Hong Kong 3

Lydia is fuking crazy. She falls in love with any man who gives her the time of day. Wants to get married right away to lock you down. She recently just got married to a dude from another country talk about some 90 day fiance sh1t. Lied to him about having a surrogate lined up. When he found out she was lying. He left her. Before she married that dude. She was engaged to another guy. She stalks all her bfs and husband’s ex girlfriend. She has serious mental issues that need professional help. I would stay clear of this chick unless you’re up for a relationship like an episode of The Young And The Restless. She has major trust issues to the point where she’s constantly blows up your phone. You don’t answer she assumes you’re cheating on her. That would be your whole relationship. Honestly not worth. The b1tch pops more pills than anything and blames her sh1tty life on other ppl. Even her own kids can’t stand to be around her. That must tell ya something. Run for the hills if she hits you up!!

April 23rd, 2021

Soo Yin knowingly fucked my best friend’s boyfriend and decided not to say anything until she wanted to clear her conscience. She has reached out to my friend and harassed her after admitting how much of a sloot she is to where my friend has had to block her. Pretty on the outside, nasty on the inside. When we were younger Soo yin was known as the fisherman slut as she was always hanging around the docks blowing old men on fishing boats. It was a good fit for her as the boats stunk as bad as her pussy and ass. This bitch needs to douche seriously and it needs to be done quickly NO DOUBT ABOUT IT>

March 2nd, 2021

January 31st, 2021

I thought it was in China as I couldn’t move or read their chicken script.

December 9th, 2020

Hong Kong 2

May 22nd, 2020

Rachel is a stewardess from Hong Kong who blows and fucks airline passengers for shits and giggles. She is a stinky slanted eyed slut. She never shaves her rice field pussy bush! It’s a fucking jungle down there!!!! She owns Chink Bitches Sucking Cock Online (adult entertainment toys and videos) and as a piano teacher, she got together with my husband for a year. My Ex Husband Chris Harrison, Who works at the Bachelor. They both are shameless! Please be aware of two of them. They are so terrible! She steals from the airline she works for too. She blew a guy on the plane in the can once. Kept his load in her mouth when she left the can. Pretended like she was fucking around with a passengers luggage in the overhead. And the bitch spit the fucking load in a passengers bag. A bag with gifts for the passengers sick grandmother. Heartless Rachel FUCKING Heartless!

Aarti is a Nepali girl living in Hong Kong. She is the worst excuse of a human being. Never have I seen such girl so fake who would constantly hit upon taken guys for money and her advantage. She has no shame and would do anything to get what she want, even your best friend’s fiancee. She transported Opium for years from Afghanistan Into China for Rich Jews to destroy America and undermind Christian Society. She has talked with Jews who admit they just steal everything whites do that is good and claim they did and blame their errors on whites. You can see her offering blow jobs to rich business men in Hong Kong and she does it Openly right in front of anyone. She will do it just for the fuck of it. Her dream is to move to America and have sex with Chris Harrison. Word on the street is she blew the Jew that planted the Covid virus in Wuhan!

Hong Kong 1

China 2


Too Many Slants In Your Area? Get Chink Away Spray

Hong Kong

Cut off a mans balls and wore them as Testicle Ear Rings.

This dirty slut is Pui Walk, famous for sucking dick. I grabbed her and we went hiking right up the hill at Tai Mo Shan Park. She was wearing testicle ear rings she cut off a mans balls way back. She said he went limp on her. She swallowed I bought her a diet coke and ditched her. She is well-known for sleeping with all her friends husbands in the bitches bed and farting cum bubbles in the bitches toothpaste tubes. She will then threatening them for money for abortions and more crack or heroin. She is also extremely active on the white nazi sites and has spread the truth about the Jewish media to many brain washed chink. She outright demands 10,000 HKD to swallow a load if you haven’t had ice cream with in 24 hours of ejaculating. Has unprotective sex and is also notorious for stealing stuff from her girlfriends homes. Growing up as a flat chested Chink, Poo had to figure out if she wanted to be a news reporter or a fucking whore. Most people love her choice.


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China 2


   China is a world in its own. Like a Chinese restaurant still open in the mall. The people there are often called Chinese, Oriental, Chinks, Jackie Chan, The Jews of Asia (thats an insult to the Chinese). Chink females on average tend to cause the least amount of erections of all of the Asian wominz.

What the fuck are you going to do about it? We all look the same. We ain’t blinking foo.
They will just make better cheaper guns. This is China.

I actually thought that the above image was in Germany just a guess as I couldn’t move.

You can never move when you are plunked in China and India it seems. This one was easy as I just had to guess the chink spot. Knew it was China as of the dragons.

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