistol whipping the shit out of those stupid niggers. The third time was in Tips For a Better Life, when Waldo refused to wear a condom when anally fucking Eddie. He tells him off, saying that if anyone drinks his piss and diareah out of the toilet, they are no friends of his. And their friendship seemingly ended because of it.

Waldo would rape at knife point other girls, including Laura — until meeting the girl of his dreams, Jussie Smollett.

These 2 niggers are like the Original Nintendo of Nigger Rapists.

Chicago Problems

Olivia Is A Chicago Cock Gobbler. Look at her she looks like a rooster wanted to peck a cock with bird seed and mustard on it.

This trashy b1tch broke up an 8 year marriage. She decided to date a man who was just released from prison for brutally beating his wife’s head in with a chair. This man spent years begging his wife to give him another chance. He moves in with his family and is supposed to be working on himself by going to anger management, AA, and working on his marriage from a safe distance. His wife and kids are in the suburbs clueless to the fact that he is parading around the city with this skank and her husky playing house. The wife comes out several times a week for date nights, they take their kids to the zoo and to Michigan to go camping and thinks he is turning himself around, all while he is two timing her with the low life. This man’s wife is an absolute angel and didn’t deserve to be made a fool of by this trashy sloot bag and loser scumbag husband. Husband says that Olivia knew he was married and didn’t care. All Olivia cares about is Crystal Meth and a gooey load on her face.

Oh no!!!!!!!!! Now I will never get to hear his new rap cassette about Jesus and Sunshine.


Some niggers probably got a notice to clean up the garbage in their yards. Being clean is racist. Or a letter for a job fair. Those are white ideas being shoved down their throats.

That news story is no good for the news media. No one heard about it. They can’t have black suspects only victims. Always make the white guy bad. The jew will continue to brain wash society with media control.
Obama must be so proud of Chicago. It must remind of where he was born in Kenya. Wild niggers everywhere. Like someone forgot to lock the gate at the fucking zoo. This is what Obama’s sons are up to.
Fidel Urbina is on Americas most wanted list for beating and killing a woman in 1998 and leaving her body in the trunk of a burning car. He beat and raped a few others. All in the Chicago area. Fidel there fucked off before his court appearance. This beaner could hide out with the MS 13 or Latin Kings and society would be none the wiser. There is $100k for leads to his arrest. Odds are he took off to some shithole country. So basically he is just taking up space on the most wanted list.
“Whaaaa 2 white Donald Trump supporters beat me up and were yelling anti gay and racial slurs at me” No some niggers beat you up. You fucking liar. LINK. I have never heard of this ape until this was on the news. The liberals all eat it up about the poor black man who got beat up by so called white racists. Now that it is shown it is blacks that beat him up it will go off the news. He won’t get charged with lying either. Spoke to soon there he may be charged but maybe not Jussie Smollett
This case happened back in 2009. Lacey Gaines was a 20 year old mother and found stabbed and strangled outside of her apartment in Justice, Illinois just outside of Chicago. The killer has never been caught.
When a young negro buck gets capped or smoked. The mother or in most cases grandmother will yell one of three things. He was a good boy. He just turned his life around. Aspiring rapper.
Watch out for these bad ass mofos when cruising the streets of Chicago they are usually by the playground huffing glue and stealing lunch money. They are nutorious in Chicago and should be feared some of them use bad language like hell or damn. One of them I heard had a puff of a smoke once. They are
” Don’t mock my grama man she bought me my clothes wif her welfa chekc”

These Chicago Teen Pavement Apes attack white people just for being white. I am assuming jealousy. I always wonder what it would be like to be a stupid smelly nigger. Would you be too stupid to know or you figured it out and blame shit on anything but yourself. Send this default farm equipment back to Africa. Do not refund it. LINK
It has been a cold winter this year in Chicago and all of the midwest. This has happened in years before too. Niggers are stealing coats from people. Violently at gun point. Two niggers jumped from a mercedes and punched a white man in the face and then stole his coat. That shows the savagery of the nigger. It can afford a merceds and not a coat. Oh yeah its a nigger car was probably stolen from a white person. http://www.fox5ny.com/news/people-robbed-of-coats-at-gunpoint

Ralph NHL Simpsons Chicago Blackhawks
Did you know by the time you read this post from the start at least one nigger killed another nigger due to gun fire in Chicago.

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