January 18th, 2020

Its funny when niggers steal it since niggers can’t read and then they find out what it means.

People suspected of being faggots in Jamaica are frequently beaten and attacked with machetes and steal dildos. In 2010, a 16-year-old was hacked to death in his home for having “questionable relations” with another man. People have been knifed and set on fire under suspicion of being gay, and the funerals of gay men have previously been attacked by mobs armed with rocks and bottles. Because niggers hate being niggers and believe that if one nigger is gay they all are and it hurts their street cred.

Then there’s the government. Currently, having gay sex in Jamaica will net you up to 10 years in prison, where you can have more gay sex—if you’re lucky not to die of HIV. If you’re unlucky, the corrupt local police will extort money from you, torture you, or beat you off to a farm animal porn, and then throw you in jail. For local LGBT people, the place is nothing short of a living nightmare. But then again you are gay so whats the big deal. It is hard to to tell the gender of niggers. Many nigger sows are actually bucks. It is never certain if the negro has a penis or vagina as they are all to ugly to look at long enough. Jamaica is 6th on the list for countries that hate faggots the most.

Occupying an area of 11,000 square kilometers (4,250 square miles), Jamaica is another nigger representative of the Caribbean. For many years, the country has been notorious for having one of the world’s highest homicide rates even though the niggers are fucking stoned. The latest statistics by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has confirmed it. The murders and violent crimes are particularly frequent in large cities such as Kingston, the capital Which gives Jamaica the 5th highest murder rate in the world.

Kingston Problems

The Guardian ranks Kingston, Jamaica as the 10th most likely city on earth to have a nigger approach you and blast your brains out. They probably have good guns too because looking at the houses there they spend no money on those. They must of learnt how to build their homes from their Haitian relatives. Apes in the zoo make shift better dwellings than this with much less.

  Kingston, Jamaica is ranked 16th for violent cities in the world by business insider magazine. The capital of nigger island.

Oh no Jamal got capped. Lets put his ass in the river after we dig through his pockets.

Crime by lots of niggers policed by lots of niggers. I do not know or want to know which one would be more dangerous. How would anyone know what side that they are on.
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