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Hawaii 3

This POS Tina had the nerve to try and become my friend all the while she and my husband were sneakn around our apartment building f**kn in empty apartments like rabbits. Husband had yellow fever. The 2 of them enjoyed pushing me to my breaking point. November of 2019 I tried to not go after her when she was sitting at the bar. I had a knife. She ran from me. That weekend she tried to play family with my kids in my apartment… then had the nerve to tell my kids to lie to me about what went on. When I finally found out about what was really going on she had the nerve to act like she was the one who was wronged. What kind of person tells someone they care about you and your kids all the while willing to be the reason that you’re in pain and think it’s funny. You watched my kids hurt because of what I was going thru and neither one of you cared. You are a true definition of a piece of sh*t human being. You are the lowest of the low and your mother should be ashamed of how she raised you. I know karma will deal with you when you’re at your happiest. It will leave you devestated. The hurt and sadness you feel will be unbearable. That will be the beginning of your end. Ask my kids what’s a WH**E and quickly they reply with your name…

Hawaii 2

This devious conniving slore Jenny works multiple barber shops / massage parlors surrounding Honolulu and Hawaii, since this is the perfect new arena for her haggard “ridden hard and put away wet” drd ridden sloot a55 to have a new pool of married military men to lure them into sex-hookups w/ her to satisfy their tired & predictable “cum all over my tits and face fetish” to cheat on their faithful wives at home, and pay her off with jewelry, lots of grade A cocaine, expensive meals, un cut cocaine, and trips and other luxuries while they abandon their wives, kids and real marital & legal obligations of financial support and keeping their marital vows holy by resisting evil slores like Jenny. She has gone by at least 3+ aliases during her past 5+ years living on the Hawaiian Islands. So if your on vacation or just a military dude with $50 that is sick of fucking their fat whale of a hag wife at home. Call Jenny. 867-5309

July 4th, 2020

Rachel is a server at Sansei’s Waikoloa! Has a boyfriend that also works with her but still is sleeping with the chef behind his back and the chef is married to a beautiful woman! She goes around bragging how she has a second life and is sleeping with a 45 year old, claiming she may as well turn her sweet bf into her side ho and make the old man her main. Caught walking out of the Queens Bowl late one night. Her and the chef are trying to get her poor sweet bf fired so that she can break up with him and so the chef can finalize his divorce and be with this little ho. This 19 year old traded her hard-working 22 year old bf who did anything for her, for a 45 year old cheating toothless man. Perverted, can you say? Oh yeah she steals money from the till at work to buy meth also.

This horrible person Nalu cheated on her fiance Omar el-Ahkimbinderwhal with her employer and pastor of her new found faith, SUCKING LOTS OF COCK FOR MONEY AND A LOAD OF JIZZ ON HER BROWN ARAB FACE. She begs on her knees praying for it like a dog with her tongue panting!Watch out she will try and get money from you and screw you over if she gets the chance. She helps fund an organization to rid the Jews out of the middle east. But the bitch is going to fuck as many Americans sexually also in the process. She Loves Hot Loads!!! It is hard to get a read on Nalu as she funds Muslims yet sucks so much western cock so well and loves the lifestyle of being with people that aren’t so fucking ugly and stinky like muslims.

This girl Tearja has had so many affairs with husbands knowing that they were married. Obviously men don’t want her they just wanna fuck her because she is easy and will take it in any hole. She always has lots of anal lube in her purse along with crack and other pills! She thinks she is is the only one in this world with fake boobs. Pretty much the only thing she can brag about. She has the biggest boobs in the world and the biggest duck quacking lips that make her looks one million times more disgusting than she already is. She thinks she is God’s gift to man and pretty much likes to brag about men trying to holler at her on social media asking her to to f*** her. She is so full of plastic and cum it can be disgusting if you have to tackle this bitch when you are sober. The smell of her rotting vagina along with all the plastic surgery smells like burning plastic with a hint of horse poo. I fucked her under the freeway bridge last time I was in Honolulu. Fucking rat bit my balls it itches now.

Got Her Meth Pipe Crushed By Dogg The Bounty Hunter. Never found Jesus just another pipe and more meth.

Her name is Kymani. She has a two year old son which is from a homeless crack head named Dylan. She’s been messing around lately with an older man that has a wife and family of his own named Jeff Probst. She is known to frequent the town area of Honolulu to score meth. Lady’s please be aware of her, she was on the dog the bounty hunter show once. The Dogg Crushed her meth pipe and told her to find Jesus. She then yanked his faggot son by the faggot pony tail and made him eat her shit ! She’s using these guys as sugar daddies, who knows what she has done with these guys. Total disgust, yuck I bet her family doesn’t know that their little girl is messing around with 60 year old man… No wonder everywher Kymani goes the smell of stale yeast infection blood follows.

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I trashed this bitcch Annette’s car with a Louisville Slugger for Fucking my Husband. I got a few neighbors cars by mistake too.

In July 2019 this women Annette took home my uber driver husband and slept with him for 2 days after first meeting him and doing a massive amount of cocaine. She managed to turn him against me and his 2 children within a week. He left me for her after just a week of knowing her and started freebasing crack in her basement. I asked her women to women to please let my husband and I work on our relationship. Sure we had problems she was there at a low point so he strayed. She didn’t reply. So I went over to her house wasted out of my fucking tree with a louisville slugger baseball bat. Her nor my ex seen me but I think her piece of shit car along with her neighbors got the fucking point. Aloha Bitch!!!!!!!!

Cadence Uses The Bag Her Grandfather Shits In As A Purse

Cadence from honolulu is a breast feeding bingo whore she sticks her breast in her passed out grandfathers mouth and takes a picture for Facebook for the world to see. Who knows the father of her kids? No really who does as she does not. Her partners sure don’t use condoms they argue about who gave her what STD and when down at the soup kitchen for meth headed faggots! She’s cheated on every guy she’s ever been with and her kids are different colors for fucks sake. She claims to be some moral and amazing person despite posting “sexy titty” pictures of FEEDING YOUR F**KING Grandfather. Cadence is so full of old man jizz her kids are probably older than herself. But mainly for this bitch like Cadence its all about breast feeding her grandfather at the bingo hall. She use to have sex with her grandfather alot too. But he is crippled now and shits in a bag which Cadence uses as a purse.

George Bush Junior Drank Her Period Juice at A Banquet by mistake. I heard.

Mikako Sleeps with anyone, go figure she is a octopus eating machine that gives no fuks. 4’9 , her fake implants are up to her fucking neck 🤮wanna be model like the rest of Hawaii. Her vagina smells like an old snapper fish this stuff spice shit you put on dry noodles in the Raman packages. And will do anything for xanax including fucking a squirell in a tree. Shes one of those girls that will steal your boyfriend, let him cum in her mouth so she can spit his load in your strawberry milkeshake from Dairy Queen to prove a point to her self. Shes and absolute low life that will sponge off of you.her yeast and discharge is green and yellow just like her diareahh after she has chilli at Dog The Bounty Hunters house after she blows his mentally retarded son Leland. . One time last Christmas on a honolulu cruise Mikako put her period in a mason jar at the Sheraton INN. She then took it to a banquet and hucked it in the Koolaid. Everyone at the banquet was sick including George Bush Jr. Mikako flosses her teeth with tampon strings she finds in the bathroom at the abortion clinic.

If you are in Hawaii and want to laugh and get laid and an STD that will burn for ages. You have to call Jelli Okamura, or “Jelli Belly,” who is the worst Hawaiian cum bucket in Hilo. “She” went to Bette Midler Middle School in Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada. Then, moved to Hawaii to be an extra in the movie 50 First dates. Sadly, this retarded Oriental has failed to grow up and continues to belittle people way above “her.” Really, why would a person like this think they’re superior to others when they can’t even take a single step without huffing and puffing(due to the long wiener still rammed in her asshole)? As far as gender, guy or girl? She will service them all! Those are some very nice facial features, in my opinion would look better with a couple dozen gallons of cum on them. I can’t remember ever meeting someone so trashy, and her noodle smell makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how she lives with herself and sleeps with tons of stiff cocks in her face at night. Furthermore, I’m not sure how she can manage to look in the mirror without crying hysterically because it looks like she fell out of the ugly bamboo tree and hit every branch on the way down. Hideous doesn’t even begin to describe her appearance since this bitch can’t survive without eating loads of cum every second. If all of that wasn’t enough, she’s dumb beyond belief! You know that show, “A Thousand Ways to Die” that’s full of Darwin Award winners with no common sense? I strongly believe she’s stupid enough to make it on that show eventually due to her having no self-control with large cocks at all. Fortunately, she would be doing male society a huge favor in that case since she’s never contributed anything positive whatsoever. Would you bang this pathetic excuse for a human being YES

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