Philippines 6

August 27th, 2021

Danilo “Danny” Guades was a Filipino spree killer who hacked to death 10 people with a bolo and injured 17 more on a drunk rampage through his neighbourhood in the barangay Gadgaran of Calbayog City on June 2, 2007. Life Danny Guades was jailed for seven years at the Caloocan City Jail for stabbing to death his elder brother Toto some time in the 1980s. He had been married, but his wife died in December 2006 and he used to sleep at his cousin’s house since then. He had a child, who was in grade four at the time of the murders. Throughout the village Guades was known as a mentally imbalanced trouble-maker who was often drunk, sometimes waking two days, before running to the mangroves to sleep there on the ground for the following two days. Apparently Guades had also told others that somebody is always chasing him Murders 39-year old Guades began his rampage at the home of his cousin Emily Guades Ponce. Entering her house at about 2 a.m. he attacked her husband Benjamin with a 22-inch long bolo knife, hitting him in the left shoulder, before turning against her sleeping children, killing her son Eric with a blow to his head and injuring her other son Benjie and her daughter Marylin with hits to their heads and arms. Emily Guades Ponce, though also injured at her head, managed to jump out of a window and escape. Subsequently Danny Guades attacked the Jadulco family, living nearby, killing pregnant Gemma Jadulco and five of her children and leaving two others injured, before walking to the Conteras’ home. There he killed Candido Conteras, injured his wife Maria and their daughter Jennelyn and mortally wounded their son Danilo. In the backyard of the house Guades attacked Carlito Layam, who was slightly injured at his right arm, but managed to fight off the attacker.<SNIP> LINK

April 23rd, 2021

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February 18th, 2021

February 14th, 2021


Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean, comprises a small main island and several offshore islets. Its beaches range from long sandy stretches like Rendezvous Bay, overlooking neighboring Saint Martin island, to secluded coves reached by boat, such as at Little Bay. Protected areas include Big Spring Cave, known for its prehistoric petroglyphs, and East End Pond, a wildlife conservation site.
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Curacao 2

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Cops broke up a fight said to have been between rival bitches, according to an eye-witness, as crowds flocked to the popular beach on the Curacao’s hottest day of the year. Video taken at the scene show a woman being escorted away by police and around a dozen people in hi-vis jackets on a crowded beach, yards from the pier. One of the women, who is black and being escorted away by police, yells: “You’re racist!” “Something’s kicking off on the beach, police everywhere,” the eyewitness can be heard saying in the video. “It was a big fight between violent stinky niggers and law abiding white citizens on the beach,” he added. “Lots of niggers down here and all drunk, and unchained” the person filming told people. A spokesperson for Curacao Police told Ortons Blog: ” Police received a report at 4.37pm on Friday 31 July 2020 of a fight involving a group of niggers hurting humans in the area of the beach. “Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

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A 24-year-old Canadian woman Stacey has been arrested in Curacao over suspicions of leading a drug ring, Curacao police said on Tuesday. According to the Civil Guard, the woman was heading a group that imported cocaine from Colombia to Curacao. She was arrested at a strip bar getting drunk in Williemstad, Curacao, alongside two other Canadians, aged 26 and 60, as part of an operation carried out by pigs. “The 24-year-old woman was the head of the group as well as the manager and owner of the front company,(which was an escort company)” the statement went on. Investigators arrested the three people after discovering cocaine hidden at the company and at their homes in Curacao. The group operated as a wholesaler for other traffickers who then sold the cocaine on the black market, particularly around the Carriberan.

American Samoa

In recent decades, the Samoan islands have suffered some of the highest rates of fucking lard assness, diabetes and heart disease in the world. In the early 2000s, the adult overweight and fat fuck ratio in the territory was nearly universal, at 93 percent, while the rate for children was close to 45 percent (The parents or usually parent tends to be to lazy and or stupid to work to feed them). Nearly one in three adults in American Samoa has diabetes

August 18th, 2021

June 22nd, 2021

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Guam 2

The capital city (Hagåtña, formely Agana) of the country is believed to be one of the oldest ‘European’ cities in the Pacific.
About 99% of the foreign workers on the island come from the Philippines. Which are probably mainly sex workers.
Guam is located roughly 7,000 miles from the U.S. mainland.
Did you know that a Japanese soldier hid in Guam’s jungle for nearly three decades? The soldier was waiting for the war to end; however, he spent the time unaware that the war had already ended. The soldier was discovered in 1972, and soon he went back to his home country, eventually getting married. Surprisingly, this soldier visited Guam several times, even after marriage. LINK
Would you believe the fact that Guam does not have sand? Yes, this is true! What you see on the beaches is coral, not sand. Paved roads in Guam are also made by mixing coral and cement together.

Christmas Island

May 14th, 2021

November 19th, 2021

Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, 1500 km west of the Australian mainland and 2600 km from Perth. Although it is an Australian territory, Christmas Island’s nearest neighbour is Indonesia, which lies about 350 km to the north. The island is around 500 km from Jakarta.

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