Jovi Puts His Ukrainian Bitch In Check.

Jovi Dufren and his friends and family have been earning some high fives from 90 Day Fiancé fans. But Jovi admits he enjoys tag teaming Yara’s muff box with his home boys. Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé is rife with drug use, especially when it comes to Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya. The American and Ukrainian couple have been going through cocaine like there is no tomorrow. Cock hungry Yara enjoys the nice things in life and is often displeased by Jovi’s New Orleans life of cut blow and low end hookers. His drinking and other low-brow antics often get her out looking for other men or women to fuck. Recently, fans have found Jovi to be insensitive to Yara’s pregnancy, which in all reality could be any ones kid in the Big Easy’s kid. While Yara has been frequently getting yeast infections on the hit KKK show, Jovi admitted on his Instagram Story that he enjoys picking up hookers and making Yara watch him fuck them. Jovi frequently Gay Bars in the Nigger Quarter of New Orleans to score coke, meth and dick. The Louisiana native was recently asked if he loves “to fuck Yara up her shit box” because it “seems like it stinks really foul due to her constant yeast infections and other mans dick goo crusted in there” Jovi responded with, “I mean it’s kind of fun minus the cuts on my dick and the smell.” He also reposted a video of him jerking off to a picture of his idol Chet what Jovi is good at.” Jovi then angered some fans who didn’t get his recent show reference when he took a shit on a niggers door step in a KKK outfit for a joke. Jovi was also happy when a fan wrote in, “Who doesn’t want to pinch a loaf on a nigger government bought house.” “Thank you,” he wrote back, “especially on when its sunny so it smells worse.” Jovi’s fondness for pissing off niggers and drinking alcohol has been one of Yara’s major concerns, but the New Orleans resident does not appear to take his alleged racism or drinking problem seriously.

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