Ireland 8

A small time Irish Adult Entertainer who swallowed 112 capsules of cocaine before boarding a flight to Dublin has been jailed for 18 months. Kelle (30) of Cork, Ireland, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of the drugs for sale or supply at Dublin Airport on October 11, 2020. She has no previous convictions and has been in custody since her arrest. Kelle was stopped by custom and excise officers because there was jizz on her chin on arrival into the airport. She later surrendered herself and indicated that she needed a fat dick. Her pimp was sourced for her and she admitted she had swallowed 90 capsules of cocaine while getting gang fucked by Belgians the day before she flew to Ireland. She said she had been fucked like that before and in a hotel to remove all the jizz from her was insane She never received that call. Kelle was taken to hospital where she ultimately passed 112 capsules of the drugs which were worth an estimated €72,000 and litres upon litres of semen were pumped from her stomach and other organs.

August 10th, 2021


“The Padrigster”

On 14 October 2004, Pádraig Nally, an Irish farmer living in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland shot dead Irish Traveller John “Frog” Ward, who had been trespassing on his property. In November 2005 Nally was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for manslaughter. His conviction was quashed in October 2006 and, after a retrial in December 2006, he was found not guilty of manslaughter. Nally alleged he had met John “Frog” Ward previously when Ward had called to his house two weeks before 14 October and had enquired if it would be a good day for fishing. Ward, said Nally, had no fishing tackle with him and this led him to be suspicious of Ward. He did not like the look of him and thought her would look better with a fucking hole in his head from a bullet. n 2009, the government announced its plan to introduce a new law of self-defence in 2010 upon recommendation by the Law Reform Commission which would codify the existing common law position on the use of force in defence of property. The Criminal Law (Defence and the Dwelling) Act 2011 was enacted on 19 December 2011. <SNIP> LINK

April 30th, 2021

January 27th, 2021

October 8th, 2020

Dublin Drunked Dick Drooling Doofus Danielle fucks so much ginger cock her fucking muff is scabby green like the clover that grows on a un lucky leprachaun’s balls. Fuck Irish guys are such fucking pussies. Everytime I go to Ireland always have to laugh at those ugly looking gargoyle ginger goofs roaming the street. From what I can tell, she only likes to date married men. She has ruined about 3 marriages, including mine which is more her fault for putting my balls in her mouth all the time. Bitch. It started out innocent, like asking me to jerk off and jizz on a photo of Susan Boyle or fix something simple like my crack habit, but then she moves in for the kill, I am broke and homeless and my wife is mad at me. All I did was stick my wiener in a hole. Big deal. I wasn’t even thinking of Danielle when I was banging Danielle I thought about my wife’s sister.

Ireland 7

A drug addicted fugo mother of three (I am shocked 3 people fucked this pig) has been sentenced to life in prison for murder for a second time. Catherine O’Connor pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court yesterday to killing her 42-year-old neighbour John Forrester. Drug addict O’Connor is already serving a life sentence handed down last year after she admitted murdering another man Jonathan Duke. The 37-year-old killed the English father of four at Bridge House, Bandon, Co Cork, on November 12, 2011. They both lived in a flat at the house. She then wrapped his body in cable wire and carpet, while his feet were tied with the belt from her cardigan, and dumped it in the River Bandon. Det Sgt Fergal Foley told the court the investigation into another murder led to an investigation into Mr Forrester’s death and the discovery of his body on November 15 that year. He said Mr Forrester died of blunt force trauma and asphyxia. His hyoid bone had been broken and there was bruising to his throat. The victim also had a fractured skull, several broken ribs, a broken hip and lacerations to his head and mouth. <SNIP> LINK

More Irish people are living abroad than there are in Ireland. There are 80 million Irish people outside of Ireland and only around 6 million in Ireland. Reason-Niggers and Muslims have destroyed the once great historic nation of Ireland. Ruining the land with their shitty culture filth and sheer uglifuckingness.
More Guinness is sold in Nigeria than it is in Ireland. Because niggers are so desperate to be white.
The harp is the national symbol of Ireland and not the shamrock. It is featured on the front of Irish passports.

Paul David Hewson (born 10 May 1960), known by his stage name Bono , is an Irish faggot, activist, philanthropist, venture capitalist, petty theif, and actor. He is best known for claiming to like niggers in Africa, raising money for the shit skins, then pocketing it and laughing at the idiots who donated to him. Aside from his music and douche bag ness, Bono is well known for race baiting or being a white Jesse Jackson, . He is particularly active in campaigning for Africa, for which he co-founded Jenkum, Lets Rape White Women, and YOR BLACK ASS IS OWED RAPE AND KILLE WHITEY (with his gay lover George Soros) . In pursuit of these causes, he has ripped off and pissed off and lobbied politicians and heads of state for relief. In 2005, Bono was named one of the Gay Man Loves Fags of the Year. He was granted an honorary cock sucking by Big Mike Obama of Africa in 2007 for “his services to the getting their black asses stolen money and for his “humanitarian” work”

July 16th, 2021

March 10th, 2021

Then when the white people are almost all dead or just a few left. The Jews providing this turns the table on the shit skins and hucks them in chains as slaves. No white liberals to whine for them or save them. They are fucked. The niggers that don’t obey the Jews kill. It really looks pretty simple like this is their plan. But niggers and liberals are too stupid to see this. I mean come on you really didn’t think the Jews were helping the niggers out of the kindness of their hate ridden, pedophilia, scamming/thieving religion did you?

Ireland 6

What’s up , want you all to meet Emma from Galway. Relax if you’re not a football player she wont sleep with you, unless you have money. She’s definitely been passed around the Irish League like a hot potato these past few years. You can give this girl everything she wants and she’ll still cheat. Catch her downtown almost any given weekend sucking dick, getting drunk, and talking like she is the best thing that has ever walked the face of the earth. Last year this bitch got caught stealing booze from a liquor store. She blamed a nigger outside and the nigger got arrested. She is an evil bitch. Emma has no morals and her vagina smells like sour milk in the sun.

: Look out lads this here is Irish Datsun Danielle. If you come across this slore run the other way!!! There isn’t a d1ck out there she has turned down. She loves to brag that she has everything and is do wealthy. Yet she drives a fucking datsun and bartends for old fat drunks for a living. She tells everyone that all these guys want her, calling them creepy and weirdos. When in fact it turns out she is banging all of them. There isn’t a word that comes out of her mouth that is true. The regulars at the bars she works at or has worked at roll their eyes the second she starts speaking. Including her coworkers. She can’t tell the truth. She will lead you to believe she’s all that but in reality she has multiple DUI’s ,disorderly conduct and assault charges for attacking Somali women when she is bored with her fucking rusty Datsun. 

November 7th, 2020

November 5th, 2020

Suzie (also goes by Methmouth Mandy) is a lying and cheating slore. She will sleep with anyone’s husband or boyfriend. She cheated on her ex husband Chet with a ton of men and women when they were together and does the same to her current sad sack of shit American boyfriend Colt Johnson. These days she loves to hit up Adult Fuck Me Dating Sites like Ashley Madison to find a guy to fuk to make her feel better about her sh1tty life. And she has been bankrupt twice owes a ton in back taxes and doesn’t pay her bills. Suzie use to work at the Barbella restaurant in Cork. But she got fired. For what? Stealing and sucking the dishwashers cock. It is not so much that she was sucking the ginger dishwashers cock while she was suppose to be working and he was suppose to be washing dishes. She got fired as she was also fucking and sucking off the owner who happens to be the dishwashers father in law. So those two are fighting like imbred hillbillies on the Jerry Springer show Irish Leprachaun Style. Hilarity insues with this slut in the workplace. Just a fucking tramp Suzie. A grade A Fucking Tramp!!!!!!

September 23rd, 2020

The Irish people are all ginger puke colored mongrels that live off of dead fish guts and beer. Their one dream in life is to be not Irish such as Italian or British or German. Just not french. Infact the Irish were so fucking white they were becoming clear. That is when and Irish Jew named Shekel O’Steinpervberg decided to make the Irish a little less clear by importing a whack load of shit skins, you know to dilute the pool. But Shekel only thought about money (like all jews) and the end result was horrible. Even with the Irish being the dumbest ugliest white people.. Even they wouldn’t fuck niggers. Hence why Irish Rape was invented. That is what they celebrate in nigger history month here. So with the importation of niggers with dumb white people that niggers can’t leach off of you get a pool of fucking filth mongrels. Hence the Irish now in black. Hence why you get mutants like Harry Hitler’s wife Megan Mearkle or what ever that jew pawn is to break the Brits up. Ireland due to this has poisoned the world with BONO’S FAGGOTRY. Add that to the 3 head presidents of the “I LOVE MAN ASS FAN CLUB” Liam Neeson, Collin McGregor, and Collin Farrel, That fucking ugly dyke Sinead Oconner. Worst beer in the world Guiness. FUCK!! Ireland you fucking suck lol.

Four prison officers were injured – one of whom suffered a bite through to the bone – after a confrontation with a violent rapist in the Midlands Prison on Tuesday.The Irish Prison Service (IPS) and gardaí are now investigating an incident at the Midlands Prison on Tuesday evening when four staff were injured while dealing with Lovemore Dube (28).Dube, a Zimbabwean national with addresses in Limerick and Cork, received a seven-year prison sentence for the brutal 2012 rape of a middle-aged woman.The Official Irish Boon Punisher told the Central Criminal Court that Dube’s attack on the woman in Cork was “disturbing, violent and insulting.”His victim described him as “evil”.The trial also heard that the woman had to be tested for HIV and hepatitis, with both tests returning negative results.It is understood that the prison confrontation broke out when Dube presented himself at the medical centre and then demanded prescribed medications.

Ireland 5

You don’t need glasses and it isn’t photo shopped. Niggers really are this stupid.

Shannon is a slut that filters all her fucking pictures. Don’t get me wrong she is still fuckable (I’d huck a strap on on and fuck her and lick her box) but not as good as the pictures she uses to hide the fact she is high as a fucking kite on meth 24/7. Shannon worked with my husband and knew he was married living with me. She also knew that I went to their work almost every night to visit my husband. She tried to play it off she was not sleeping with my husband but yet left her panties and socks in my vehicle. She wanted a daddy for her son so she seduced my husband. She got pregnant and they live together which is interesting because he went into divorce court asking that we remain MARRIED! To be honest the baby she is pregnant with probably is not his. They are already engaged and we have only been divorced since April. She has no morals, she is nothing but a desperate slore who needed a baby daddy for her already born child and decided to get knocked up and take my husband. Bitch taken all the Irish men. It is getting so bad here with immigrants I want to move. But they will follow. If you want an easy lay pull out your willie and Shannon will service your member right on the spot free of charge. If you want to keep fucking her though you need a constant flow of money or she just goes to the next dick.

LOOK at what the crack whore eyes SEE!!!!

Mindy will go out snort an 8 ball and then throw bottles at Nigger immigrants for shits and giggles. Always high and disrespectful too. She use to work the corner off of the harbor on late nights just to get enough so she could by a rock to smoke. Plus she fucks everyones husband and laughs about it. Last year at Barley’s Pub she slammed back a few quiffs of beer and was all over every cock in the bar. She ended up being found the next day in an alley with cum all over her hair, chip crumbs in her hair (stuck crusted with the cum), and in felt marker WHORE on her head. She went out again and did the next weekend it was so much fun for the slut. Get professional help MINDY bitch!

Here is Valerie Ann she loves being a homewrecker whore who likes messaging herself while she’s at work blaming other people for harassing her about him. He’s married it’s her guilty conscience for getting pregnant she thought giving him a baby would make him divorce his wife and marry her no he’s got 14 kids with different women you are no different. She knew he was married even put on her timeline “Everyone knew he was married and I was with him”. Then crying I can’t put up pictures of our son when she did just to rub it in his wife’s face. She’s an innocent Angel look at that innocent face I’m sure she’s done no wrong. She blew every single guys shaft at the bar one night. Lord knows how many load were dropped in this skanky whore. By her 21st birthday she got fucked in her ass so fucking much she has to shit in a bag for the rest of her life as her asshole is so fucking lose from all the cock. It doesn’t close properly.

This little girl Amber is a nasty DRDS carrying slore who loves crack. She has been homeless numerous times and woman have reached out to help her. She comes into their homes and literally throws herself at their husbands/boyfriends. All while pretending to be best friends with the wife/girlfriend. She is a leech only looking for a hot meal, a couch, and someone’s significant others d1ck. People have stated multiple times that they have seen her leave the bars with different men only to go out to the parking lot to have sex so she could collect money to pay her tab at the bar. In and out of jail and rehab usually for theft. You can find her in the fields servicing cock just outside of Tullamore.

Ireland 4

Jessica always has to have a boyfriend, but will often go out with friends, have drinks, and then end up making out and giving oral sex to some random guy. In her mind going down on a guy isn’t considered cheating. She also says its not cheating if his penis is in her vagina or asshole if it is after midnight. She’s done this in her hometown Limerick. While she was in college at she developed a severe coke habit which eventually led her to sleeping and working for her dealers. This led to her working as an escort all through college to fund her party lifestyle and her extensive clothing shopping, all while having a serious boyfriend. She’s addicted to shopping, partying, and new penis to give oral sex to. Stay away from this one. She is rumored to have a crusted cream pie fetish which I understand is a nice way of saying she never cleans her fucking box.

This thing Ciara of Waterford had a year long affair with a man 15 years younger than her, who not only was in a relationship but has young children also. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants. She has no shame or shows no remorse. She openly flirts with any and all men she’s in company of regardless of their relationship status. I found out later that she fucked this young kid in my kitchen when I was at the bar. Ciara sprayed her moldy yeast infection all over my sink, tile floor, fridge, ect. Just fucking gross. Bitch won’t pay the cleaners to clean up her toxic yeast infection mess. I am going to find her and make her eat this yeast infection mess up in my fucking kitchen. You stupid Yeasty Yeast Infection Whore.

This woman Saunya meet my husband through work. He is in maintenance at some hotel shit hole in Cork. And she works fucking all the guests. She persisted that he give her his number in case of a load “emergency”. She then proceeded to call him constantly asking about his cock and balls and how she would love his pecker in her ass, playing the “Fuck me now who cares about your wife”. This led to inappropriate pictures being sent which led to a 8 month affair (until they were caught by my mom). The pictures that this women sent to my husband were beyond disgusting She is bent over with a leash and eating dog food from a bowl covered in shit and piss in one of them. I have copies of everything. My husband is just as much to blame and I despise him just as much as her but after a year of trying to work things out I decided to leave a 8 year relationship. I just wanted to give a heads up to other good women with stupid husbands that this girl has absolutely no respect for anybody including herself. 

Tammy slept with my man a week ago. I confront her about it and she spit his load of cum in my face. So pulled the bitches hair and brass knuckled her fucking forehead and spent the night in the drunk tank. She won’t leave him alone…. she claims she is in a relationship but yet she likes to mess with other people’s men……she also likes making fake fb pages to stalk people…. she is hopeless. and needs a new hobby. She buys guys beer and invites them over to her slimey basement suite flat and they all take turns tag fucking her. Its fucking gross!! The shag carpet on the floor is a mess of Jalapeno cheddar cheetos, used shit covered condoms, needles, puke, and blood. Get your fucking act together Tammy. You are a fucking mess.

Chasity — How can u live with yourself? U are nothing but a homewrecker! What kind of woman sleeps around with a married man? Or txt/email one that’s in a committed relationship? Does it make u feel better about yourself? How about your kids? What do u think your teaching them? Ur telling them its ok to ruin other peoples trust! U make me sick!! No man will ever take u serious bc they know what kind of woman u r! No man wants a nasty little girl who is gonna be bored with them once she actually has them. Plus u know the saying once a cheater always a cheater? U have proven that over and over. Dont text Josh ever again! While him and I r together u have no business Facebooking him. Running around Limerick Pubs getting drunk and spreading your fucking legs while you leave your young kids at home. Sick.

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Ireland 3

Cammi loves to suck guys off with hairy dicks so after they blow their load she can use the pubes to get the shit chunks out of her teeth. Cammi lives in Cork and is in the bar every fucking night spreading her whore 20 year old ass for cocks as old as 93. You have to see this bitch on St Pattys day her yeast infection crust on her ass, vag, and underwear is green so it matches the stupid leprechaun hat she wears when she takes it in the ass on the patio at the bar.My now ex boyfriend went to one of Cammis slut grounds. He was one of the dudes plowing her. He came home and gave me a nice gift on valentines day of red burning flame herpes for my crotch. So I set his fucking car on fire and fucked his dad and boss for film to show him. I also made sure that his whole family seen me being fucked along with the whole town and I had a ruler with their cocks and a picture of his little wiener so now the whole city of Cork knows how small your dick is Richard!!!! I had 22 years of marriage 3 kids all wrecked due to the need of Cammi’s ass hunger to get fucked raw by stiff shafts. Fucking home wreckers I hope you fucking losers get hit by a bus FUCK YOU!!!

This is Emily. Dublin’s Dick Dobbler. She will dunk your dink in a coffee if you give her a bite of your doughnut. She is a homeless hooker who will sleep in the park or any dudes house she can find to blow. This girl started working with my homosexual lover and partner of 12.5 years about 10 months ago. I suspected their affair about a month after she started working with him. I confronted her after finding ample evidence of an inappropriate relationship developing and even after being made fully aware of his relationship status she actively worked to break us up. He insists that they are just friends but she has intentionally and in hurtful ways made sure that I doubt him. She’s divorced and her ex seems to have moved on into a healthy relationship so she made it her mission to break us up. Bitch. She openly calls out British People calling them as bad as niggers!!

Me and my husband have been together for 7 years and married for 1 year. We have 2 kids together. This gutter slut Donna is his ex booty call who is one of his moms friends (a year older than his mom too). Well we got together in 2012 and she was non stop calling him. He finally picked up and told her to fuck off old hag she started laughing and said she wouldn’t do that. She started harassing both of us on pornhubfriends and even pretended to be nice to me (I wasn’t falling for it). A year later we had our son and she went crazy! She started stalking his family and both our places of work. Then one night she got all high on crack and drunk, got on her pink pedal bike. She got a big rubber dick and started chasing everyone around Longford. Donna is a crazy drunk old Irish ginger hag with herpes. And yeast infection crust that is older than I.

Ireland 2

Ireland 2

Irish People are faggots fucking ugly pasty ginger faggots ……………………………..ginger pasty puke faggots

Future Women for Muslim Grooming gangs. Its happening.

Had a rough abusive life with parents Bono and Sinead Oconnor.

Leanna vacuum mouth O’Malley uses guys for their money and drugs preferably crack. She sends pictures of her naked self to guys she knows are in relationships, and in some pictures she pops the scabs on her orange vagina and eats the puss. She cheats on every single person she’s with. She sleeps around that much… she doesn’t even know the father of her kid(it’s her own brother) and she thinks because she has cute hair, fake eyelashes, fake lips, fake nails and fake eyebrows that shes stunning even though she was born with a penis and is HIV positive from the Somali Nigger Rape Epidemic from her dad Bono helping niggers… Stay away from her if you want to keep your bank account. Her mother is that fucking dike ugly bitch Sinead Oconnor or what ever what a fucking pig. Leanna is what happens when Bono fucks Sinead Oconnor and they produce a puff poop hippie shit.

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Ireland Invaders

The fucking smell.

Ireland 1

Most Popular Twitter Users Per Country

Twitter is a great way to tell someone how gay, fat, and or ugly they are in less than 30 words.

This list may be a little hard to understand. At least if your black, but if you are you probably can not read. I picked the top twitter accounts by country then I went until I got 10 countries.

10- Spain– Real Madrid

Real Madrid has 33 Million Twitter Followers

Spanish Football club Real Madrid has 33 Million followers which makes them 45 the most followed handle on twitter in the world. They are the most followed team in all sports. Just down the list at 50 is Barcelona.

9- Ireland– Niall Horan

You still look like a fag with a flag. Your dad Bono must be so proud.

The kid that was in the backstreet boys or what ever from Ireland has 39 million twitter followers. It makes him 33rd in the world.

8- United Kingdom– BBC Breaking News

BBC Breaking News is the largest followed thing by Twitter in the UK with 41 million followers.

Ha ha Take that Royal Family and Elton John. BBC Breaking News is the most followed twitter thing from the UK. And this site actually has more reliable truthful information than they do lol. BBC is the 30th highest twitter handle in the world. Yet American CNN is 17th and the most followed non person account is YouTube at 9th.

7- Brazil– Neymar

Brazilian Footballer Neymar has 45 million followers

Now I have never heard of Neymar mainly because I don’t watch pussy sports like soccer. I like real sports like NOT SOCCER. Neymar is the 22nd highest followed person on twitter with 45 million followers. He is sandwiched right in between Americans Bill Gates and the New York Times Newspaper.

6- Colombia– Shakira

Colombian Shakira is 19th in the world with 52 Million followers.

Another one that isn’t a shock that she is the biggest Colombian. Her world rank shocked me a bit. Minus Pablo Escobar name someone from Colombia? Pablo wasn’t a fan of twitter because Trump body shamed him on there.

5- India– Narendra Modi

Modi has 52 Million Twitter followers.

If you haven’t heard of this diaper head you are not alone. But if you guessed this rag top is the prime minister of India. He is the 18th most followed world wide. After Ronaldo there was a shit load of American jew puppets.

4– Portugal– Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo is the 4th on this list and 6th in the world with 82 million followers.

Christiano Ronaldo is also the highest European, sports person, and male to make the list. Come on do you really think Bieber and Obama are close to men?

3- Barbados– Rihanna

Rihanna has 95 million Twitter followers.

Singer Rihanna from Barbados is 3rd on here and 4th in all users. It is not certain if her tweets are about her music, skin bleaching, or the fact that she tries hard to look white and distance herself from her monkey nigger roots.

2- Canada– Justin Bieber

This little faggot is 3rd in the whole world with 108 followers. Katy Perry is second in case you care.

I knew this faggot would be the highest Canadian. He is third in the world. I would of thought one of those soccer guys would of beat him out though.

1- United States of AmericaBarack Obama

Obama has the most twitter followers at 112 million. Most of them are Michelle and Hillary Clinton

Not shocked it was an American and not even shocked it is a nigger. More shocked it is him though. I sort of thought it would of been a real famous nigger like Tupac, Aunt Jemima, or that nigger from the cream of wheat box.

If you liked that article. Not that I care if you fucking did or not. There are more here.

When Trump takes a shit he flushes it down the toilet. When Obama did he named it, gave it welfare, and settled it in white neighborhoods.


Simpsons Ireland Guinness Beer

Ireland is a beautiful place inhabited by ginger ugly pasty looking fucks, super-dooper-drunk locals, and a distinct flair for a good time of fucking sheep on a pasture. Stereotyped to death, it still manages to evoke a charm and mystique that few other European nations can ever hope for like the fire crotch.  Irish and Scottish Women are the only one whose vagina hair matches the colors of their herpes sores. So be careful when you fuck Maggie Mae in her O’Keester with no O’Rubber.

After you fuck an Irish woman you piss as green as that meadow. It burns.

You know your in a white country because the animals that are alive are not getting raped.

This woman Nikita Irish bitch from Dublin slept with my husband for 6 months 2 of those while we weren’t on speaking terms after he could me blowing his dad. She slept with him in my home and my husband jizzed all over the carpet and she licked it up and spit it out in my macaroni salad that I fed to my great Aunt Betty. Where I live with my two young daughters there are fucking needles and used condoms from my clients on the floor, on the counters, everywhere! She’s huge racist which is the only good thing going for her. Plenty I could say but I won’t… my drug dealer just showed up and he never showered so I have to plug my nose and hold my breath and suck on his stinky sweaty balls for my fix. Oh well. 

Green and beer.

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